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Intel Confidential Realising Information Society Agenda’s Rabat 2004 Gilbert Lacroix President MEA.

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1 Intel Confidential Realising Information Society Agenda’s Rabat 2004 Gilbert Lacroix President MEA

2 Intel Confidential Government Global Trends  Governments around the World are driving Information Society Agendas  Why? Realising eHealth, eGovernment, eLearning is crucial to –Driving efficiencies – doing more with same or less resources –Facilitates Government to Government collaboration –Delivering improved services to citizens, business and providing greater access to technology for their Nations –Governments Globally are building out their Information Society Agenda’s and action plans such as EU NOW!  There is a direct correlation to GDP Growth & use of IT, –Many Governments are investing in Human Assets as manufacturing & some of service base moves Geographically. (Groeningen Universtity “Changing Gear”, Productivity, ICT and Services: ) –Governments are making p.c. literacy skills as core to Education curriculum & Information Society Agenda’s such as UK, Malaysia, Turkey, Jordan etc. –This translates into a more highly skilled workforce and economies which can compete on a Global level more effectively  National PC Adoption Programs such as Portugal, UK, Dubai, Spain, Sweden etc. –Social Inclusion & Public Private Initiatives with sustainable reinvestment models

3 Intel Confidential Key drivers for adoption of Innovative Technology  EMEA - manufacturing & some service base industry moves geographically to APAC so Govts are looking to invest in human assets to drive up GDP  Use of technology & eLearning systems for Education is a major strategic route to be successful “By 2010, make the EU the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world,…” Lisbon Strategy Statement 2000  This is not just a EU member states phenomenon  Greater Access to technology, p.c. literacy is a key watchword –WiFi, WIMAX, plus developments in RFID have a role to play  Realisation that investment in Innovative Industry Standard technology & Solutions helps drive efficiency & competitiveness –Drives up educational standards through use of eLearning/distance learning systems –p.c. literacy skills community in general offers greater competitive advantage to attract global Industry investment p.c. adoption targets baked into Government action plans e.g. UK, France, Spain, eRussia etc. –eGovt, eHealth through mobiile computing provides greater access, drives efficiency & increases standards in service –eLearning can extend beyond the classroom – distance, adult learning

4 Intel Confidential Effectively delivery government policies Developing improved services Launching access initiatives, Employee Purchase Programs, PC literacy, digital homes Delivering government policies and services faster Saving money Delivering better services Reinvestment through increased revenue and Public/Private Sector partnerships Operational efficiency, allowing inter-departmental collaboration and reducing infrastructure costs Operational efficiency, allowing inter-departmental collaboration and reducing infrastructure costs Citizen, business and employee access to usable and available eGovernment services Citizen, business and employee access to usable and available eGovernment services Saving money Providing more effective communications Providing increased revenue Increased access to government services and more efficient service delivery Government practice extending eGovernment initiatives Replicate Best Practice Processes Replicate Best Practice Processes The Wheel of successful eGovernment Strategy

5 Intel Confidential Intel Advantage Our Value “Beyond chips”  Helping Governments maximise investment in ICT by: –Driving technology adoption through joint programs, initiatives –Sharing best known practices and replicating them –Setting an example as a WW e-Corporation – transacting $2B USD/month –Driving the IT and Communications Industry on standards  WW Research & Innovation, Standards –Investment in Healthcare solutions and technology including homecare –Intel Capital investment in Technology globally –Driving Moore’s Law –IT @ Intel & Dublin Innovation Centre  Intel in Education Programs –EC 6 Framework Program incl. Innovation in eLearning incl. Adaptive, GENIUS – Distance Learning –Intel® Teach to the Future –Intel® Innovative Technology Institutes  Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental policy

6 Intel Confidential Helping Governments drive pc adoption Information Society Agenda & action plan  Simple mechanism to buy p.c.’s and get tax rebates  Education re p.c. literacy skills (Adult & children - SKOOOL)  Targeted campaigns to specific audiences which have relevant messages  Co-op logos developed for brand recognition of national Govt programs  Sustainable campaign not just 3 months  Realising successful program needs to be baked into Information Society overall agenda e.g. eLearning, eGovernment, eHealth, successful infrastructure teaming with Industry  Focus on top 10 eGovernment services 1 st, make service user friendly, anytime, anywhere  Mobile eGovernment working also drives efficiency and improved public safety Collaborating with Industry  Packaging with service providers, FSI - low financing  Employers, Industry committees promote program and understand benefits  Information Society agenda promotes greater access, public/private partnership model to reinvest in Public Places e.g. Public Libraries  WIMAX & WiFi key enablers

7 Intel Confidential e-Government Vision “Within 18 months of tonight, the Dubai Government as a whole will be on-line, a factor that will increase efficiency and make the process of government faster and smoother. Among other things, I want to see visa applications and other transactions carried out on-line and government departments communicating with each other electronically.” Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and UAE Minister of Defence - May 11, 1999

8 Intel Confidential 2003 Dubai E-Government Initiative: e4all  e-services for all: gov’t. employees, businesses, citizens  Requires increased Internet & PC penetration  Intel & Dubai Gov’t. PC bundling, financing, training, e-learning Goal: 70% transactions online by 2005 or call 7000-40000

9 Intel ConfidentialSummary  Equation to be successful means a combination of tangible, measureable action plan, creating right Govt led policies, collaboration in Private Public Partnerships  Using Industry Standard Innovative Technology & solutions enables collaborative Government to – Intel can help….. –Drives greater efficiency to do more with the same or less resources –Bring greater public value to citizens & business –Anytime, anywhere access to eGovt services –Work Life Balance for the community –Drives tangible, real efficiencies and productivity gains for Governments, centrally, local & city –Mobile Public Sector workforce improves efficiencies & service @ point of service delivery –Capatilise on WiFi Lan, WiMAX & roaming to provide greater access (Social Inclusion) – Spanish Govt Public Libraries, French Govt – Internet Café’s, WiXos Paris –Offers opportunity to drive new revenue streams with commercial sector


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