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Attend Trend 2005 - SISO 1 AttendTrend ® 2005 Update Key Elements of Successful Marketing Plans.

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1 Attend Trend 2005 - SISO 1 AttendTrend ® 2005 Update Key Elements of Successful Marketing Plans

2 2Attend Trend 2005 - SISO AttendTrend ® A Study of Attendance Marketing Practices AttendTrend ® A Study of Attendance Marketing Practices This project is an ongoing study of marketing within the exhibition industry. The research study is conducted annually by Jacobs Jenner & Kent Market Research and Frost Miller Group. The current study was conducted in November 2005 via telephone interviews among 500 event organizers throughout the US and Canada.

3 3Attend Trend 2005 - SISO AttendTrend ® A Study of Attendance Marketing Practices AttendTrend ® A Study of Attendance Marketing Practices Participation was at the highest level: President/CEO/Owner/Executive Director President/CEO/Owner/Executive Director Show Director/Group Show Director Show Director/Group Show Director Operations Director/VP/Manager Operations Director/VP/Manager Marketing Director/CMO/VP/Manager Marketing Director/CMO/VP/Manager Both Associations and Independent Show Organizers participated. This presentation highlights Independent Show Organizers marketing practices.

4 4Attend Trend 2005 - SISO AttendTrend® Whats the relevance to my marketing plan? We believe organizers can chart a course to superior results by studying the best marketing practices, strategies and tactics of successful shows. Understand industry-wide practicesthe good and not-so-good Benchmark your efforts Keep pace with change Abandon worn-out activities and embrace new ones in your program

5 Attend Trend 2005 - SISO 5 Key Findings

6 6Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Since the 2003 benchmark study, exhibition industry attendance can be characterized as becoming: - M ore stable in 2003 - Recovering in 2004 - Continuing to grow through 2005 Exhibition Industry Report Card (Attendance)

7 7Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Location Of Events [Independent Shows]

8 8Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Size Of Event (NSF) [Independent Shows]

9 9Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Marketing Challenges [Independent Shows]

10 10 Internal Operations Challenges [Independent Shows] Improving ROI in marketing (2005) (2004) 2.94 3.57 (2005) Measuring marketing effectiveness 2.87 3.04 Measuring ROI in marketing 2.80 3.29 Increasing the role/payoff of Web site 2.70 2.96 Assessing the value of attendees 2.67 2.52 Integrating marketing efforts 2.65 2.61 Improving customer service/personalization 2.63 2.61 Implementing e-marketing 2.61 2.38 Exploiting marketing technology 2.56 2.89 Monitoring the marketing process 2.56 2.87 Building/reinforcing a brand 2.48 2.63 Applying best practices 2.31 2.46 Learning from past failures/successes 2.11 2.04

11 11Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Emphasis Placed on Internal Marketing Issues [Independent Shows] 2005 Growing Shows (Mean 5 high) 2005 Shrinking shows Better understanding of attendees/audience research 4.253.23 Better overall strategy 3.873.33 Better marketing integration 3.483.33 Better creative design 3.442.67 Better cooperation from trade magazine publishers 3.352.67 Better cooperation from exhibitors 3.332.67 Better e-marketing 3.263.00 Better outside expertise 2.912.67

12 12Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Marketing/Promotion Spending [Independent Shows] Overall, 49% of shows indicate they have increased their marketing and promotional budgets in the past year, i.e. advertising, printing, direct mail, etc.

13 13Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Spending by Show Growth [Independent Shows] Growing shows generally indicate they have increased their marketing budget in the past year. Shrinking shows have primarily decreased marketing budgets.

14 14Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Marketing Budget – Per Attendee [Independent Shows] On average, the cost to obtain an attendee varies by the size of the event, but it is not proportionate to the actual NSF.

15 15Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Cost To Acquire One Attendee [Independent Shows]

16 16Attend Trend 2005 - SISO How do these all fit together? Special Promotions DiscountsDiscounts Relationship Marketing ResearchResearch DB Marketing Exhibitor Promotions Marketing Plan E-mail Marketing PRPR Direct Mail Web Advertising TelemarketingTelemarketing

17 17Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Marketing Vehicles Being Used [Independent Shows] 2005 Growing Shows 2005 Shrinking Shows E-mail marketing 95%91% Direct mail 96%98% Special promotions/discounts 89%56% Relationship marketing 89%60% Web advertising 87%85% Exhibitor sponsored promotions 65%30% Public relations 83%64% Marketing research 78%52% Targeted (database) marketing 83%55% Telemarketing 54%46% Outside marketing firms 43%10%

18 18Attend Trend 2005 - SISO [Independent Shows] Marketing Mix Used By Organizers [Independent Shows] The emphasis which growing shows place on specifically directed, special programs is much higher than that of declining shows.

19 19Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Relationship Marketing Programs [Independent Shows]

20 20Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Start Of Pre-Show Marketing

21 21Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Start Of Pre-Show Marketing (Industry Wide Growing & Shrinking Shows)

22 22Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Best Promise To Motivate Attendance

23 23Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Goal In Using E-Mail To generate leads and produce pre-registrations78% To communicate with attendees and produce pre- registrations 78% To produce pre-registration by past attendees & hot lists 74% To communicate with attendees and produce leads60% To generate new leads from prospecting lists56% To communicate with pre-registered attendees50%

24 24Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Difficulties of E-Mail Marketing (Mean score 5 high) Finding reliable e-lists3.83 Identifying the best messages, copy or design3.58 High bounce-back due to bad addresses3.31 High block-rate due to spam blockers2.90 Tracking response2.89 Legislative restrictions or regulations2.62 Dealing with attendees ill-will toward spam2.58 Testing e-mail campaigns2.50 Identifying the best days and times to transmit blasts2.49 Finding reliable e-mail service vendors2.28 Managing in-house e-lists2.23

25 25Attend Trend 2005 - SISO E-mail Tracking Tools Used

26 26Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Use of Blogs in Marketing

27 Attend Trend 2005 - SISO 27 Key Learnings

28 28Attend Trend 2005 - SISO Summary The good news – attendance continues to increase. The size (NSF) of the largest events and smaller events have had great increases. The first time attendee has become the key target of event marketers. The greatest internal operations challenge is still understanding measurement (ROI). Growing shows have a different marketing plan than shrinking shows.

29 29Attend Trend 2005 - SISO How Should I Adjust My Marketing Plan? Test alternate formulas for/measures of marketing ROI Survey, survey, survey your audience Strengthen relations with industry publishers Test a few new targeting strategies (such as segmenting multi-buyers and VIPs) Expand your customer loyalty programs

30 30Attend Trend 2005 - SISO How Should I Adjust My Marketing Plan? Assure your positioning resonates with first-time attendees Create high-value education to attract first-time attendees Integrate your direct and Web marketing with other activities: Special promotions Exhibitor-sponsored promotions Public relations Begin promoting attendance 1 year out with reemphasis at 6 months

31 31 AttendTrend ® 2005 Update AttendTrend ® 2005 Update

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