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1 15TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON VULCANOSPELEOLOGY March 15-22, 2012 AMMAN-JORDAN Organized by THE HASHEMITE UNIVERSITY Under the Patronage of H.E. Prof. Dr. Rowaida Maaitah Held in the Amman - Jordan Conference President Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Malabeh The Hashemite University


3 FOREWORD This symposium in Amman, Jordan, is a special occasion for geologists, volcanologists and speleologists alike to present their scientific contributions. The symposium will focus on vulcanospeleological issues relevant to the special location of the large intra-plate volcanic plateaus of the world, the Harrat Al-Shaam. Therefore, it is important to encourage an international approach, sharing knowledge from all over the world at this special symposium, to exchange and update our knowledge and science.

4 Proposed Schedule March 14 th : Arrival at Amman March 15 th : Opening and Presentations and Dinner March 16 th : Day excursions March 17 th : Presentations March 18 th : Presentations, Commission Session and Concluding Dinner March 19 th -22 st : Harrat Excursion If possible, a day in Syria could be included or added

5 Lake Tiberias Harrat Al-Shaam volcanic field Trace of a Hot Spot (?) Dead Sea Jabal Al-Arab


7 VENUE Jordan is a country of culture, beauty and surprising contrasts. It is an ancient land, yet a modern Kingdom, offering the discerning traveler fascinating diversity, safety and traditional hospitality. The unique geography, geology and climate make Jordan a perfect place for the symposium. Amman, the modern capital of Jordan, was known in history as Rabbath Ammon and in Greco-Roman times as Philadelphia. The city is a busy commercial and administrative center with many fine hotels, restaurants, art galleries and museums. Amman is crowned by the Citadel, a hill with the ruins of the Temple of Hercules, a Byzantine Church and an Omayyad Palace. At the foot of the Citadel lies the Roman Theatre.

8 Honorary Scientific Committee  H.E PROF. DR. ROWAIDA MAAITAH.…………................…JORDAN  PROF. DR. STEPHAN KEMPE……………….. ……………...GERAMY  PROF. DR. JAN PAUL VAN DER PAS………...... ……..… NETHERLANDS  PROF. DR. FADI NADER.. …………………………………..…FRANCE  PROF. DR. KYUNG SIK WOO, ………………….……..……REPUBLIC OF KOREA  PROF. DR. CHRIS WOOD………………………………….… ENGLAND  PROF. DR. DIANA NORTHUP ………………………………...GERMANY  PROF. DR. PAOLO FORTI …………………………………..…ITALY

9 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE President Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Malabeh The Hashemite University Secretary General Prof. Dr. Atef Al-Kharabesh The Hashemite University Executive Secretary Dr. Odeh Al-MeshanBadia Research Program Members  Dr. Shaher Rababah  Dr. Khitam Alzughoul  Dr. Fakher Aukour  Dr. Qaher Al-Qadi  Eng. Khaled Al-Zawahreh  Eng. Ali Al-Husban  Geol. Mahmoud Frehat  Geol. Enas Aamer  Geol. Akram Abu Shanab  Geol. Firas Jdeatawi

10 Scientific Committee  Prof. Dr. Eid Al-Tarazi The Hashemite University  Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-FughaJordan University  Dr. Mousa GhougazehTafila Technical University  Dr. Khalid E. Al-TarawnehAl-Hussein Bin Talal University  Dr. Hani Al-AmoushAl al-Bayt University  Dr. Rashid JaradatYarmouk University  Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Hashemite University  Dr. Fayez Ahmad Hashemite University  Dr. Masdouq Al-Taj Hashemite University  Dr. Salah Helmi Hashemite University  Dr. Mohammed Al-Qinna Hashemite University

11 CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS The Hashemite University is honored to invite you to participate in the 15TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON VULCANOSPELEOLOGY. The symposium is a forum to promote discussions on volcanic caves world-wide, natural or artificial, their occurrence, formation and decay, as well as to their general role in volcanism, the volcanic rock forming them, their importance to landscape development, microbiology, zoology, sedimentology, paleontology, Archaeology and tourism. The program is open to other related topics that could be of interest to the vulcanospeleological audience. Contributions to the scientific program are invited.

