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Version pregation. 1- GOD USED WHOEVER In hora that quer como quer quando quer God of form that quer onde quer and us no temos never the see with this.

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1 Version pregation

2 1- GOD USED WHOEVER In hora that quer como quer quando quer God of form that quer onde quer and us no temos never the see with this is ele that quer us somos the barro he is the oleiro senhor!! Because he no i ele is soberano my brother existem things vindas of God that no entendemos sole temos that aceitar for this that se God start used crente here i say is sole given vaso!! Fica in brecha!!

3 2-ALL IS DELE until because the work is dele the power is dele the unção is dele the gifts are dele used the litllle god used the big god used the branco used the preto god used the alto used the baixo god gosta de usar the pequeno, he usou davi sl89;20 1co1;27 in start all is litlle jó8;7 ma god too used the big como paulo ensinado the pés de gamaliel assim como lucas

4 3-INTRODUCTION Lucas, name greek that means; “one who” brings the light, God used one man many capable to instruct the church about doings of lif of Jesus of form confident of form concreta the book of lucas us show some parable among she lucas 18-known as the parable of judge unjust or judge iniquitous or of widow inopportune of widow persistent this is a parable of master the more counter of parable this parable se resembles the a other parable the parable of friend impportuno

5 4-THE THAT IS A PARABLE? the that is parable? Is a figure of language one gender literary, a comparation, a analogy, a ilustration, is a narrative short that, upon the employment of figurative language, transmits a content moral, “is therefore” erroneously confused with a fable. se caracterizam por serem de certa forma curtas e objetivas.

6 5-THINGS PHYSICAL EXPLAIN THE SPIRITUAIS Jesus when preachede, when teach, he used the things phísical to explain the spiritual, when he was between the pescadores he said the king of sky is semelhante the uns pescadores that lançando the his networks made certain jesus speak to nicodemos “verily I “say unto” that nobody see king of heaven if no “be born again” nicodemos asks with can the man being old “be born again”? the that jesus resplied if i lhe speak of things earthly and do not understand like “shall ye believe” if you speak of things spirituais?

7 the that jesus resplied if i lhe speak of things earthly and do not understand like “shall ye believe” if you speak of things spirituais? 6- Finalidade of parable The parable chamava atention and Was a form of transmitir the menssage with more facilidade the a folk no many letrado when he was in midlle of fishermen he said the king of god is similar the one fishermen that casting the their networks.... he no preachede difficuilt like some preachers of today he used language of époch the culture of époch speak of a form simples but that all understand the word of God is simples the man is that complica

8 7-CHARACTERS MAIN in parable two characters main; the judge unjusto and the widow the adversary is apenas mencionado the judge represents the parte more strong of society the post that occupied demonstrated that age someone many important the widow represent the part more fragile, more weak, without resources

9 8-TOPIC MAIN This parable us alguns temas God just judge, oração perseverança The topic main this parable is; oration, This gospel has more referências the pray of that the other gospel, that type of pray? Because the bible speak of pray in set, pray in particular, in book of job pray of intercession whats? Is pray persevering, pray continuade the motivo of bigs derrotas of many cristãos is justamente the perseverança

10 9-A DUTY In lc 18;1 the bible us speak of a duty the that is duty, duty is a obrigation duty is a goal, duty is a mission, is one target the be followed is a forget the be conquered. That tudy is this? Is the tudy of pray always, and “not to faint” the expression pray always indicates something continuing lacking whereabouts lacking faint without discourage this me recall the words of master in world you will have distress but tends good cheer i won the world

11 10-THE THAT IS PRAY? nossa oração, muitas vezes, é pedido de ajuda numa necessidade. E é normal para o homem, porque temos necessidade de ajuda, temos necessidade dos outros, temos necessidade de Deus. Assim, é normal pedir alguma coisa a Deus, buscar a ajuda Dele; e devemos lembrar que a oração que o Senhor nos ensinou, o “Pai Nosso”, é uma oração de pedido but... Pray no is sole pedir pray is aprender the se relacionar with God

12 11-PROBLEM OF WIDOW That widow tinea some difficulties some obstacles that prevented the his blessing First- she age woman and “back then” the woman no tinea the right, the positions that has today Second-she age widow and a widow back then age someone helpless Third-she was suffering a big injustice for one adversary that no is revealed in text and to worsen the things the judge of city age unjust

13 12-FEAR OF LORD and he start sayng; had a cidade certain juiz, that nor the God feared, nor respected man no exist peole that not afraid the God but afraid the man, no afraid the God but afraid the judge the advocate the deputy, this judge no afraid or the God nor man some i quero acreditar that this judge era a people iracunda sem paz no heart because the bible said in sl 128;1; with is feliz that... Because? 1cor2;9

