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MetaStock XIII. New Features Overview EcoStat SectorStat Local Data MetaStock Forecaster Snapshot Data for End of Day New Systems and Indicators.

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1 MetaStock XIII

2 New Features Overview EcoStat SectorStat Local Data MetaStock Forecaster Snapshot Data for End of Day New Systems and Indicators

3 EcoStat 187 pre-packaged layouts of key macroeconomic indicators for 11 countries (US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, Russia, China, and Brazil.) Key Indicator categories: Business cycle, consumer confidence, national debt, GDP, inflation, personal savings, monetary, leading economic indicators,, and foreign trade. Interpretative help to assess impact of indicators on stocks, bonds, and commodities.

4 EcoStat Dashboard Layout (Japan)

5 EcoStat Personal Savings Rate

6 EcoStat National Debt

7 EcoStat Leading Economic Index

8 EcoStat US Business Cycle

9 EcoStat Australia Foreign Trade

10 EcoStat Brazil Inflation

11 SectorStat Breadth Analysis extended to the sector level Breadth Indicators derived from the 6 core breadth values calculated on each of 10 major US sectors (Advances, Declines, New Highs, New Lows, Up Volume, Down Volume) Breadth Indicators for each of the 10 sectors include: – Advance Decline Line – Advance Decline Oscillator – Arms Index Oscillator – Breadth Thrust – Composite Tape Index – McClellan Oscillator – McClellan Oscillator (of New Highs/New Lows) – McClellan Oscillator (of Up/Down Volume) – McClellan Summation Index – Up Down Volume Oscillator – Relative Strength (Sector vs. Market)

12 SectorStat Breadth Indicators on 10 US Sectors including: Consumer Discretionary Consumer Staples Energy Financial Health Care Industrial Basic Materials Technology Telecommunications Utilities

13 SectorStat Breadth Indicators (in Indicator Quicklist)

14 SectorStat Advance/Decline Line of Tech Sector

15 SectorStat McClellan Oscillator of Energy Sector

16 SectorStat Advance/Decline Osc. For S&P500, Healthcare, and Consumer Staples

17 SectorStat Sector Rotation Model The Sector Rotation Model (SRM) indicator helps gauge the state of the market relative to the economic cycle. Six sectors are used in its calculation; Consumer Discretionary, Consume Staples, Financial, Healthcare, Technology, and Utilities. When Staples, Healthcare and Utilities are outperforming, the market is weaker. This is shown by sustained negative values of the SRM and usually indicates the trouble in the market. Conversely, when Financial, Technology and Discretionary sectors are outperforming, the SRM will show sustained positive values. Bull markets usually follow this condition.

18 SectorStat Sector Rotation Exploraton Rotate assets into the top 3 performing sectors monthly

19 Local Data Support MetaStock directly reads CSV (text) files All standard intervals supported (1-min to Yearly) Custom intervals supported (3 hour, 7-min, etc) Flexible field ordering Automatically detects interval by analyzing the records Easily accessed via special custom lists designed for local data Use the Downloader to convert old files to CSV

20 Local Data Support

21 Local Data Support (CSV formatting examples)

22 Intraday Snapshots on Daily Bars Get Intraday snapshots using MetaStock XIII and Datalink Hourly snapshot data posted for major markets at 20 minutes past the hour. Top Indices and Sectors for each market update along with select markets with Indices subscription. Latest data displayed when chart opens, market scan, back test or forecast.

23 New Systems and Indicators Jim Berg Volatility System Dick Arms APC indicator Alan Hull Moving Average Justine Pollard – Smart Weekly Long System

24 What we do today? Indicators and Line studies with Charts Scans and Filters with the Explorer Backtest with the System Tester Alerts and Commentary with Expert Advisor What is missing?

25 Visualizing the Future with The MetaStock Forecaster

26 What does The MetaStock Forecaster do? It analyzes price action AFTER past events to determine the probabilities of future price action It answers the question Where are prices most likely to be in the future after an “event” occurs A event can be anything including crossovers, divergences, overbought/oversold, breakouts, or candle patterns.

27 Technical Analysis emphasizes the past Technical Analysis with the Forecaster emphasizes the future Complex statistics and probability analysis are elegantly blended into simple, easy-to- understand Probability Clouds.

28 How does it determine Probabilities Statistical and Probability Analysis Techniques Randomness Check Sample Sizes Normal Distribution Standard Deviation Chi-squared Mean Percent Change Margin of Error Linear Interpolation

29 The Probability Map The heart of The Forecaster is the “Probability Map”. The colors represent the tendency of prices to congregate at a specific level after XX days have passed since an event. The more intense the color the higher the probability that prices tend to congregate in that price zone.

30 What does the probability map suggest? Where are prices going? How long will it take to get there? What is the direction of price? Long or short? What should my price targets be?

31 Pre-defined Event Recognizers Searches the instrument’s price data for 67 events


33 Composite Probability Map (% Based) Accounts for all “CCI Overbought” events on Adobe found over the date range.

34 Map overlaid on Recent Event (Point based) Map projected forward from the last “CCI Overbought” event provides projections for future price movement.

35 Map overlaid on Old Event Map projected forward from the “CCI Overbought” event on December 7, 2012.

36 1….2….3 Forecast

37 67 Event Scans in the Explorer

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