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Leica MobileMatriX Innovative Mobile GIS Solution

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1 Leica MobileMatriX Innovative Mobile GIS Solution

2 Leica MobileMatriX What’s Leica MobileMatriX?
GIS based system for data acquisition and maintenance in the field Combining surveying sensors (GPS, TPS, ...) with a field computer Controlling sensors, Editing, Collecting, Visualisation and Mapping tasks are directly performed in MobileMatriX True Field to Finish mobile GIS Solution ESRI‘s ArcObjects technology used as development platform Tablet PC based (also running on laptops) Windows 2000 or XP Operating Systems

3 Leica MobileMatriX System Integration
Mobile GIS integrates 3 main components: Surveying sensors (such as GPS and TPS) (Rugged) TabletPC GIS software The combination of these technologies makes the enterprise database directly accessible to field crews - whenever it is required. Applications Data collection of Geometry and Attribute Navigation and Stakeout Real time location information

4 Leica MobileMatriX Map content
Extract of your enterprise database Digital maps or aerial images as background (vector and raster) Benefits Substitutes paper maps Compare reality with enterprise database Graphic based stakeout and navigation

5 Leica MobileMatriX What you see is what you get
Graphical representation of Surveyed objects Measurements In Real-Time Completeness Control Immediately Graphically Quality Control Error ellipses Standard deviation Qxx matrix

6 Leica MobileMatriX Multi Sensor GIS
Total Stations: Builder, 110C, 300, 400, 700, 800, 1000, 1100 and 1200 GPS: Leica GS5, GS20, GS50, System 500, System 1200, ATX1230, ATX 900 and all NMEA supporting GPS Level: Leica Sprinter, Leica DNA, Trimble DiNi 12T Laser Distancemeter: Leica DISTOTM A6 and DISTOTM plus Laser Range Finder: Leica Laser Locator, Vectronix Vector Series Digital Cameras: Bluetooth Phones with integrated Camera Future Leica Sensors Other sensors on demand NEW

7 Leica MobileMatriX Computations
The sensor (e.g. Total Station) is only used as a tool to measure. All actions are directly performed in Leica MobileMatriX. Computations in MobileMatriX Free Station Tacheometry Resection TPS Traverse All data – feature, attributes, measurements, computations – are stored in one database, independent if you have measured with a GPS, Total Station, Level, Disto, Laser rangefinder...  Simplifies and speed-up workflows and the „data chain“ Level Traverse COGO (Coordinate Constructions) Orthogonal Survey

8 Leica MobileMatriX Environment
Hardware (Rugged) TabletPC Mettenmeier Colibri X7, Panasonic Toughbook, ITRONIX DuoTouch II, XPlore iC series etc. Surveying sensors GPS, TPS, Level, Non Surveying Sensors LRF, Disto, Digital Camera … Software No ArcGIS license available Leica MobileMatriX Standard (includes ArcView OEM) or Leica MobileMatriX Professional (includes ArcEditor OEM) ArcGIS license available Leica MobileMatriX on ArcGIS (Minimum ArcView 9.0 SP3)

9 MobileMatriX extension
Leica MobileMatriX Integration into ArcGIS MobileMatriX extension ArcGIS extension Integrates survey data into ESRI’s ArcGIS Improves data collection process, data accuracy and field-to-office workflow by tightly integrating survey data with the GIS database Survey data is stored directly in the geodatabase and can be analyzed together with other GIS layers Leica MobileMatriX extension is fully open, customizable and extendible using ArcObjects, allowing developers and customers to build workflow and applications that meet their specific needs

10 Leica MobileMatriX Integration into ArcGIS
Take the Power of ArcGIS into the field Access full geodatabase The customers geodtabase design is used Work directly with geodatabase feature classes (no shapefiles) Full ArcGIS capabilities in the field Use familiar ArcMap tools in the field Log/Store GPS, TPS, Level and other measured data, features, and attributes directly in the geodatabase Geodatabase enhanced with Survey Objects to store survey measurements, computations and multiple coordinates in the same geodatabase as the feature

