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© Brent Coley 2009 | The Sign of the Beaver Key Vocabulary – Part 1.

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1 © Brent Coley 2009 | The Sign of the Beaver Key Vocabulary – Part 1

2 See if you can correctly define the following vocabulary words.

3 If necessary, use the context clues from the sample sentences to help you.

4 gravely

5 gravely Sample Sentence: He was gravely ill and had to be admitted to the hospital.

6 gravely Definition: adv. Seriously (in a serious manner); badly

7 flint

8 flint Sample Sentence: Matt didnt have any matches, so he looked for a piece of flint to start a fire.

9 flint Definition: n. Hard gray or brown stone that makes a spark when struck against steel

10 shambles

11 shambles Sample Sentence: After having five young kids over to play all day, the house was in shambles.

12 shambles Definition: n. confusion; disorder; a mess

13 ruefully

14 ruefully Sample Sentence: My dad ruefully informed me that my grandpa had passed away.

15 ruefully Definition: adv. Sorrowfully (sadly); unhappily

16 quaver

17 quaver Sample Sentence: The leaves on the tree began to quaver in the light breeze.

18 quaver Definition: v. To shake or tremble

19 boggy

20 boggy Sample Sentence: After the heavy rain, the field was boggy and had to be closed during recess.

21 boggy Definition: adj. Soft and wet, like in a marsh or swamp

22 daub

23 daub Sample Sentence: Matt tried to daub the hole in the wall of the cabin to keep the rain out.

24 daub Definition: v. To cover with plaster, clay, mud, or other sticky material

25 stout

26 stout Sample Sentence: I looked for a good, stout stick to use as a walking stick during my hike.

27 stout Definition: adj. Strongly built; firm or strong; fat or large

28 detest

29 detest Sample Sentence: Country music is okay, I dont really like rap, and I detest heavy metal.

30 detest Definition: v. To dislike very, very much; to really hate

31 grudgingly

32 grudgingly Sample Sentence: When my mom asked, I grudgingly agreed to take my sister with me to the mall.

33 grudgingly Definition: adv. Unwillingly

34 contemptuous

35 contemptuous Sample Sentence: The girls gave Sally a contemptuous look, hurting her feelings.

36 contemptuous Definition: adj. showing a feeling that a person, act, or thing is worthless or inferior

37 deprive

38 deprive Sample Sentence: If I dont eat all of my dinner, my mom will deprive me of dessert.

39 deprive Definition: v. To keep from having or doing

40 pewter

41 pewter Sample Sentence: The pioneers filled up their pewter mugs with strong coffee.

42 pewter Definition: adj./n. A mixture of tin and lead, copper, or other metals

43 resentment

44 resentment Sample Sentence: Randy felt resentment when Bill, who hadnt practiced, got the big part in the play.

45 resentment Definition: n. Feeling you get when you are being treated unfairly; bitterness

46 defiance

47 defiance Sample Sentence: The student was sent to the office for his defiance toward the playground aide.

48 defiance Definition: n. The act of standing up to or disobeying authority

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