14 13-THE REJECTION That widow was have without the judge sayng; make me justice about my adversáry, agora imagine the frustações!! Imagine you ir in hospital and no be atendida God sabe!!imagine you ir atras of one emprego and receber one não you fica desanimado And for many time “did not want”; the bible said that for many time

15 14-THE IMPOSSIBILITY The gospel of lucas alredy with one big milagre in chapter 1 v5 says that existia one sacerdote chamado zacarias and the name of his woman age isabel v7-and no tinha sons, porquanto isabel age estéril, and ambos age avançados in idade no verse 13-the anjo said; zacarias, no temas, because the tua oration was ouvida, and isabel, tua mulher, te dará the light one son The eye human age impossible be resolved the cause daquela viuva se she recebesse one conselho na época the conselho seria desiste! You no will conseguir!! And in verity the eye human lc1;37to God nada is impossivel

16 when Jesus said to the jovem the dicipulos perguntaram quem poderá salvar-se Jesus respondeu the that impossível the mans is possível the God when jesus speak of faith he said se tiverdes faith como one grão de mostarda direis the this monte passa daqui to acolá and nada vos será impossível

17 15-THE OPTION Exist moment in lif that we have that have attitude take decision As escolhas que fazemos na vida dependem das opções que temos Há momentos na vida em que somos confrontados por situações em que (segundo tudo indica) temos de fazer uma escolha e tomar uma decisão. Em situações assim, não nos é ofertada a opção da continuidade: ou seguimos por um lado, ou pelo outro. this widow sole tinea two option the firt age desist, wash hands, and the second “go ahead”, fight persevere

18 16-THE INSISTÊNCIA então she all the day estava the pertubar that juiz but depois said entre si; ainda that no temo the God, nem respeito man algum, todavia, with this viúva me molesta, hei de make justiça, to that no venha and importune many.

19 17-OUR ANSIEDADE De fato existem muitas coisas que podem nos preocupar. Problemas familiares: o que será dos nossos filhos? o que acontecerá se eu perder o emprego – many things no leva the preocupações but no podemos nos esquecer of words of jesus “não andeis ansiosos” end like the our faith ás vezes prayng today alredy queremos receber amanhã bem cedo she precisou of vários encontros with that judge to that he viesse resolver ipd5;7 lançando about he all the vossa ansiedade because he tem cuidado of vós

20 18-THE CONTRAST WITH GOD And said the lord; hear the that says the unjust judge. And God no will do justice the his chosen, that “cry to him” of day and of night, yet that late to with he? 8- “I tell you” that quickly you will justice the judge unjust made justice “as more” God that is just

21 19-CADÊ THE FAITH? Many tem lose the faith for tantas things, tem desanimado pararam of pray and in number cada vez more * 1tm4;1 (2 Timóteo 3:1,4-5) 2tm4;3

22 20-WHO IF HUBLE ARE EXALTADO LC18;14 That widow if humble cada vez that age ia until that judge was if humble but in end was exaltada lá if will one conselho of parte of God quer exaltação of God te humble that bible said se the my folk se humilhar and orar and se converter of seus maus caminhos i the ouvirei of sky and sararei the his earth 2cr7;14

23 21-GOD IS JUDGE AND JUST Recall too that God is judge gn18;25 abraão speak not do justice o judge? With a difference that judge age unjust 2tm4;8 from now, the “crown of justice” me is saved, that the lord, just judge, me give that day and for cause this justice he no tem the culpado for inocente he is tão just that rm2;16 há of julgar the segredos of mans

24 22-JUDGE OF ALL EARTH He is judge with one detail judge of all earth Abraham completed not do justice the judge of all the earth? Sl94;2 “thou” judge of the earth he no juiz sole of israel is of all earth is juiz of áfrica, américa, antarctica, ásia, oceania, europa he it´s here he it´s ali is the same God

25 23-JUDGE OF HELPLESS in epoch be widow age leave of be people not served to many thing age desprezada tg said religion true is care of widow normally the woman was widow with vary sons age the people more helpless of world Sl68;5judge of widow is god is33;22because the lord is the our judge; the lord is the our legislator

26 24-JUDGE JUDGE.the função of juiz is make justice O juiz põe fim á causa dando uma sentença, ei quem sabe God no põe this day end the tua cause dando-te a setença one juiz manda prender and manda soltar Sl75;7but God is the judge; the one slaughtering, and the other exalts one judge he condemns and he ecquit 28 of junho cult of integration same thing of ter preach in sede

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