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1 World View Forum Patrick Cronin November 10, 2010.

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1 1 World View Forum Patrick Cronin November 10, 2010

2 2 Presentation Outline Institute for Emerging Issues Why Creativity Can’t Wait Creative Workers in the NC Economy How Community Colleges Can…and are…Contributing

3 3 Who We Are and What We Do The Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) is a public policy organization committed to North Carolina’s future. We work collaboratively with individuals from all sectors and areas of the state to build an enduring capacity for positive change.

4 4 Impacts: Outsourcing

5 5 Impacts: Automation

6 6 Impacts: Abundance

7 7 At the Firm Level Consider three questions: 1.Can a computer do it faster? 2.Does someone else offer a similar product or service? 3.Can someone overseas do it cheaper? If you answered “yes” to these three questions, you are at risk in today’s economy.

8 8 What is Creativity? Creativity means generating ideas that can be used to solve problems or invent new products and services. Creativity Innovation Competitive Advantage

9 What Are Creative Skills? Right 9 They utilize more of your right brain Source: Wired Magazine, February 2005

10 What Are Creative Skills? Left Brained Skills Linear Logical Analytical Tasks (Think of the SAT) Right Brained Skills Big Picture Empathy Inventiveness Artistry (Think Multidisciplinary) 10

11 11 Creativity Examples Smarter ways to do old jobs Providing new services Combining existing technology

12 12 Why Creativity Can’t Wait North Carolina companies can no longer compete on price alone to stay ahead. N.C. lost 130,000 jobs in 2009 (276,000 since January 2008) and we are expected to add only 32,000 jobs in 2010. N.C. must think our way out of the recession by generating intellectual capital and rethinking design.

13 13 The Benefits of Creative Jobs in NC

14 Creative jobs…pay above average wages 14

15 Creativity Jobs Found Everywhere 15 …are found all over the state

16 …grow more…and shrink less 16

17 …require post-secondary training 17

18 …and are found across the economy 18

19 Examples of Creative Jobs 19 Marketing ManagersArchitectsEngineers Computer and Info Systems Managers Animal ScientistsSoil/Plant Scientists Financial ExaminersBiochemistsHydologists Computer Software Engineers GeographersClergy Postsecondary TeachersCraft ArtistsDesigners (various) Fine ArtistsActorsMultimedia Artists

20 20 Creative Industries 15 industries with highest concentration of creative workers employed 4.5% of N.C.’s workforce in 2008. Top creative industry growth rates (2002-08): –Internet publishing and broadcasting (167%) –Science and engineering research (90%) –Specialized design (37%)

21 What Can You Do? Teaching – Are you supporting creativity development among your students? Community Engagement – Are you supporting and fostering efforts to incorporate creativity as part of your local economic development strategy? 21

22 Creativity is a Local Conversation AshevilleHickory MorgantonTriangle TriadWilmington CharlotteKinston 22

23 How IEI Can Help 23

24 24 IEI’s Business Committee on Creativity BCC will review promising practices for delivering and assessing creativity in K-12 education aligned with skills needed for today’s business employees. As community college educators, what advice would you give the BCC about education?

25 25 THANK YOU!

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