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Biblical Fasting Isaiah 58:1-14 By: Pastor Ash September, 2008.

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1 Biblical Fasting Isaiah 58:1-14 By: Pastor Ash September, 2008

2 Fasting-Definition To cover the mouth, to eat no food or drink water. Denying self Afflicting ones soul

3 Facts about fasting It is denying not only my own body, but also my wants. Biblical fasting always occurs together w/ prayer Praying without fasting, but you cant fast without praying, they go together. Biblical fasting is deliberately abstaining from food for a spiritual reason: communication and relationship with the Lord.

4 Facts about fasting cont. Few rules to fasting What you do is really between you and the Lord (Prov.3:6). In all thy ways acknowledge Him…. One fast commanded in the Bible, Day of Atonement (Levi. 16: 29) Sunset of one day to sunset the next (Lev.23:32).

5 Facts about Fasting cont. Abstained from food and liquids for one day. Restriction from certain things (Dan. 1:5-21; 10:3) limited fast. Fasts that were extended, direct guidance from God or a supernatural ability given by God to complete the fast.

6 Facts about Fasting cont Length of Fast Esther 4:15-16 Ezra 10:6-9 Acts 9:9 2 Sam. 12:15-20 Ex. 34:28; Duet. 9:9-18 1 Kings 19:8 Matt. 4 : 1-11

7 Length of Fast cont. Length of time you fast is determined by your own desires and the occasion of the fast. The Lord gave great freedoms when it comes to fasting. Fasting often occurs as something you do while carrying on everyday activities.

8 Occasions for Fasting Mourning someones death - 1 Sam. 31:13 Mourning sin, in repentance and confession - Duet. 9: 18,25 Impending danger; for protection - Ezra 8:21,23,31 Direction - Fasting helps us find Gods will Sickness - Ps. 35:13 Leaders - Acts 13; Acts 14:23

9 Why Fast? Joel 2:12; Jer. 29: 13,14 When we are willing to set aside our appetites of the body to concentrate on the work of praying, they are demonstrating that they mean business, that they are seeking the Lord with all their heart. The Bible always connect fasting with a troubled spirit or a very anxious heart before the Lord.

10 Why Fast cont. A reason to fast is not something you choose on the spur of the moment. Fasting (NT) Matt.6:16, He didnt say, if you fast, but when you fast, Jesus assumed that Christians will fast. Matt. 9:14-15, Because He is not on earth there will be spiritual struggles and tribulations, and a need to fast.

11 Why Fast cont. Avoid making fasting a legalized act. Example: A particular day set aside for fasting. There is no other scriptures in the Bible which command fasting at a specific time or on a specific occasion. Fasting is usually for a one day time frame. Sunset to sunset, remember you are not a Jew.

12 Hypocritical Exercise: Important part of Jewish life. Luke 18:9-14 (Example: Pharisees) Fasted twice a week 2 nd and 5 th day Market day, chose their fast on the busiest day. Walked through the streets with their hair not combed

13 Hypocritical Exercise cont. Put on old clothes and covered themselves with dirt Dumped ashes over their heads as a sign of their humility. LOOK-AT-HOW-SPIRITUAL-I-AM Matt.6:16-18 Biblical fasting is not hypocritical, manipulative, or a phyiscal discipline.

14 We fast to seek the Lord!!! Fasting is a serious expression of our worship of God. Fasting is to draw us nearer to God and our hearts would be acceptable to the Lord and His word. God word teaches us that fasting should be a regular part of a Christians life.

15 Manipulative Tools: Some use fasting to try to twist the Lord arm or to win His approval, God doesnt response to pressure. Acts 23:12,14: God did not hear their prayers and their plan did not work. Jer. 14:12 Fasting did not move God one iota. * We must never think of fasting as a hunger strike, designed to force the Lord hands.