11 Leica MobileMatriX Integration into ArcGIS
Survey Data Management in MobileMatriX Survey Data Computation and Storage in MobileMatriX Sensor Interface in MobileMatriX Data Collection Tools in MobileMatriX Feature Management & Storage in ArcGIS Geodatabase Design in ArcGIS Standard GIS tools in ArcGIS Check out/in process in ArcGIS Survey Data are maintained in the same geodatabase as the feature classes

12 Leica MobileMatriX Integration into ArcGIS
Final GIS Feature Vertex ArcMap MobileMatriX Mean Coordinate TPS Coordinate 1 GPS Coordinate Level Height TPS Coordinate 2 GIS Feature Vertex is „constructed“ from the Survey Point Location Multiple Coordinates Adjusted averaging process Multiple GPS measurements are taken to get a single coordinate (mulitple epochs)

13 Leica MobileMatriX Integration into ArcGIS
Improve field-to-office workflow Collect features and Survey Data directly into the geodatabase with Leica Survey equipment and others Check Survey Data QC directly in ArcMap View, query and analyse Survey Data alongside with GIS layers Create Custom Workflows

14 Leica MobileMatriX Target Markets
Land Surveying National, state and local Government Military Defense Fire/Emergency/Disaster Transportation and Traffic Infrastructure Mapping Agencies Municipalities Cadastral agencies Utilities Power Management Electricity Gas Water and Wastewater Telecommunications Natural Resources Agriculture Forestry Natural Resources (oil and gas exploration)

15 Leica MobileMatriX Target Markets
Science & Education Universities Research Archaeology Environmental Management Land Water Ocean Vegetation

16 Leica MobileMatriX GPS Integration
Display Satellite Tracking Information in tabular or graphical form Display information about the currently connected GPS Receiver Advanced GPS Data Collection Techniques Collecting Point, Line and Polygon Feature using survey points as base for the feature vertex Measuring mulitple feature simultaneously Complex feature supported Updating feature using GPS (and other) data

17 Leica MobileMatriX Together with Leica SmartAntenna
GPS RTK Rover combined with a mobile GIS Light-weight Cable-free No backpack or other equipment (GX1230) required Performance, reliability and accuracy as GPS1200 Together with SmartStation a perfectly usable system – just remove and go! Standard Bluetooth Mobile Phones can be used

18 Leica MobileMatriX SmartAntenna Configuration
Configuration: GPS Simulator application Runs on the Tablet PC Same look and feel as hardware For configuration only Field work: all necessary tools are available on the Leica GPS Toolbar GNSS Status Connect/disconnect to reference service GNSS raw data logging

19 Leica MobileMatriX Communicate with SmartAntenna
Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology Industry Standard Short range wireless connection – up to 10 m TabletPC comes with Bluetooth® management software Connect Tablet PC to Leica Smart Antenna Mobile phone

20 Leica MobileMatriX Height Modernization
Why using a digital level in a GIS? Reliable 3D modeling needs accurate Z coordinates Interface with digital levels Create or update features with accurate heights Tachymetric levelling supported Height Modernization allows to add high accurate and reliable heights to new or existing features, e.g. previous measured using GPS

21 Leica MobileMatriX Laser Range Finder
Binocular with distance and azimuth measurement Setup On known point or On current GPS position Complete functionality within one toolbar Measure new Survey Features using multiple and pending feature editing Easy-to-use: no survey information will be stored and/or required

22 Leica MobileMatriX Data Collection - less field time
Multiple Feature Editing Improves efficiency - Create more than one feature with just one measurement Improves data quality - Ensures topological correctness of measured features Measure last house vertex Continue with Ped Walk Measure Boarder Point and Parcel Measure last Boarder Point and Parcel vertex Measure Boarder Point, Parcel and Ped walk Measure Boarder Point, Parcel Vertex and Ped walk Measure House vertex Measure another House vertex Measure House Vertex

