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GEOLOGICAL RESOURCES OPORTUNITIES IN PORTUGAL Carlos Caxaria Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia Deputy General Director.

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1 GEOLOGICAL RESOURCES OPORTUNITIES IN PORTUGAL Carlos Caxaria Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia Deputy General Director


3 EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY  The area of Portugal is relatively small (92,090 km2 including islands), but its geological diversity is huge.  Mineralization in copper, zinc, tungsten, tin, uranium, gold and iron, among others, are identified in the country and have a great mining potential.  Great potential in ornamental stones.

4 Mineralized zones in pyrite and base metals Main Occurrences: Mines Operating: - Aljustrel (Zn, Cu, Ag, Pb) - Neves Corvo (Cu, Zn, Ag,…)

5 Base Metals and Pyrite Potential areas

6 Cooper and Zinc Production YEAR Mine Production (Ton) Value (10 3 € ) 2007 ALJUSTREL 00 NEVES CORVO 443.352 468.757 Total 443.352 468.757 2008 ALJUSTREL 37.670 31.804 NEVES CORVO 412.345 316.792 Total 450.015 348.595 2009 ALJUSTREL 0 0 NEVES CORVO 349.752 272.458 Total 349.752 272.458 2010 ALJUSTREL 4.428 3.186 NEVES CORVO 317.999 409.344 Total 322.427 412.530 2011 ALJUSTREL 23.985 22.837 NEVES CORVO 313.120 402.198 Total 337.105 425.035

7 Mineralized zones in tungsten and tin Main Occurrences: Mines Operating: -Panasqueira Mines (WO3, Sn ) Sojitz, Beralt,Tin &Wolfram Portugal S.A.

8 Tungsten and Tin Potential Areas

9 YEAR Substance Production ( WO3 Ton) Value (10 3 € ) 2007Copper concentrates258189 Tin concentrates48,4321 Tungsten concentrates1.45615.260 2008Copper concentrates186195 Tin concentrates32286 Tugsten concentrates1.68416.643 2009Copper concentrates164100 Tin concentrates35,7254 Tungsten concentrates1.41012.777 2010Copper concentrates198210 Tin concentrates24,7198 Tungsten concentrates1.36414.580 2011Copper concentrates238286 Tin concentrates45,3654 Tungsten concentrates1.39923.361

10 Mineralized zones in uranium Main Occurrences: Economic uranium deposit of Nisa Studied uranium deposit, which awaits opening tender for open a mine and attribution of a surrounding area for exploration.

11 Uranium Potential Areas

12 Mineralized zones in Gold Main Occurrences

13 Iron deposition of banded iron range of northern Portugal

14 New Projects of Metal Ores Concession Applications Signed during 2012 and Expected to Signed during 2013 - Iron Ore (1- Moncorvo) - Tungsten, (Sheelite) (2- Tabuaço and Covas) - Gold (4- Boa Fé, Banjas, Jales, Penedono) Note: The last grant for a metallic mine was attributed in the 80s (Somincor- Neves-Corvo, copper mines)

15 Metallic Exploration Areas and new and old Exploitation Permits Gold Jales, Banjas, Penedono, Boa Fé Iron Ore Moncorvo Tungsten, (Sheelite) Tabuaço and Covas Covas W Tabuaço w Boa Fé Au Moncorvo Fe Jales Au Banjas Au Penedono Au Panasqueira w, Sn Neves Corvo Cu, Zn Aljustrel Cu, Zn Iberian Pyrite Belt

16 Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portuguese sector Ad. Matos & Pereira 2012, LNEG



19 Exploration Contracts and Investments Metallic and Non-metallic Minerals(2000-2011)

20 Number of Exploration Contracts Signed

21 Evolution of Exploration Investments (Metallic )

22 Number of Exploitation Contracts Signed (Non-Metallic )

23 ) Exports ofMetallic Minerals (Value) Exports of Metallic Minerals (Value)

24 ) Exports of NonMetallic Minerals (Ton and Value) Exports of Non - Metallic Minerals (Ton and Value)

25 Evolution of Imports and Exports of Industrial Minerals

26 Access to Mining Exploration Activity

27 - Submission of an initial proposal from the interested party; - Opening of tender by publication in Official Journal; Access to Exploration Activity

28 Information provided by the State under a tendering -Areas with electrical and electromagnetic surveys -Areas with higher density drilling -All information concerning the respective test boring including access to logs -Access to old closed mines information

29 Some Basic Features (by area) - 3 +1 +1 years (Releasing 50% of the area available at the end of each period) - Acquisition and Geophysical data reprocessing - A minimum of meters of drilling in the initial period - A minimum of investment in the initial period

30 Decision criteria by order of valuation - Drilling program - Investments in the initial period - Compensation for the State - Other exploration studies

31 CONCLUSION -Direct negotiations and calls for tender, are part of the Government's strategy for the mining sector. -It is the intention of the ministry of economy make Portugal the EU country with better investment attractiveness for mining sector. -The goal is to attract new investors to the country, and create conditions to accelerate the knowledge of the areas with greatest mining potential in Portugal, and go into production as quickly as possible.

32 Ornamental Stones IN PORTUGAL Synthetic Overview

33 Ornamental Stones Main Production Centers - Granite - Limestone - Marble - Slate Portugal occupies the 9 th production position in the world

34 Evolution of Production of Ornamental Rocks (Ton and Value in the Quarry)

35 Exports of Ornamental Rocks (Value €)

36 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia

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