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Native American Flute vs. Claude Debussy By: Nick Burghard.

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1 Native American Flute vs. Claude Debussy By: Nick Burghard

2 Brief look into Ancient Native American Life Located in North America Pride in their specific tribe But more importantly, – Respect for nature – Caring for their land Lived in anything from caves to longhouses (made of logs) depending on local resources. Focus on mind and spirit

3 Religion Religious principles passed down orally Tends to focus around nature Religious Ceremonies are common – Included feasts, dance, and music Symbolism common – Used animals to symbolize spirits and sometimes explain how the world was created. E.g: Tlingit Indians believed in a creation centered around a raven. Each tribe would have a shaman or a healer who would be able to channel the power of the spirits into healing, et cetera.

4 Music Used for ceremonial purposes, recreation, expression, and healing Instruments include drums, the flute, other percussion instruments, and the human voice Usually incorporated with dance and chanting Considered by researchers to be one of the most complex music ever performed Vocals are very tense and then tend to release Drum beats are usually compounded and not in 4:4 time However, we will focus on the flute

5 The Native American Flute The flute is made out of two chambers, the smaller is at the top, and the lower is larger and is where the finger holes are found Originally the flutes length would be determined by various areas on the body, such as the length between the elbow and the wrist The distance between the different holes is about the length of a thumb Made of redwood, cherry, or walnut depending on the sound desired It is played on the minor pentatonic scale Most flutes had 5 to 6 holes, however some had up to 7, 8, or 9 Used a block whistle mechanism to create the base note Came in various keys, according to the effect on the listener wanted

6 Native American Flutes

7 R. Carlos Nakai Born April 16, 1946 Of Navajo-ute heritage Started his musical studies on trumpet but a car accident ruined his embouchure Was given a cedar flute as a challenge and it started his career First album Changes was released in 1983

8 Song For The Morning Star This song gives the listener a very tranquil feel, as if your standing on top of this mountain range, with the wind in your hair. Visualize that you are in this canyon, with the wind blowing, feeling like nothing in this world can touch you. This is the feeling this song presents to the listener. A feeling of relaxation.

9 Claude Debussy Born in St-Germain-en-Laye, France on August 22, 1862 Oldest of five children Took piano lessons at age 7 Won the Prix de Rome in 1884 Debussy stated the primary aim of French music is to give pleasure Believed his music was made up of colors and rhythms and could not be cast into a traditional or fixed form or genre.

10 Claire De Lune Clair De Lune is French for Moonlight Gives the feeling of relaxation just like a crisp moonlit night in the plazas of France

11 Comparison Song For The Morning Star Similarities Claire De Lune Played on a Native American Flute Has small range of pitches that are played Written for spiritual purposes use of tremolo Played on a minor pentatonic scale Uses silence between notes to add a dramatic feel Uses long and drawn out notes Music paints a picture in the listeners mind Therefore, both pieces could be considered to make an impression on the listener a.k.a in two very unique ways they could be considered impressionistic Played on piano Has large range of pitches that are played Written for pleasure Played Adante Trés expressif Played in the key of d

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13 Expand impressionism in written portion Talk about his tribe more Include pictures of scales

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