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Discover the World of Word!

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1 Discover the World of Word!
Dr. Elizabeth Bagley Assistive Technology Specialist SC Dept of Ed

2 Examples (note: these links are not active for the ppt on the SCATP web site)
Worksheets and Quizzes and Tests Concept Maps Scientific Creativity Exploring Geometry Poems with more than just the Words

3 Advanced Organizer Keyboard Shortcuts Forms - Drop Down Boxes
Fun Formatting Format Painter Pictures/Clip Art Formatting Cropping Print Screen Inserting Objects Pop-Up Icons Hyperlinking Hyperlink within a Doc Concept Mapping Editing Documents Inserting Comments Track Changes WordArt Text Boxes Templates Flashcards

4 Keyboard Shortcuts Selecting Text Enlarge Text Enlarge Screen Shift…
…and right/left arrow keys (by the letter) …and up/down arrow keys (by the line) Shift & Ctrl …and right/left arrow keys (by the word) …and up/down arrow keys (by the paragraph) Enlarge Text Highlight the text. Shift and use the greater than or less than signs accordingly. Enlarge Screen Hold CRTL key and use scroll wheel on mouse.

5 Drop Down Box Uses STUDENTS
Kids will love doing research about words. Tell them they have to put in 5 different synonyms. They will have to look into at thesaurus and they might surprise you. TEACHERS Teacher can insert potential answers to tests or quizzes

6 Drop Down Boxes Get the Forms Toolbar
Click on View--> Toolbar --> Forms Edit Your Document Place your cursor at the point where you want the drop down box to be (before the word). Click the Drop Down box icon. ( 3rd icon over) A gray-shaded box will appear. Double click on the box to insert drop down options. Add a bank of words. In order to use the drop down boxes, you must lock the form (last icon on toolbar).

7 Adding the Bank of Words
Type your 1st word 2. Click Add 3. Continue steps 1 & 2 for each word. * 4. The first word in the window will be the word that is visible in the document. Shuffle the word order using the arrows. * If you want a blank space then repeat step 1 & 2, but instead of typing a word, hit the spacebar x number of times. If this is a test/quiz, you will usually want to shuffle this “word” to the top.

8 Fun Formatting Select your text Format --> Font
Font Tab Character Spacing Tab Animation Tab Use of Formats (Color) – End Marks Example (link not active for web site ppt)

9 Format Painter Make all the formats that you want to one part of your text. Select your formatted text (from step 1). Go to the format painter icon and click it once.** Highlight the other word, title or paragraph that you wish to format in the same manner. This is formatting the lazy woman’s way. ** If you double click the icon, it will stay active until you click it again.

10 Inserting Pictures/Clip Art
Click on the Insert menu Click on Picture Clip Art From File (digital pictures, or other pictures saved on your hard drive)

11 Working with Graphics How to wrap text around graphics, tables, pop-up icons, pictures, etc. Right click on picture Choose “Format Object/Picture” Click on “Layout” Choose preferred tool (other than “In line with text”) Click “Ok”

12 How To Crop a Picture View --> Toolbars --> Picture
You can crop a picture using the crop icon on the picture toolbar. View --> Toolbars --> Picture Click on the crop icon Select and hold any black line (located on the frame) of the picture and crop away.

13 Print Screen Similar to taking a “picture” of your screen (the entire screen) Uses Allows you to catalogue drive contents (hard drive, disk drive, flash drive, etc) Create “How To” directions

14 Print Screen Directions
Organize your screen Push the “Print Screen” button on the keyboard Go to a MS Word, Excel or PP document Click on Edit --> Paste Change the “Layout” of the picture Crop the picture

15 Insert Object Objects can be: a “new” object or an existing one
displayed: As an icon Immediately in the document (Windows) You can change the icon. When you check the box, those options appear (Windows) You can name your icon (the name will appear below the icon)

16 How To (Pop-Up Icon) Click on “Insert” menu Click on “Object”
Click on “Create New” Scroll down list and choose “Word Pad Document” Check display as icon (notice the new options) *If you already have a file that you want to link to, use the “Create from File” tab and “Browse” to find the file.