12 Jordanian Lava Caves (as of 2010) Name of CaveLengthDepthDirectionAltitudeType Hyena Presence 1Al-Fahda Cave923,56,7SW-NE792 mLava Tunnelxxx 2Al-Badia Cave445,017,2NW-SE783 mLava Tunnelno 3Hashemite University Cave231,110,0NW-SE787 mLava Tunnelxx 4Al-Ameed Cave208,04,0SW-NE777 mPressure Ridgexxx 5Dabie Cave193,61,8NW-SE881 mLava Tunnelxxx 6Abu al Kursi East153,712,2W-E883 mLava Tunnelxx 7Kempe Cave139,411,5N-S939 mLava Tunnelxxx 8Hammam Cave N123,44,5NW-SE780 mPressure Ridgexxx 9Al-Jolous Cave112,6n.d.NE-SW799 mLava Tunnelxx 10Obada Cave107,6766 mPressure Ridgexxx 11Al-Howa97,110,8SW-NE939 mLava Tunnelno 12Al-Haya Cave81,34,2NW-SE902 mPressure Ridgexxx 13Abu al Kursi West77,18,1N-S883 mLava Tunnelxx 14Haleem Cave70,74,7NW-SE791 mPressure Ridgexxx 15Azzam Cave44,14,2NNW-SSE902 mPressure Ridgeno 16Al Ra'ye Cave42,03,5NW-SE900 mPressure Ridgeno 17Dahdal Cave28,90,0SW-NE920 mPressure Ridgex 18Henschel Cave21,02,50W-E788 mPressure Ridgeno 19Hammam Cave S12,42,4NW-SE780 mPressure Ridgex 20Uwaiyed Cave12,02,0not def.681 munknownxx 21Beer al Wisad11,411,5not def.627 munknownno 22Treasure Pit7,25,8not def.928 mTunnel?no Sum3143,1

13 Speleologists entering Badia Tunnel

14 ABSTRACTS An abstract volume will be compiled and distributed at the symposium. Abstracts must be submitted via e-mail in the form MS word for PC in Arial 12 font. Abstracts must be in English and are limited to 300 words. No line drawings or electronic art work will be accepted. Abstracts will be evaluated by the organizing committee. Notification of acceptance of abstracts for presentation will be mailed to the corresponding author as soon as the abstracts have been considered.

15 SHORT PAPERS OR EXTENDED ABSTRACTS A maximum of four pages including figures and tables of similar format of the abstracts are welcomed. LANGUAGE The official language of the symposium will be English. No simultaneous translation will be available.

16 Mineralogy

17 Al-Badia Tunnel and the other lava tunnels are filled with silty sediment which has clogged their continuation. Sample BAH 0-5 cm SEDIMENTOLOGY

18 ZOOLOGY Porcupine skull and spines Hyena Mummy and coprolites


20 ARCHAEOLOGY T „The Monument“ Al-Fahda Cave

21 PRESENTATION MODE Oral Presentation Oral presentation sessions will be grouped according to specific themes. Oral presentation is limited to 20 minutes, including 5 minutes for discussion. Poster Presentation There will be a special hall for poster presentation. For each poster, individual freestanding boards will be allocated. Posters relevant to the main topics of the symposium are encouraged.

22 VISUAL AIDS Visual aids will include laptop facilities, slides and overhead projectors. Speakers are encouraged to prepare data and make presentations using Microsoft Power Point Software.

