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ORACLE WebDB 2.2 Montse Collados Polidura SL/CO - April 2000.

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1 ORACLE WebDB 2.2 Montse Collados Polidura SL/CO - April 2000

2 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch2 WebDB  What for? To build dynamic Web database applications & content-driven Web sites  What do I need? Just a browser  How does it work? Uses the standard three-tier architecture WebDB Oracle Server HTML PL/SQL

3 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch3 WebDB : Functionality  Browse : scan the database components by schema, object_type or name.  Build : construct user interface components and database objects.  Administer : manage privileges and establish listener settings.  Monitor : view end-user and database activity.  Sites : construct and monitor a Web site wholly contained within the database.

4 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch4 WebDB - Browse  Query and update rows in tables and views. The results can be displayed in an HTML table, as plain text, or downloaded for displaying in Microsoft Excel.  Execute procedures and functions.  View the contents of packages.  View information about indexes, sequences, synonyms, and triggers.  View object dependencies.

5 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch5 WebDB - Build Database Objects tables, views, indexes, functions, etc. User Interface Components reports, charts, forms, calendars, etc. Shared Components fonts, colors, images, templates, LOV, Javascripts Utilities Find WebDB Components

6 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch6 WebDB - Building WebDB ComponentsI Forms Menus Frame Drivers Dynamic Pages

7 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch7 WebDB - Building WebDB ComponentsII Reports Charts Calendars Hierarchies

8 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch8 WebDB - Administer  User Manager  Grant Manager  Role Manager  Change your Password  Report WebDB Privileges  Configure WebDB Activity Logs  Listener Settings

9 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch9 WebDB - Monitor Objects that can be monitored:  User Interface ComponentsUser Interface Components Monitor end-user requests for components  Activity Log. Browse it using a QBE form  Database Objects Monitor storage, sessions, jobs, memory utilization, and the various parameters of your Oracle database  Batch Jobs (DBMS_JOB)

10 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch10 WebDB - Sites  The database administrator creates the site in the database, and assigns one or more site administrators.  Site administrators design the site, and assign folder owners.  Folder owners assign content contributors for their folders.  Content contributors add content to the site.  WebDB site users view the contents of the site. Public URLSecure URL

11 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch11 WebDB 3.0 - Overview  More control and flexibility building Forms, Reports and Charts  New development object : the Module  New services :  Session Storage  Event Handling  New tools:  Application Explorer  Database Explorer

12 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch12 WebDB - Demonstration  Form to raise the salary of people working in a department… :0)  Chart to display how many people are working in every department.  Menu to join both components together  Add menu to the alarm team web site

13 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch13 WebDB - Conclusions  No PL/SQL knowledge  Basic HTML/HTTP knowledge  WebDB Sites need improvement  Forms need more flexibility and ‘speed’  Good user interface components The fastest and easiest way to “Web-enable” Oracle databases

14 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch14 Interesting Links to Visit http://oradoc/816doc/ WebDB Sites !!

15 April 2000Montse.Collados@cern.ch15 WEBDB...

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