17 Hyperlink within Document
In order to hyperlink, there are 2 steps: Where you are going to link to (bookmark) The “hot” words/objects you are coming from (hyperlink) Bookmark where you will be going Place your cursor appropriately Click on Insert--> Bookmark Type name of bookmark (one word only) Now, hyperlink your word(s) or object Highlight the word(s)/object Click on Insert--> Hyperlink--> Bookmark Choose your named bookmark, click “Ok”

18 Hyperlinks For Internet links that are displayed, the easiest way is to type in the full web address ( For Internet links that are hidden Highlight the word(s)/object you want to make “hot” Click on Insert--> Hyperlink--> Existing File or Web Page Type in the desired web address For Hyperlinks to a document: Locate your file or document

19 Concept Mapping Hold the Ctrl key down to copy a shape (rather than move it) You can change the shape simply by going to “Autoshapes” on the drawing toolbar. View --> Toolbars --> Drawing

20 Concept Mapping Ideas Uses for concept mapping in math
Mathematical topics, all the terms used in word problems i.e.: addition: more than… diagram all of the geometry shapes and explain what they need to have to make them that shape (elements to shapes) flow charts order of operations Algebra: steps to do problems

21 Editing Documents – Comments
You can insert comments into a document, and the computer will display who made the comment. You can print the document multiple ways (with or without the edits showing). Once you insert a comment, red parenthesis* will surround the text that you selected to notify the author that there is a comment (*these show on screen, but won’t print out) To change the name of the editor go to: Tools --> Options --> “User Info” Tab

22 Comments Make sure you are the “Editor”. Click on Tools --> Options --> “User Info” Tab Click on “Insert” Click on “Comment” Type your comment * To see the Reviewing Pane, click on the icon

23 Comments Suggestions Teacher editing of assignments
Peer editing of assignments Hypothesis in a lab report Directions for specific areas within assignments Auditory Comments Your own ideas….

24 Editing – Track Changes
Before starting the editing process, you need to turn on the Track Changes option from the Reviewing toolbar Click on View --> Toolbars --> Reviewing Click on the “Track Changes” Icon Edit your text

25 Reviewing – Track Changes
Make sure “Track Changes” is turned off Use the following icons: Previous Next Accept Change Reject Change

26 WordArt Insert --> Picture --> WordArt
Type your text --> Click OK ** Or use the icon on the Drawing toolbar Format Shape Gallery Rotate Same letter heights (toggle) Character Spacing Horizontal/Vertical Alignment

27 Insert Text Box Click on the text box icon
Draw a box on your document. (Click, Hold, Drag) Type your information into the box. Format the text. Size the box (corner of the frame, Click, Hold, Drag) Formatting the BOX (not the text): Right click on the FRAME of the text box. Click on “Format Text Box”. Click on the tab "Colors and Line” For an invisible box (where you can’t tell it is a text box) Change the fill color to: "No fill" Change the line color to: "No line"

28 Flashcards Using the label utility
Click on Tools --> Letter and Mailings --> Envelopes and Labels Click on the “Labels” tab Click on “Options” button Avery Standard 5163 (5 flashcards per page) Avery Standard 5264 (3 flashcards per page)

29 AT Connect Listserv The SC Department of Education has recently implemented a new statewide initiative designed to support districts and schools in obtaining the technology tools needed for differentiated instruction. Three new SC Assistive Technology Specialists have been hired (2 more to come) and can provide your district or school free technology tools, trainings and resources. If you are a teacher, educator or district/school professional and would like to sign up for the AT Connect Listserv to receive additional information about these free services please contact me.

30 Review Keyboard Shortcuts Forms - Drop Down Boxes Fun Formatting
Format Painter Pictures/Clip Art Formatting Cropping Inserting Objects Pop-Up Icons Hyperlinking Hyperlink within a Doc Concept Mapping Editing Documents Inserting Comments Track Changes WordArt Text Boxes Flashcards

31 Questions? Elizabeth Bagley

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