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1 Board of Education Presentation January 9, 2007 Ninth Grade Academy.

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1 1 Board of Education Presentation January 9, 2007 Ninth Grade Academy

2 2 Julie Bowers, DOGina Osik, EMMS Jody Dallas, MHSAnne Park, RMS Kelley Donohoe, MHSVonnie Perrine, MHS Felecia Duggins, MHSCindy Porcelli, MHS Shelley Flickinger, MHSAndrea Rashbaum, DO Jenna Hall, MHSKittie Rehrig, DO/Parent Kyle Husni, Student, RMSWill Rehrig, Student, EMMS Steve Johnson, MHSMarsha Rogers. Parent Patrick Kelly, Student, MHSGayle Rutter, MHS Tomika Long, RMSRob Schumacher, MHS Dave Maloney, DOLaura Smith, MHS John Martin, MHSSandra Smithers, DO Peggy McKibbin, RMS Donna Mitchell, MHS Steering Committee Members

3 3 Sub-Committees Academic Program Advisory Period PBS (Positive Behavior Support) Transitioning

4 4 The Transition to Ninth Grade is a Process Not an Event Jay Hertzog

5 5 The Ninth Grade Challenge The failure rate in grade 9 is three to five times higher than at any other grade level: –60% of at risk 8 th graders do not graduate with their class or never graduate from high school. –Economically disadvantaged and minority students are twice as likely to fail. –Most students drop out of school because they get lost in the large high school setting. Much less attention is paid to them. –Most students who drop out of high school make the decision in 9 th grade.

6 6 Research suggests that programs targeting the transition between 8 th and 9 th grade have the highest degree of success.

7 7 Academics Sample Student Schedule Semester 1 2/3 4/5 6 7 F A L E L E C M A Science E N G E L E C S P R I N G T I V E T HSocial Studies L I S H T I V E

8 8 Benefits Smooth Transition from 8 th grade to 9 th grade. (Hybrid Schedule) Allows all students to take math all year in a block schedule. (SREB Report) Maintain the semesterized block for science and social studies. (Lessens student load/Promotes depth of instruction) Allows all students to take ELA all year facilitating the infusion of literacy across all curricular areas. (SREB Report)

9 9 Advisory Period Implement a structured, designed curriculum which sets the stage for a comprehensive advisory program, grades 9-12. 9 th grade – Character Development To meet regularly, i.e. weekly, bi-weekly. Specific program decision to be made in collaboration with the new administrative team.

10 10 PBS Maintain the current PBS system as it exists at MHS. Expectations: Character, Attitude, Vision, and Success Ticket system for reinforcement Establish a 9 th grade sub-committee to oversee program. Review 9 th grade discipline for planning purposes Use RMS Fishes and MMS Sigma Rho as student leaders.

11 11 Transitioning Parent Preview Night Student Preview Program – 9 th grade students Mix It Up/Combined Field Day (including MOT Charter School and St. Anne students) 9 th Grade Summer Social Logistics and additional activities TBD

12 12 Summary Academic Program Professional Development Advisory Professional Development PBS Maintain Current Program Transitioning Joint PTA Meeting – January 17, 2007

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