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Tempietto of San Pietro

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1 Tempietto of San Pietro
Group 2 Art History Project: Architecture

2 Overview Biography Details about piece Technical Terms Echoes
Influences Legacies

3 Donato Bramante Born in Monte-Asdrualdo in 1444
Worked under Fra Carnavale, possibly Scirro Scirri & others Traveled through Lombardy, reached Milan Commissioned by Duke Ludovico Sforza

4 Donato Bramante cont. 1499 – left for Rome
In Rome, worked on architecture Liked by Pope Julius II Asked to help rebuild St. Peter’s bascilla Died March 11th 1514 before St. Peter’s was built

5 Other works of Bramante
Santa Maria presso San Satiro (Milan) Santa Maria delle Grazie (Milan)

6 Ospedale Maggiore (Milan)

7 Santa Maria della Pace (Rome)

8 Santa Maria del Popolo (Rome)

9 Descriptions of Piece Built in 1502 in Montorio, Rome, Italy
Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile St. Peter crucifixion

10 Descriptions of Piece (cont)
Italian Renaissance martyrium 15 feet in diameter 16 columns, 8 windows, 8 niches Diameter: Height = 3:4 Peristyle diameter: Peristyle height = 3:5

11 Historical Analysis Simple numbers Establishing power of Church

12 Technical Terms Dome Symmetrical

13 Cupola

14 Roman Doric order

15 Metopes Triglyphs

16 Balustrade

17 Arch

18 Evangelist Symbols Mathew: Angel Luke: Ox

19 John: Eagle Mark: Lion

20 Influences from Greeks and Romans

21 Building Design Greek Influence: Roman Influences:
Outer columns forming a layer around the main building Roman Influences: Use of a dome Circular building design

22 Column Design Doric entablature Doric column

23 Influences from Greeks & Romans
Comapare to: The Temple of Hephaestus: The Theatre of Marcellus:

24 Humanist Influences

25 Repeated Alternating Geometry

26 Segmentation

27 Legacies to the future The tabernacle in St. Peter’s Basilica is based on the Tempietto of San Pietro

28 Francesco Canova da Milano (Aug. 1497 – Jan. 1543)
Music Title: Ricercar no.51 Time Created: Mid-15th Century in Italy during the Renaissance Music Length: 2:33

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