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Development of Counseling Skills Cutting off, Paraphrasing, Reflection of Meaning, and Reflection of Feeling RB.

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1 Development of Counseling Skills Cutting off, Paraphrasing, Reflection of Meaning, and Reflection of Feeling RB

2 Cutting Off Purpose: Cutting off is used to help the client re-focus their attention on an issue or to prompt the client to make connections between topics discussed in session. What do therapists do? Therapists use verbal and/or non verbal skills to either slow down or redirect the clients discussion. When: When a client digresses from a subject or topic of discussion. Therapists should exercise caution when using this skill and weigh the costs and benefits of interrupting the clients train of thought.

3 Examples of Cutting Off Sheryl, youve explained many things to me… How does all this relate to the problem with your stepmother? Im trying to understand the connection between these issues and your fear of resigning. Frank, all these things seem to be really important to you. Im sitting here wondering what it is you would like for me to focus on. My understanding is that what you are saying has a underlying meaning related to your main concern, losing the kids. How about you tell me what that meaning is. Im going to stop you for a minute, Thelma, and try to get us back on track. Lets slow down for a second, Jay. I want to talk about these concerns, but first finish telling me about the fight you brought up in the beginning of our session.

4 Paraphrasing Purpose: Paraphrasing communicates to the client that the therapist is listening. What does the therapist do? Therapists conveys the meaning, tone, feeling, and/or the content of the clients message by repeating what the client has said in somewhat different words. When: In connecting and building rapport with the client, to follow along with what is being shared, and to reflect what the client is expressing.

5 Examples of Paraphrasing You have a lot on your plate, Cassie. Zachary started bugging you in gym, but you got called out by your coach. You dont know where to begin. Im understanding that you are angry because you feel like you dont feel accepted by the group. Emma, if I am hearing you correctly, you are really frustrated with your step mother.

6 Reflection of Meaning Purpose: Reflection of meaning tells the client that the therapist hears and understands the deeper meaning of their message. Usually this message is one that gives direction to the clients behavior, values, or their beliefs. What do therapists do? After listening to their story, the therapist directly states what significant, core meaning the client (sometimes indirectly) communicates. When: To get to the root of the message. Sometimes the client is unaware of the message they are communicating themselves.

7 Examples of Reflection of Meaning Its important to you that your supervisor recognize all your hard work. Your friends take advantage of you. Its more important for you to feel in control then it is to obey the schools rules. You mean that if you dont uphold this image, your family will be dishonored in the community. If you keep yourself busy enough, you dont think youll have time to worry about what scares you.

8 Reflection of Feeling Purpose: Reflection of feeling helps the therapist communicate to the client that they hear and understand the core feelings involved in the clients message. What does the therapist do? The therapist emphasizes clients significant emotions using the same word or phrase equivalent to the meaning. When: To connect empathically and bring the emotional message to the forefront. Utilize as needed.

9 Example of Reflection of Feeling You were aggravated when he didnt think about your needs. After the disagreement, you were discouraged. She challenges you and makes you feel as if you arent smart enough. When you talk about this, its painful. You feel less pressured.

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