23 FIELD TRIPS AND TOURS There will be three field trips offered during the symposium and one post-symposium field trips as well as general interest tours (a minimum of 10 participants is required for each tour to be run). Post-symposium trip (housing at Badia Research Center; 4WDs must be rented): 1.Day: Drive to Safawi, visit Qais Volcano and caves (Al-Howa, Azzam Cave etc.) and Badia Cave on the way 2.Day: Desert trip Jawa (Bronze Age City) and Al-Fahda Cave 3.Day: Desert Trip Eastern Harrat Rim, K-Cave and Shield Volcano, Kites, Safaitic inscriptions 4.Day: Pressure Ridge Caves and Al-Ameed Cave and Return to Amman.


25 Abu Al Kursi Lava Cave

26 Dabié Cave

27 FIELD TRIPS DURING THE SYMPOSIUM V1: Yarmouk-Decapolis Tunnel (March 16, 2012) Topics: Aqueduct, Wears, Canals and Under ground tunnels Route: Amman, Irbidi, Al-Tura, Wadi shallah, Hobras and Umm Quis. Leaders: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Malabeh & Geol. Akram Abu Shanab Price: 100 Euro per person V2: Geo-Eco Tourism (March 16, 2012) Topics: Old Iron Mines (Saladin), Karst Cave (Bergish), Upper Cretaceous in north Jordan. Route: Amman, Ajlun, Deer Abu Sa’ied Leaders: Ahmad Al-Shriedeh. Price: 75 Euro per person. V3: Dead Sea ( March 16, 2012) Topics: Jordan Graben, Dead Sea, Lisan, Saramuj Conglomerate. Route: Amman, Dead Sea, Ghor Haditha, Ghor Safi. Leaders: Prof. Dr. Eid Al-Tarazi Price: 100 Euro per person.

28 Decapolis –Yarmouk Tunnel

29 POST-SYMPOSIUM FIELD TRIPS Basaltic Harrat (March 19-22, 2012) Topics: Lava Caves, Basalt Plateau, Pressure Ridges, Aritayn Scoria Cones, Sirhan Graben. Route: Amman, Za’atari, Umm El Jimal, Al Hamiddyia, Al Bishriyya, Azraq. Leaders: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Malabeh Price: 150 Euro per person..

30 GENERAL TOURS THAT MAY BE CONSIDERED IF WISHED A1: Amman Through History Topics: Palaeolithic, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic. Leader: Travel Agency. Price: 25 Euro per person. A2: Jadara Topics: Old city of Umm Qais. Leader: Travel Agency. Price: 50 Euro per person. A3: Jarasa Topics: Roman city of Jarash. Leader: Travel Agency. Price: 50 Euro per person. A4: Petra Topics: Nabataean city of Petra. Leader: Travel Agency. Price: 100 Euro per person (including entrance fees).

31 DATES AND DEADLINES DECEMBER 31, 2011: Submission of abstracts. JANUARY 31, 2011: Full manuscript. REGISTRATION FEES The symposium fees (300 Euro) include registration, a book of abstracts and participation in the scientific activities (Payment before December, 31. 2011: 200 Euro).

32 METHOD OF PAYMENT IN EUROS Bank transfer to the order of Account No. 187 / 440000– 3/7, ARAB BANK / HASHEMITE UNIVERSITY BRANCH, ZARKA - Jordan. Bank Cheque made payable to 15TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON VULCANOSPELEOLOGY (Treasurer) and mailed to the mentioned mailing address (personal cheques are not accepted) Credit Card: VisaMasterCard (please send authorization) Card No.……………………Expirey date………………….

33 Al-Daher Cave

34 HOSTING There will be financial support (lodging and registration fee or a combination of both) for a limited number of participants. Please contact the President of the Organizing Committee. ACCOMMODATION Amman has a variety of hotels. The organizing committee will liaise with these hotels to get a reasonable discount for the participants.

35 Correspondence and Registration Enquiries concerning symposium registration, posters, abstract submission and field trips should be addressed to the president of the organizing committee: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Malabeh P.O. Box: 150459 Postal Code: 13115 ZARKA - Jordan Tel.: + 962-5-390333 Ext. 4868 or 4330Fax: +962-5-3823333 E-mail: Home page:

36 Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Malabeh

37 See you in the desert caves of Jordan


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