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Hello and Welcome to My Personal Narrative. My name is Michael Claycomb, and I aspire to become a principal. Over the next few pages, I will show you who.

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1 Hello and Welcome to My Personal Narrative. My name is Michael Claycomb, and I aspire to become a principal. Over the next few pages, I will show you who I am and what are my strengths & weaknesses.

2 EDAD 597 - My Experience Peeling back the Layers I would like to begin by saying; I really enjoyed participating in this class, Learning to Lead. Like most people I always enjoy learning more about myself, what makes me tick, how do others view me or interpret things I say or my actions, and how might I go about making changes in myself to improve who I am. I have always taken some pride in knowing certain things about myself, my character, and have been aware of certain behaviors. Until recently, I never considered that some of the things I thought were strengths—are weaknesses—and visa versa. My experience in this class has helped me to understand that what makes up a good person or teacher, may not necessarily be enough to becoming a good administrator, and that there are many more layers that must be peeled back an exposed and improved upon in order to becoming an effective principal.

3 Me & The Animal World Animal Preference Personality Profile My score settled in the 16 - 19 range, stating that I am active, a challenger, optimistic, etc., but a wee bit obsessive. There were some characteristics that I did not want to admit to, and at first did not like, I guess the score could have been worse. Though this is a somewhat vague personality profile, it certainly is interesting, and a good ice-breaker, I think. All in all, I like my results, and I believe they may represent me fairly well.

4 Listening Profile Results and Discussion My average was 3.6, Indicating that I am people oriented. My average here was 3.8, Indicating that I am Content oriented My average here is 3.6, Indicating that I am Time oriented My average here is 4.6, Indicating that I am VERY Action Orientated Very Action Oriented As I reflected in the results my darkest (strongest) area is in the Action Category. Clearly, from the assessment, I am someone who likes to gather the facts, with as direct verbal approach as possible. This does describe me. I tend to jump straight in, I like to ask direct questions, and generally find myself quickly becoming somewhat impatient when others dance around the truth, or beat around the bush. I am a heavy thinker, and a problem solver. This can work to my advantage I know, but at times creates friction with other staff members. I can come across as opinionated, and must be careful that I do not come across as having too strong of an opinion. I believe this to be true at times for those Passionate people. It can work to my advantage, however, in that I always do what I feel is "the right thing" to do. I believe in constructive criticizing, and the value of learning from failure....therefore, recognizing failure quickly, so that I can move on to solutions.

5 My Path A Prelude To My Mission For my PATH, I choose WATER; in which the alchemical symbol is an inverted Triangle. Water has the following 12 characteristics: powerful fluid grace turbulent enduring solid depth claritylife-giving universal natural reflective Water does the following 12 things: soothes moves flows changes bubbles trickles rushes cleanses quenches covers uncovers permeates I am water.

6 Quadrant 1 (upper left) – the LION symbolizes my fierce loyalty towards my students, my profession, as well as the educational process. I will defend with vigorous pride, my institution, my students, and staff, with honor and integrity. Quadrant 2 (upper right) – the COMPASS symbolizes my steadfast focus to ideals for ensuring the success of students. To encourage always, an imaginative approach, while offering guidance so that students maintain an appropriate sense of direction. Quadrant 3 (lower left) – the HAND & PARCHMENT symbolizes my belief in a hands-on approach to education, and in passing on knowledge and wisdom from my hand to students, with a personal approach. Quadrant 4 (lower right) – IRON HELMET symbolizes my strength of character, fortitude and protective nature towards students of an educational system. To offer wisdom, knowledge and good common sense, to equip students with the highest form of protective armor, education. My Mission Statement: Preparing Youth for a Changing Tomorrow

7 Me, a Leader and Manager The BEHAVIOR MATRIX - I apparently prefer to operate with a Controlling Style. As terrible as the word appears to me, I do agree that I prefer a controlling style. I often seek results, and frequently take a business-like approach to things, viewing others who mismanage their time (my time) somewhat negatively. I seek to focus on the things I CAN impact. My Strengths are: Risk Taking & Task Completion The X - Y Scale My results for this assessment is very clear to me, and parallels my Controller Style. I fall under the Theory X - where I tend to believe (unequivocally) that people (in general) desire security, direction, and certainly are resistant to change. Measuring Preferred Management Styles With a score of 23 pts for 9,9 - Contribute and Comment (sound), I demonstrate a high- concern both for results and people. As stated, I tend to examine and operate on "what is right," rising above politics, and evade constant evaluating of subordinates, not wanting to sacrifice actual effectiveness against standards of excellence. I expect every member to contribute and challenge ideas without fear of retribution. Because of my candor (frankness) I may build a higher level of trust, as subordinates are often rewarded for their own fearlessness in "out of the box" thinking. It is clear to me from these assessments that I lean more to valuing a Management Style over Leadership, in that there seems to be little attributes shown that lend themselves to Motivation--though this may be a faulty interpretation on my part. Either way, I do not feel that Leadership is any less important than management.

