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1 Hatting-KS by Director Per Nyby Pedersen Hatting-KS Director Per Nyby Pedersen.

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1 1 Hatting-KS by Director Per Nyby Pedersen Hatting-KS Director Per Nyby Pedersen

2 Hatting-KS Quarantine units AI units 2

3 Hatting-KS is owned by the Danish Slaughter house 3 The Danish pork and bacon industry plays an important role in Danish society, generating substantial export revenue and creating thousands of jobs. The total employment in the pork and bacon industry, including farmers and their employees, is around 60,000 people. In 2006 the value of Danish pork exports amounted to 28.8 billion Danish kroner.

4 Board of Hatting-KS Danish Slaughter house Farmer Asger Krogsgaard (Chairmann) Farmer Arne Bech Poulsen Farmer Tom Mortensen Adviser-system Farmer Lars Chr. Rejkjær Farmer Hans Chr. Jensen Farmer Erik Larsen Staff participant Annette V. Brigsted 4

5 Mission We should, on commercial conditions, help secure profitable swine production for Danish pig producers. We do this through sale of boar semen thereby spreading high quality genes of good health and through selling products and service from which our customers can benefit. Vision We want to maintain and develop our position as the absolute largest supplier of supreme boar semen to the Danish pig producers. Occasional export of boar semen goes through DanBred International. We want to be market leader in sale of products for the Danish pig producers. When possible we want to cooperate with other companies to benefit our profit. 5

6 6 vvvv

7 Replacement of AI-boars Bøgildgård AI-station Breeder 80% Semen 20% 12% Semen Slaughterhouse 88% Breeder 7

8 Breeding - semen category Production semen Very suitable for production of porks Breeds: Duroc, Hampshire/Duroc, Yorkshire/Duroc Delivered as mixed semen from up to 10 boars Semen with boar identity Very suitable for production af hybrid sows. Breeds: Landrace, Yorkshire The semen is marked with the number of the boar. 8

9 Key figures DanAvl AI-stations 9 2007Duration of production (month) Landrace6,7 Yorkshire6,7 Duroc8,9 HD/DY/LY12,0

10 Research project (with Danich Pigproduction) Number of semen cell/doses/age of semen (deep insemination) Objective semen evaluation Celle sorting 10

11 Mating in Denmark (total 6.490.000 per year) 11

12 Economi 12 Turn-over 250 mio./dkr. (34 mio. Euro) per year 290 employed 65 cars 2.800 boars 220.000 deliveries per year 4.4 mio. doses sold per year

13 Capacity 13 AI station Number of pen units 2008 Horsens, Odense613 Viborg, Aalborg, Ministergården720 Ringsted302 Skjern, Billund, Marup923 Total2.558

14 Semensale pr. breed 2006/2007

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