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Family Advocacy Program Army Community Service PORTRAIT OF PROMISE Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome.

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2 Family Advocacy Program Army Community Service

3 PORTRAIT OF PROMISE Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome


5 What is Shaken Baby Syndrome? u Violent Whiplash Injury Intercranial Bleeding Unconsciousness u Inflicted, not accidental u Result of violently shaking a baby or child u Causes severe disabilities or death due to brain injury

6 Ages of SBS Victims u Few days old five years u Average age of six to eight months

7 Inflicted, Not Accidental u Child is violently shaken by caretaker not jiggling or gently playing any objective observer would say that the child will definitely be injured child shaken in rage, anger, and frustration

8 Clinical Findings Associated with SBS u Subdural hematoma u Retinal hemorrhages u Cerebral edema u Diffuse axonal injury u Skull fracture u Subarachnoid hemorrhages u Black brain on CT or MRI - indicating severe ischemia, characteristic of a severe shake

9 Clinical Signs of SBS* u Subdural Hematoma. Accumulation of blood or blood clot beneath the dura. The dura is a fibrous membrane that surrounds the brain and attaches to the skull. u Retinal Hemorrhages. Bleeding in the back of the eyeball. u Cerebral Edema. Swelling of the brain. This causes pressure on various areas of the brain, some of which control breathing, heartbeat, etc.

10 More Clinical Signs of SBS u Diffuse Axonal Injury. Shearing of nerve fibers in white matter of the brain that destroys brain tissue. u Skull Fracture. u Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Bleeding under the arachnoid membrane, a membrane attached to the innermost layer of the tissues surrounding the brain. This causes pressure on and injury to the brain.

11 More Clinical Signs of SBS u Black Brain. Wasting away of the brain due to lack of blood supply, seen on CT scan or MRI

12 SBS Triad of Injuries u Retinal Hemorrhage u Subdural Hematoma u Cerebral Edema The presence of this combination is characteristic of SBS. Other causes for this particular combination are remote.

13 Who Are The Perpetrators of SBS u Male caretakers u Babysitters u Parents under severe stress u Parents who have psychiatric problems

14 How Would You Know If Your Child Has Been Shaken?

15 Warning Signs u Unable to turn head u Body pulls to one side u Difficulty in breathing u Seizures u Lethargic, hard to rouse u Dilated or pin-point pupils u Eyes dont respond to light u Blood pooling in eyes

16 Critical Advice If your child has any of these symptoms: u Get medical attention immediately u Be prepared to provide any helpful information to medical staff

17 What Are the Effects of Shaking? u Irreversible brain damage u Blindness u Learning disabilities u Mental retardation u Seizures u Death

18 How Does SBS Occur? u Caretaker: Is alone with child Frustrated by childs crying Sees childs crying as deliberate Sees childs crying as defiance u Child: Crying is the only way the baby can communicate Cannot protect self against violent assault

19 Use Common Sense u Dont let anyone take care of a fussy baby by themselves, if: they have a hot temper they are afraid of losing self-control they cant pay full attention to the baby they dont know how to handle a baby who is difficult to comfort they dont know how to handle a child who is demanding, crabby or annoying they think that babies 0-18 months do things on purpose to make you angry

20 Caretakers Need to Stay In Top Condition u Get Enough Sleep u Stay Sober u Stay Healthy

21 What Can You Do When Babies Cry?

22 What To Check u Is the baby sick? u Is the baby hungry? u Does the baby need to be burped? u Does the baby need to be changed?

23 How To Soothe A Crying Baby u Rock the baby u Walk with the baby u Swaddle the baby u Play some music u Rub the babys back u Give the baby a pacifier u Read to the baby u Leave a soft light on in the babys room u Take the baby for a ride in the car

24 If That Doesnt Work… Dont Go It Alone! Get Some Help!

25 How to Get Help u Get someone to keep you company. u Telephone a friend, ask for tips on how to handle the situation. u Keep the number of a hot-line handy for support and guidance.

26 Regarding Baby Sitters… It is the Parents Responsibility to: u Instruct the babysitter every time that they are not to shake the baby, no matter what happens. u Be sure your babysitters know how to reach you. u Be prepared to come home immediately if your sitter cant handle the job.

27 When All Else Fails u Let the baby cry. u Put the baby down in a safe place. Check on the baby at intervals. u Give yourself a break--find a quiet place for yourself.

28 Better that the Baby Cry than the Baby Die.

29 Video: Portrait of Promise

30 Question & Answer Period

31 For Additional Information u Family Advocacy Program u Pediatric Clinic u Social Work Service

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