16 Seek the Lord cont. In the 21 st Century church, the idea of fasting is almost lost. God never tells Christians to fast as a phyiscal discipline, dieting for phyiscal benefits, beauty, class reunions or weddings. Dieting is not found in the bible, but temperance is, self control.

17 Fasting is not Salvation Lk 18:9-14 Jesus teaches that salvation can not be attained through religious works and good deeds. Self righteous Pharisee left the temple in an unsaved condition before God. Neither fasting nor tithing nor any other religious duty can justify a man before the Lord.

18 Fasting is not to be a religious ritual Luke 18:12 Pharisee who was practicing religion in an attempt to justify himself before God. The Bible doesnt require such a practice Fasting is not to be simply a ritual observed once a week, a month, or prior to the Lords Supper. Fasting rather, is something that is practiced when a special need arises and when the H/S leads.

19 Fasting Without Right Relationship Isaiah 58:3-9, Zech 7: 5-6 God rebukes the hypocritical fasts of the apostate children of Israel. They were going through the motions of true religion, but their hearts were far from God and they were living in direct disobedience to His Law. No religious duty is acceptable before God which does not proceed from a regenerate life and which is not guided by the Bible and the H/S.

20 Does Fasting Guarantee An Answer? II Samuel 12 This reminds us that fasting while an important practice in spiritual warfare, is not a guarantee that we will get what we are desiring from God. 1John 5:13-15

21 Fasting is a personal matter Fasting is important in a Christian life and service, not something by which we judge the spiritual condition of others.

22 Awesome Promise About Fasting Matthew 6:17-18 When one fasts in the proper manner for the proper reason, the Father which seeth in secret SHALL reward thee openly. Wonderful Promises, dont take lightly This promise would not have been given if fasting wasnt considered important. Christ never discouraged scriptural fasting.

23 Fasting, Prayer & Marriage I Cor. 7:1-5 God warns that husbands and wives must be careful to meet one anothers phyiscal needs Only one thing to be allowed to break sexual relationship between couples. Bible does not command that Christian fast, but it takes if for granted that they will set out to regulate the practice

24 Some guidelines for fasting Abstinence from food and normal phyiscal pleasures Scriptural fasting is a private and special matter between an individual and God H/S might lead us to observe a fast one way at a particular time and an entirely different way another time. Prayer is a must when fasting

25 Guidelines cont. Increase attention to prayer and communion with the Lord. Examples of Scriptures are as important as direct commands: 1Cor.10:11; Rom.15:4; Phil.3:17; 4:9. Holy Spirit chose to put in the Word many positive examples of fasting, these examples reveal the importance of fasting.

26 Fasted lifeMatt.17:18-21 Mountain moving is always according to Gods will. Lk.9:23-24 Disciples problem was always lack of faith and failure to seek the Lords direction. His word would be sufficient to produce Healing. When these elements are combined. Fasting isnt a one day thing. ITS A LIFESTYLE!!!

27 Fasted Life cont. When you fast, you are not changing God. It helps in keeping your flesh crucified. Helps you to be more sensitive to the presence and voice of the H/S. If the H/S has spoken to you, or put an impression in your heart, urging you to fast, then DO IT. Obey His leading, and you will see deliverance.

28 Fasting (Corporate &Individual) Corporate (group) fasting- 1Sam. 7:5-6; Ezra 8:21-23; Neh. 9:1-3; Joel 2:15-16; Jonah 3:5- 10 Individual – 2Sam. 12:15-16,22-23; Luke 2:36-37

29 Misconception about Fasting Biblical fasting is that Christians believe that fasting is to defeat the devil. You are not a fanatic. 1 Tim. 4:1-3; Col.2:20-22 Spiritual error is seldom due to innocent mistakes. Often due to the conscious strategies of the Lords enemies.(Eph.6:12)

30 Misconception cont. The teachings of demons are false doctrines taught by people whose views are instigated by demons. Parroting - to repeat or imitate, especially w/o understanding. 1 John 4:1 (try the spirits)

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