8 Me as a Leader, cont… Charting Leadership Style Matrix My score for Initiating Structure: 44 - which puts me into the Laissex-faire (least desirable) box, the "Avoid" box. I have seen first hand what kind of disdain and havoc such leadership style can cause in my own school, from a current principal, and I definitely want to avoid this. It creates a feeling of distrust and paranoia amongst staff members between each others as well as in our relationship with the principal. To know that I bear a potential resemblance to becoming such, makes me want to identify such qualities in myself, and work extra-hard to correct. My score for Consideration: 53 - which indicated that I valued Team Effort, which was (most desirable) was better news for me, but only marginally, as my score barely placed me in this area, again nearing on the Compete / Avoid areas once again. Same thoughts as above; I will definitely take strides to identify such behaviors in myself and seek to alter them for the benefit of my being a quality leader one day.

9 The Hartman Personality Profile Personality Strengths and Limitations (A's – 15) Situations (A's – 8) RED (A) - 23 BLUE (B) - 14 WHITE (C) - 1 YELLOW (D) - 6 Power Intimacy Peace Fun As a RED - I wish to be right, respected, productivity, leadership and challenging adventure. I resist being forced to do anything (definitely), and often appear to others as being a control freak. I actively seek leadership and enjoy doing things my own way. I seek to be respected over being loved. My Opinion: In a few words - I absolutely believe this is an accurate assessment of me. As such, I feel that often times I can become misunderstood by others, especially by those who view me as control freak or power hungry. I am neither. As a future leader, I tend to look at the big picture, taking in both the present and taking account of the future. With my sights set on the future, I will admit, I at times can overlook some details of the present. I feel that as a future administrator it is imperative to delineate such "details" to those I am following or to those assisting, so that I can maintain the autonomy and clear presence to put into perspective, the future, preparing accordingly. No leader is without his or her price. Being misunderstood often times leaves its marks on a visionary leader. For a Red such as myself, it is a mark I am willing to accept, as well as both the intrinsic rewards and remembrance of a job well done.

10 My Lifestyle Scale Clearly I am a perfectionist, though not for the reasons (according to the pack) I had expected; though I do not disagree, as I said earlier, leaders can often be misunderstood. I am a person who is thoughtful, conscientious, sensitive, cautious and dislikes making mistakes (though I seem to do everything twice, ironically). As a manager, I tend to go by the book, regardless of my sensitivities to another's feelings. I tend to become frustrated by personal feelings, as I view them as interfering with effective judgment. I will agonize over long hours in order to correct mistakes of others and do not always delegate as I should. As the course pack states (158) "...taking great pride in being precise, explicit, exacting, persistent, task oriented, hard working, and rule directed." Yep, sounds like me. As a Martyr (secondary), I have high expectations of both myself and others and suffer frustration from falling short. I have high managerial skills, and do not relate so well impersonally. Essentially, many of the attributes of a martyr fall in line and are often confused with that of a perfectionist, differing primarily in the shortcoming of falling prey to excessive frustration if not properly monitored. Again; yep, sounds like me. 1st - Perfectionist (28) 2nd - Martyr (23) 3rd - Control (22) 4th - Need to Please / Victim (21- tie)

11 THE KEIRSEY TEMPERAMENT SORTER "Lord help me to relax about insignificant details beginning tomorrow at11:41.23 am e.s.t." Could this have summed me up more? I Doubt it. Interestingly, I have on occasion found myself making a very similar prayer! As an ISTJ, I place high value on responsibility, tradition, and accuracy. On a team, I follow the rules and am guarding of the process. Yep, that is me to a T... or, to a isTj. I certainly use logical arguments backed by realism to influence my team members. Thanks to my being so attention deficit at times, I wield the ability to express a variety--blend-- integrate a variable of viewpoints. THIS, I believe is what contributes to my (one day) being a visionary as a leader. While I follow the book, I also am not hesitant to question what that book says; will attempt to make whatever changes to that book so that I may act as I see fit, in the interest of progress, always. Interpretation of Data: Sensing Intuition Thinking (Highest score) Judging (Second Highest score)

12 What Specific Types of Behaviors (Do I think) Exemplify a Servant Leader? I believe the top 5 for me are as follows (in no particular order): 1. Vision 2. Humility 3. Integrity 4. Productivity 5. Empowering I believe, if one exhibits these 5 behaviors, the other appropriate (related) traits, habits, and characteristics will naturally follow (as a practicing leader).

13 γν ῶ θι σεαυτόν gn ō thi seauton … The above is an ancient Greek aphorism for “know thyself” …

14 END

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