23 Leica MobileMatriX Feature Editing - Insertion Line Technology
Reality GIS 1. Place Insertion Line on feature 2. Survey first intersection point 3. Survey next intersection point 4. Survey next intersection point A MobileMatriX construct which aids the surveyor by marking an as-yet un-surveyed segment of a Survey Feature. An Insertion Line has an Insertion Point at either end, one of which is the active Insertion Point. Insertion Lines are only used with Line and Polygon -based Survey Features. A Survey Feature starts off with a single, active, Insertion Line. When a Survey Feature is Finished all Insertion Lines on it are removed. If a surveyor finds that there is a component of a Survey Feature that may not be surveyed then a Skip add may be performed, which will leave behind an Insertion Line on the unsurveyable component. The Place New Insertion Line tool can be used to place a new Insertion Line on the segment of any Survey Feature or Arc feature. Insertion Line Selection The Edit tool in MobileMatriX allows the selection of any Feature in the map. The properties of this Feature may then be inspecting using the Attributes window. The Attributes dialog is displayed using the Attributes button ( ) on the Editor toolbar. The Edit attributes command can also be used to perform this action. This allows a number of functions to be performed on the selected Insertion Line and it's related Survey Feature, complimenting many of the commands on the Survey Features menu. When inspecting a selected Insertion Line the Attributes window display is as shown below. Insertion Line Deletion When an Insertion Line is selected, it may be deleted by hitting the <delete> key or using the Delete command from the MobileMatriX Edit menu: If this is the only Insertion Line on the related Survey Feature then this is equivalent to Finishing the Survey Feature using the Finish command on the Survey Features Menu. If there are more than one Insertion Lines on the related Survey Feature then this is equivalent to Finishing the Insertion Line using the Remove Insertion Line command on the Survey Features menu. Place new Insertion Line Activates a tool to create a new Insertion Line and place it on a line segment of an existing feature. If this feature is already in use as a Survey Feature then the Insertion Line will simply be added to that Survey Feature. If the feature is not in use as a Survey Feature then it will become one, with a default name or with any pre-existing name found in a "Name" field of that Feature. It is also possible to create a new Insertion Line on an existing Survey Feature using the New Insertion Line command. This button is found on the MobileMatriX toolbar. 5. Survey last intersection point 6. Finish Insertion Line

24 Leica MobileMatriX Attribute collection
Direct editing of attributes in the field Collect new attributes Edit existing attributes All collected attributes are stored with the feature in the geodatabase No office re-work required

25 Leica MobileMatriX Attribute Collection
Repeating feature Imagine you want to survey the location & attributes of a series of power poles Always enter same attributes for the whole series? Just survey and use the MobileMatriX clone functionality Saves time and costs by repeating the attributes of previous identical feature

26 Leica MobileMatriX Computation Network
Computation Network functionality Correct faults, wrong measurements, typos etc. happened in the field Recompute Computation Network Dependent objects will be corrected Can be done directly in the field or later in the office Available for all kind of computation Ensures best possible results Avoids expensive re-measurements

27 Leica MobileMatriX Coordinate Manager
Every survey point can have more than one coordinate Quality improvement over time Graphic view lets you detect outliers Coordinate Combination Combine e.g. GPS XY coordinates with leveled Z coordinate

28 Leica MobileMatriX Stakeout and Navigation
Transfer design into reality Stake out features instead of coordinates Navigate to selected points in the map Search & Find of feature for Physical maintenance and repair Attribute and position verification or update

29 Leica MobileMatriX Electronic Ink
Writing on top of a digital map Take notes Sketch redlines Identify problems during surveying directly on a digital map Hand writing recognition Send ink graphic to an annotation feature class Ink is stored in geodatabase

30 Leica MobileMatriX Seamless Dataflow to ArcGIS Enterprise GDB
„No Conversion means: No loss of data.“ All data and feature are stored in ESRI’s Geodatabase No data conversion when moving the feature back into the office system No complex data transfer Office  Field  Office workflow Reliable Standardized Efficient

31 Leica MobileMatriX Seamless Dataflow to ArcGIS Enterprise GDB
3 Different workflows Copy Geodatabase to the field Versioning conflicts with office database Wireless connection in the field to the office ArcSDE gate Problems: WLAN availability in the field, speed, connectivity and security Disconnected editing Use check out wizard Multi user support Version management Post/reconcile Requires ArcSDE (Enterprise, Workgroup or Personal)

