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Coordinating Institution Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics, Budapest Department of Programming Languages and Compilers International Cooperation.

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1 Coordinating Institution Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics, Budapest Department of Programming Languages and Compilers International Cooperation in Computer Science CEEPUS I: H-81 1998 – 2005 CII HU-19 2005 -

2 Summary CEEPUS programme Network presentation Aims and outcomes Guest courses Joint programmes Experiences Bilateral exchange programmes Conclusions

3 CEEPUS Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies Central Offices, National Offices in the participating countries Networks for regional academic mobilities Supports joint programmes Raising the level and intensity of educational cooperations in Central-Europe

4 CEEPUS H-81 1998 – 2005; CII HU-19 2005 - Aims: mutual student and teacher exchange Provides international environment for students and lecturers Exchange new scientific ideas and experiences Improve graduate and post-graduate computer science courses

5 CII HU-19 2005 - Outcomes: Common curricula in computer science High quality lecture notes and slides Joint scientific publications Improve the knowledge and skills of the academic staff and students

6 Budapest Linz Szeged Nitra Plovdiv Cluj Partners Cluj-Napoca Kosice Plovdiv Linz Klagenfurt Novi Sad Szeged Budapest Komarno Subotica Novi Sad Subotica Kosice

7 Joint Activities Curricula development (new B.Sc. and M.Sc.) Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students for full semesters Exchange of PhD students, contribution to 15 Ph.D. theses, joint supervisions of PhD and master theses Guest professor courses in English, German and in Hungarian Intensive courses and summer schools Joint practical trainings Joint papers, text books

8 Traffic of the network 4 5 7 9 10 Number of partners

9 Guest Courses Regular courses – included in the current curricula of the host institute Short courses Common projects – project related presentations Integral parts of the BSc, MSc and PhD curricula Common BSc programmes MSc courses – provide state-of-the-art knowledge for students Complementary courses 60 guest lectures per year

10 Some of the guest professor courses (out of ~180) Prof. Zoltan Horvath, ELTE Budapest: Parallel and functional programming (at Technical University of Kosice, Polytechnical Engineering College of Subotica) Dr. Zoltan Porkolab, ELTE Budapest: Generative Programming in C++ (at University of Klagenfurt, Technical University of Kosice) Zoltán Istenes, ELTE Budapest: Introduction to Robotics (at Klagenfurt University, Technical University of Kosice, University of Linz) Ildiko Laszlo, ELTE Budapest: Wavelets and Filter Banks in Image Processing (at University of Linz) DI Markus Loeberbauer, Johannes Kepler University, Linz: Compiler Construction. Concepts and Practical Application to.NET (at the University of Plovdiv) Michael Sonntag, Johannes Kepler University, Linz: XML techniques for E- Commerce (at ELTE Budapest) László Böszörményi, University of Klagenfurt: Advanced topics in computer networking - Streaming of Continuous Media over Heterogenous Networks (at ELTE Budapest) Tibor Kmet, University of Nitra: Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Biological Systems (University of Linz, University ELTE Budapest)

11 Student exchange courses in Computer Science International group at Budapest

12 Artificial Intelligence – Programming Robots Guest professor course By Zoltán Istenes at Babes-Bolyai Uni Cluj, and Uni Linz

13 Doctor Honoris Causa CEEPUS Coordinator of Uni Linz received Doctor Honoris Causa of ELTE, Budapest

14 Intensive Courses Two type of student mobilities Long visit: full semester – 4 months Short visit: 1 month - attending an intensive course Receiving institutes offer in each semester 1-2 topics for intensive courses Summer schools – friendly environment for deep studies with invited guest lecturers Part of the joint courses and joint supervisions ECTS credits

15 Central European Functional Programming School CEFP, Budapest, Hungary

16 Curricula Development - Textbooks Nyékyné Gaizler J. (Ed., ELTE): Programming Languages, Kiskapu, Budapest, 2003. Co-authors from Cluj. Csörnyei Zoltán (ELTE), Compilers, Budapest, 2006. Iványi Antal: Parallel Algorithms, Eötvös, Budapest, 2003, Reviewed by Kása Z. (Cluj). Iványi Antal (ed): English-Hungarian Computer Science Dictionary, Budapest, 2006. Translations in cooperation between Budapest and Cluj: Algorithms I-II, Distributed Algorithms

17 Books

18 Some joint scientific publications Karpati P. (Klagenfurt), Kocsor A. (Szeged), Boeszoermenyi L. (Klagenfurt): Client Behaviour Prediction in a Proactive Video Server In: Hamza M.H (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the 9th IASTED International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications (EuroIMSA 2005). Grindelwald: ACTA Press Februar 2005, pp. 492-497. Szedmina Livia (Subotica), Andreas Putzinger (Linz): The application of WeLearn in language teaching Published by SISY 2006, Serbian Hungarian Joint Symposium on Intelligent Systems.

19 Joint Supervisions The network provides for best graduate and postgraduate students to join common projects About 15 PhD thesis since the beginning Student presentations at local conferences Research initiatives Increased motivation for further, post-graduate studies Joint research activities, publications Joint research proposals

20 Joint Supervisions – recent examples Two co-supervised PhD projects are running between the University of Klagenfurt and the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania (Claudiu Cobarzan and Andrian Sterca) Reiz Bea (Cluj-Napoca): Type inference for D-Clean, student research thesis, supervised at ELTE, Budapest - Kostadin Chaushev (Plovdiv): PhD program "Mobile education„ supervised at University of Klagenfurt. - Boros Albert (Subotica): Defining standardized formula for the PSNR quality prediction of streaming video (made at the University of Klagenfurt)

21 Conference Series The network cooperation resulted in a conference series too Multi-disciplinary conferences Workshops Discussion forums for facing the new challenges in computer science Progressive technologies Organising Central-European conference series in the domain Joint programms, PC meetings, publication reviewing

22 Erasmus Quality control

23 Further information: Web pages Public page of network:

24 Further information: Web pages Private page: Up to date database of all visits, traffic sheets, accessible by the coordinators

25 Further information: Web pages Local page at Plovdiv:

26 Ministers’ Prize of Excellence 2004, 2007

27 Acknowledgements All the Network partners are grateful for the support of the CCO and of the NCOs of our countries!!! Thank you for your attention!

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