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Copyright 1997-2004 Verity Inc. All rights reserved.

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1 Copyright 1997-2004 Verity Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Industry Overview

3 3 O que é eBusiness? –Iniciativa, visão e direções –‘e’ significa eletrônico = Internet –Processo de Automação –Exemplos: O uso da Internet por organizações públicas e privadas em conformidade com o preenchimento online de formulários & documentos Uma organização que usa a Internet para conectar os funcionários, fornecedores e clientes O uso de tecnologias digitais para transformar operações empresariais e governamentais no intuito de comprovar a efetividade, eficiência, e o serviço de entrega

4 4 What’s driving eBusiness? –Conformidade com os mandatos governamentais: GPEA, E-SIGN, Section 508, HIPAA –Alto custo do papel O custo de formulários de papel é de mais de $350B no ano –Produtividade aprovada com a Automação –Grande aceitação da Internet 2001: 50% dos usuários da web (adultos) visitaram um site estadual ou local (EUA) 2001 National Technology Readiness Survey

5 5 Paper and Productivity Costs –Reduced paper costs $22.5 billion spent in 2000 on pre-printed paper forms in the US alone. And, 30% of all pre-printed forms become obsolete before they are used. DMIA Formtrac Per the IRS: It costs $7 “per touch” of a form, $20 to file and $120 to re-file a misfiled form –Increased productivity Intel estimates that it takes 70 percent less time to process a transaction using e-business. Digital Transformation, 2000 It took Microsoft only a few months to build the new purchasing system, yet it saved the company nearly $15M in its first year of use. Peter Boit-VP eBusiness Solutions, Microsoft, 2000

6 6 Automation Goal: Standardize on Open Formats –Inconsistent data formats limit application sharing and process automation 45% of agencies can’t implement ‘eBusiness’ due to incompatibilities with legacy processes – Delphi Group –Open Formats HTML –Widely accessible by individuals PDF –Supports digital signatures –Meets Section 508 requirements –Same as Paper– high accessibility XML –Glue applications together, new web solution to older backend systems –Extend existing technologies

7 7 What’s driving IT investments? –Total IT spending was $1.21 trillion last year, with estimated IT spending of $1.24 trillion this year. Aberdeen Group –Tangible Return On Investment “Spend like there is a tomorrow” CIO Magazine Accelerated projects with faster returns on investments (40.3 %) VARBusiness –Maintaining legacy software and hardware Systems integration projects were cited as the highest priority (36 percent) CIO Magazine Survey

8 8 Solutions Providers

9 Copyright 1997-2004 Verity Inc. All rights reserved. The Verity Product Suite – Process Automation Solutions

10 10 Business Process Automation

11 11 Verity Put Information to Work –Unified solution that automates paper and digital business transactions –Totally integrated solution for departmental or enterprise wide applications –Completely scaleable

12 12 Verity Delivers Automation Organization Applications: –Accounting/Procurement –Citizen response/Service –Human Resources –Data Collection/Reporting –Technical Support/QA –Departmental/Programs

13 13 County Office Case Study –Implementation of Complete Business Process Automation –Citizen facing & internal process –Human Resource Department implementation extending across all departments –Employment Application Process

14 14 Information Capture –TELEform - turns paper into digital information speeding use and facilitating access to information –Provide a seamless migration or integrated hybrid solution from “offline” to “online” –Design and publish fillable and intelligent electronic forms to HTML and PDF format –Provide back-office validation rules to ensure high data integrity –Integrate with XML and application specific Connect Agents

15 15 Elements of Information Capture –Document Design & Distribution Create, print, email, post to web –Input Paper, PDF, HTML –Data & Document Interpretation Form ID & recognition –Validation Business rules & logic –Export ODBC compliant databases Content Management and Workflow XML & LiquidOffice eFMS

16 Copyright 1997-2004 Verity Inc. All rights reserved. The Verity Product Suite – for eBusiness Solutions Part II

17 17 eForms Management –Design, route, track, audit and approve online forms –Centralized form management for instant, online form enterprise-wide form reporting –Web-based zero client application, accessible from remote locations anytime, anywhere –Built on standards- HTML, PDF, Xforms, XML and Java –Section 508 Compliant

18 18 eForms Management Schema

19 19 With LiquidOffice Retrieves form Fills it out Makes copies Staples Signs Places in Outbox Mary - Originator Employee Time Spent on Forms Reviews Forms Electronically Asks for More Info. Inputs Electronic Notes Before Submitting Submits Electronically Jeff – Underwriting Support Chris - Router Picks up different forms from various outboxes Sorts forms Delivers forms Repeat…… Reviews forms Requests more info. Approve Makes copies Signs Forwards to Martin Jeff - ApproverMartin – CPA Final Processor Reviews information Verifies approval PO is keyed in to d.b. Stores paper form Conclusion Retrieves form Fills it out on-line Adds note & attachment(s) Signs on-line Submits to Manager Mary - Originator Martin - CPA Final Processor Reviews Verifies data PO is integrated to Business System (PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, etc..) Conclusion – Provides eSignature 14 11 12 19 Minutes Spent on Task 4 4 3 Traditionally

20 20 County Office Case Study – eForm Management –Routing paper applications to department managers –Costs associated with data entry, copies and storage –Receive scanned form and data from TELEform and convert to LiquidOffice transaction –Log-in form to Human Resources for tracking –Reduced department manager approval time by 70% Business Problem Solution Results

21 21 A unified solution that automates paper and digital business processes Verity Put Information to Work

22 22 Why eBusiness Today? –Meet Government mandates at all levels GPEA, GPRA - E-SIGN - Section 508 - HIPAA Legal archives and signatures –Reduced Paper Costs and Obtain Quick ROI Eliminate paper handling, manual data entry, distribution and storage Low cost of ownership and quick implementation schedule –Improves worker productivity Instant access to accurate data Eliminates manual data entry Improves form submit/approve process by 500% or more –Utilize existing internet investments Adopt Open Format technologies Reduce data incompatibilities for faster access to data

23 23 The Global 2000+

24 24 Distribuidor Rua Carlos Von Koseritz, 456 Bairro Higienópolis CEP: 90540-030 - Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil Fone: 51-3337.0061 - Fax: 51-3343.3430 Site - E-mail –

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