32 Leica MobileMatriX Survey Data Synchronization

33 Leica MobileMatriX Synchronisation of survey data
NEW Leica MobileMatriX supports a new and improved workflow for surveyors working in the GIS industry. Leica MobileMatriX supports disconnected editing of features and survey data for multiple users. That means features and survey data can be checked out from an ArcSDE GDB to a Personal GDB and edited while you are disconnected. Later the new and edited features and survey data can be checked in and reconciled with the master database. Benefits Maintain and improve the quality of features over time - accuracy is maintained by the surveyor (the GIS operator does not need to know how to maintain accuracy) Information, if a feature is mapped at the right location The survey data is synchronized while the features are (one process) and archived in the enterprise database The database administrator or supervisor will be able to verify the field crew‘s measurements Information about who measured what, with what equipment and at which time

34 Leica MobileMatriX GNSS Post-Processing
GNSS Post-Processing within Leica MobileMatriX Field: Navigation Solution only (3-5m accuracy) Field: Storage of GNSS Raw Data Office: Post-Processing using GNSS Raw Data Improved quality (cm – dm) Update process of feature to new (more accurate) position Storage of new accuracy information (Qxx-Matrix)

35 Leica MobileMatriX GNSS Post-Processing
Field Update Office Office

36 Leica MobileMatriX New in v3.0 – some of many …
Survey Data synchronization and versioning for survey data Support ArcGIS 9.2 SP5, SQL Server Express for Personal SDE New Vectronix LRF driver supports now Vector 1500, Vector IV, Vector 21, Vector Nite and Vector 23 Improvement in working with TPS: Automatic selection of last active TPS setup, if the current computation is not a TPS computation and MobileMatriX receives a measurement from a TPS. Software update notification Toggle button between Survey and Stakeout Mode on the Leica MobileMatriX toolbar New GPS simulator integrated, improving the performance when working with GG Bluetooth Camera support ‘Toggle TPS/GPS Instrument’ - enabling the user to easily switch between TPS and GPS e.g. to better utilise the use of the Leica SmartPole.

37 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
UT and Energy Combine GPS, TPS, Level, Disto Stakeout Construction progress supervision Final acceptance

38 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Mapping Compare actual situation in the field with an extract of your enterprise database on your Tablet PC Survey of new features Update of existing features Quality improvement Automatic replication with enterprise database

39 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Water management and protection against floods GPS, TPS, digital level Create 3D models very effective using ESRI‘s 3D Analyst extension Survey and analysis within one system

40 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Stormwater Mapping Program Clean Water Act and NPDES stormwater requirements Survey structures Determine network connectivity Collect attributes Manage distributed databases

41 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Topographic under water survey Echosounder interface Synchronized echosounder depth and GPS/TPS position

42 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Engineering survey Local networks Combine GPS, TPS, Level, Disto Stakeout Construction progress supervision Final acceptance GIS work – 50% improvement in dataflow!

43 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
UT and Energy Combine GPS, TPS, Level, Disto Stakeout Construction progress supervision Final acceptance

44 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Transportation Combine GPS, TPS, Level, Disto Stakeout Construction progress supervision Direct connection to GIS database Final acceptance

45 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Education and Research Combine GPS, TPS, Level, Disto Direct interface to GIS database Final acceptance

46 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Education and Research MobileMatriX is used to survey faults and fractures on cliffs near mountain roads (together with MobileMatriX a 3D Model will be created). If a potential hazard exists, laser scanning will be used to survey more details.

47 Leica MobileMatriX Solutions
Defense Connected and disconnected navigation from vehicle Mapping and forward observation using e.g. Vectronix Vector 4 Target Area Mapping Land Mine Recording System

48 Leica MobileMatriX Special customization improves productivity
Examples Power dam and river bed survey with synchronized Echo Sounder and GPS Collection of Street Furniture with synchronised digital camera, GPS and axle counter Cross Section and Profile Survey with combination of GPS and Levels Stormwater Management System with TPS and GPS Anything from your side required?

49 Leica MobileMatriX Thank you for your Attention!

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