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Business-Led IT & Central IT Scaffolding UCCSC August 4, 2014.

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1 Business-Led IT & Central IT Scaffolding UCCSC August 4, 2014

2 Background and Context Central IT has historically held IT functions within departments with a bit of caution. Often referred to as: Departmental IT Shadow IT Rogue IT These departments evolved IT support groups over time to meet business needs that central IT was either unable or unwilling to address. This is expanding with the “digital business” revolution and as the integration of consumer technology into every aspect of business accelerates. It is critically important that Central IT provide the “scaffolding” necessary to enable departments to innovate in a safe and leverage-able way. 2

3 The Case for Business Led IT Business Volatility: Things change very quickly. Accessible “digital” technology: especially collaboration, analytics, and engagement technologies Business departments must become savvy about technology and data in order to compete. Leveraging new technology to innovate often requires deep knowledge of the business. Central IT departments have unlimited demand; very limited supply, and limited intimacy with business issues. 3 Departments can and will address rapidly evolving business needs by using nascent technologies and help from assertive vendors.

4 The Case for Central IT Professional Level of IT Skills Vendor negotiation Operational management Maintenance and support Cost: Leveraging scale for value Many IT assets and services are best purchased and managed in scale Many aspects of IT have enterprise wide implications: Security Integration of systems and data Data requires centralized governance to enable data standardization and sharing Enterprise architecture is important to leverage data and support integrated work process…this requires a centralized view of all systems. Coordinating new IT implementations to prevent conflicts and duplication of resources. 4

5 There’s a Place Somewhere in the Middle Business-led for: Stand-alone systems where speed and flexibility are of greater importance than integration and scale. New technologies that are rapidly developing and bring immediate competitive advantage. E.G.: specialized analytic tools; specialized customer engagement tools; specialized smartphone apps; etc… Intimate business expertise is required to dynamically change and operate the environment. Central IT for: Enterprise systems of record such as EHR, ERP, etc… Commodity systems where scale is important. Risks and capabilities that must be managed enterprise wide. Interconnecting / integrating / sharing data across business segments. 5 Can Central IT provide the “scaffolding” to enable the business units to innovate quickly without compromising the integrity of the enterprise?

6 Scaffolding: Not This 6

7 Scaffolding: More Like This 7 Central IT provides Scaffolding that enables rapid innovation for the specialized needs of each business unit.

8 Example IT “Scaffolding” Components Enterprise systems of record (e.g. EHR, ERP, SIS, etc…) Integration Services (interfaces, APIs, web-services, etc…) Master Data Management (EDW; Data Governance; Analytic Support/training) Identity and network directory services Information Security Services Computing Devices: desktops; laptops; smartphones; tablets; etc… Collaboration Platforms: e.g. email, Chatter, Box, Sharepoint, etc… Image Management Platforms: e.g. VNA, ECM Network Infrastructure: data, voice, video, internet Computing Services: facilities, servers, storage, back-ups, etc… 8

9 Changes to Consider Consider business-led IT as a valid and valuable aspect of the enterprise. Less energy to prohibition and more energy to collaboration and enablement. Establish guardrails and checkpoints in which central IT must be involved / engaged. Trust Define and build the IT scaffolding with key characteristics in mind: Accessible / maximize self service access to central services Reliable / high quality Efficient (leverage scale) Central IT act as technology advisors to the business that Support business-led IT solutions by leveraging key central IT services and controls. Knows the ins and outs of the scaffolding and how to leverage it as a component to solving unique business problems. Develops complete solutions that include ongoing support and maintenance. 9

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