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Famous People of the American Revolution

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1 Famous People of the American Revolution
(Otherwise known as--- the people who helped us WIN!!)

2 Patriots of the American Revolution
The following are people that had various positions to fight in the American Revolution.

3 George Washington He was the chief general in the Revolutionary War and later became the first president of the U.S. He was born on Feb. 22, 1732 and died on Dec. 14, 1799. Abby Sallee

4 Nathan Hale Connecticut Officer
Gave GW information about the movements of General Howe Captured and put to death FAMOUS QUOTE: “I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

5 Marquis de Lafayette French nobleman
First foreign leader to bring TRAINED soldiers to help GW Became close friends with GW Was made a major-general in Continental Army

6 Born: Boston Mass. Sept. 17, 1722 Died: Boston Mass. Oct. 2, 1803
Samuel Adams Born: Boston Mass. Sept. 17, 1722 Died: Boston Mass. Oct. 2, 1803 Samuel Adams is important to the American Revolution because he founded the Sons of Liberty, the Top Secret Resistance that was the turning point for the Americans.

7 John Hancock First person to sign the Declaration of Independence and signed in BIG letters President of the Continental Congress from 1775 to 1777

8 Thomas Jefferson Third president Born in 1743 Died in 1826
Was a vice president Wrote the Declaration of Independence Chase Hogg

9 Thomas Paine Born in 1737 Published “Common Sense” on Jan. 10, 1776
Served in Continental Army Convicted of treason in France, but released by James Monroe saying he was American Died in 1809

10 Crispus Attucks First patriot killed in the Revolution. Former slave
Died during the Boston Massacre

11 General Rochambeau French military leader Speaks in a French accent
Forced General Cornwallis to surrender

12 John Adams Vice President to George Washington 2nd President of US
Played a large role in adopting the Declaration of Independence

13 Ben Franklin Born: Boston, Mass. January 17, 1706
Died: Philadelphia, Penn. April 17, 1790 Was important to the American Revolution because he was a one of the people who help set peace between Britain and America. He wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac in 1742

14 Patrick Henry “Give me Liberty or give me Death!”
Powerful and inspirational speaker during the Revolutionary War

15 Robert Livingston One of 5 men who drafted the Declaration of Independence Chancellor of New York

16 Roger Sherman American lawyer and politician
Helped draft the Declaration of Independence

17 John Paul Jones American Sea Captain
Commander of the ship Bonhomme Richard Attacked British Ships near England Jumped right onto ships and fought in hand to hand combat FAMOUS QUOTE: “I have not yet begun to fight”

18 Paul Revere Born on January 1, 1735. Died May 10, 1818.
Before the war he was a sliversmith. He warned the minutemen that were close to the area and told them the British were coming.

19 Women of the American Revolution
The women are sometimes left out in our history books. Here are a few that we remember from the American Revolution.

20 Martha Washington Tended the sick and wounded at Valley Forge.
Helped whenever she could Married to GW-First- First Lady of our country

21 Betsy Ross Seamstress from Philadelphia
Is said to have been the person to sew First American Flag

22 Mary Draper Helped make bullets and weapons for patriot soldiers by melting down her family heirlooms

23 Nancy Morgan Hart She stole muskets from British soldiers and took them captive.

24 Molly Pitcher Real Name: Mary Ludwig Hayes
Carried water to soldiers at the Battle of Monmouth (New Jersey) in 1778 When husband wounded, she took his place firing the cannon!

25 Deborah Sampson “The Secret Soldier”
Disguised herself as a man so she could fight in the war. Was wounded in the leg and they found out she was a woman!

26 Phillis Wheatley The first recognized black American poet. 1753-1784
Published her first poem at age 13 Brought to America as a slave Her poetry reflects both the influence of Alexander Pope and her study of Latin. Picture of Phillis Wheatley

27 Abigail Adams Wife of John Adams, the 2nd president
Allie Reisman Abigail Adams Wife of John Adams, the 2nd president Born November 11, 1744 Died October 18, 1818 She was a prodigious letter writer Mother of John Quincy Adams, the 6th president The 1st lady to live in the White House

28 Lydia Darragh Lydia Darragh was a Patriot Spy. 1729-1789
She warned Washington about an assault from the British. Lydia spied on the British when they held meetings at her house. When the war was over, she went back to her normal life. Picture of Lydia Darragh

29 Mercy Otis Warren Warren was the sister of a patriot named James Otis. Mercy was born on September 25, She died on October 19, Warren was also known for being an early American poet and historian and for writing plays.

30 British of the American Revolution
There were many important people from Britain in the American Revolution. The following are some of the ones you should know about.

31 King George III Born on June 4, 1738.
King of England during the American Revolution. Died on January 29, 1820.

32 General Charles Cornwallis
British General Born Dec. 31,1738-Oct. 5,1805 He served 7 years of war Captured Philadelphia in 1777 Served with distinction during the American Revolution British General Charles Cornwallis

33 Benedict Arnold ( ) Benedict Arnold was born on January 14th, 1741. Benedict became a captain of the Connecticut militia. Helped win the battle of Fort Ticonderoga for America. Later Benedict became a traitor to America and sided with Britain.

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