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Faculty of Economics Darsena Vivaldi Street, 2 Genoa.

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1 Faculty of Economics Darsena Vivaldi Street, 2 Genoa

2 Facoltà di Economia THE FACULTY 37 Full professors 19 Associate professors 28 Lectures

3 Facoltà di Economia Scientific Structures  Law Department (DIDEI)  Economics and Quantitative Methods Department (DIEM)  Business Department (DITEA)  Financial and Economics Sciences (DISEFIN) – Public Economics Section

4 Facoltà di Economia Structure of studies and defrees Undergraduate Courses 3 years – 180 ECFU – 18 / 20 exams 1-2 foreign languages Computer studies Business admnistration (GE e IM) Banking, Stock markets and Insurance Economic and trade Maritime and Transporte Economics Economics of Tourism (SV)

5 Facoltà di Economia Fondamental disciplines Economic Political economics Economic policy Economic history Area aziendale Business economics Business management Accountancy Law Commercial Private Public Maths and statistic Basis maths Financial maths Statistic

6 Facoltà di Economia POST GRADUATE COURSES 2 uears 120 ECFU 11 / 13 exams Consulting, management and finance Financial intermediaries: Economics and management Maritime and Port Economics and management European and Cross-border Economics (IM) General management Economics and financial markets

7 Facoltà di Economia General Management, more specifically Its scope is to prepare graduated persons able to manage public and private enterprises in responsible position. Its topics are: Strategic management; Functional dimensions: marketing applications, organizational design; Business law; mathematical and statistical instruments for strategic decisions.

8 Facoltà di Economia PHD COURSES 3 years At the moment two course are active Applied economics and Quantitative methods Transport and logistics

9 Facoltà di Economia Other proposals First Level Master Second Level Master Specialization Courses Permanent learning courses

10 Facoltà di Economia  Part 1: The key questions about quality  Quality evolution and recent developments in quality approach: occidental vision and Japanese one  Application of quality orientation in enterprises  Part 2: Organizational Instruments for quality  Product and process quality: different analisys  Deming’s approach and its recent application  HRM for quality  Statistical supports for quality  Part 3: Quality and system logics  Internal organization and certification (ISO…)  Different proceedings and different finalizations  Part 4: Integrated approach to the many dimensions of quality  Environment, security as other quality dimensions  Governance models and instruments for quality Innovative Quality Management

11 Facoltà di Economia Website Http://

12 Facoltà di Economia How to contact us Facoltà di Economia Darsena Via Vivaldi, 5 - 16126 Genoa Information office: tel. +39 010 209.5024 / 5030 Internet Information System e-mail:

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