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L o g o AGES 2.0 Ancona, 15 novembre 2012 Dr.ssa Lucia Di Furia.

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1 L o g o AGES 2.0 Ancona, 15 novembre 2012 Dr.ssa Lucia Di Furia

2 L o g o Who are we?  The Health and Social Services (Dipartimento per la Salute e per i Servizi Sociali), is the organisational structure of the Regional Council responsible for “Health” in the Marche region. Besides its roles of economic and financial planning and strategic control  The deals with all issues related to public health, social issue, pharmaceutical, hospital, and primary care in cooperation with the ARS (Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria).  The ARS is the operative arm of the Department in regards to tasks related to Prevention, Primary and Hospital Care, Clinical Governance, Social-Health Integration, Health and Biomedicine Research, Innovation and Training, Technologies and Pharmaceutics.  Innovation is particularly important for the Marche region, which at present is promoting knowledge in the molecular biology sector and its applications in various fields. 2

3 L o g o 3 Marche Region The Marche region according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT - 2011):  Population Total = 1.565.335 (51.5% female)  Population 65+ = 335.893 (21.5% of the population) The Marche region AGE66-7071-7576-8081-8586-9091-9596-100Average Female53%54%57%61%67%73%79%64% Male47%46%43%39%33%27%21%36%

4 L o g o Current Hospital network The Aree Vaste Minor Hospital Hospital Nursing/Care Home Main Hospital Inrca Pesaro Sassocorvaro Urbino Senigallia ANCONA Fano Cagli Pergola Fossombrone Sassoferrato Cingoli Chiaravalle Loreto Matelica Treia Tolentino Recanati Montegiorgio St’Elpidio a mare Amandola Fabriano Camerino S. Severino Osimo Civitanova Macerata Fermo Ascoli P. S. Benedetto T. Potenza Picena Jesi INRCA National Institute for Care and Research for older people

5 L o g o 5 Care for Older People Home care in 2011 N. Pazients Of which elderly Total Accesses health professionals Of which elderly Total 16.079 12.059 518.320 355.785 High complexity/intensive and palliative care 2.211 1.658 Therapysts rehabilitation Of which elderly Medium-high Complexity 4.021 3.016 84.267 53.351 Low Complexity 9.846 7.385 Nurses Of which elderly 397.707 273.968 Other Health Professionals Of which elderly 36.346 28.466 The Marche region

6 L o g o 6 Residential care 2012 AAVV Type of careLong TermProtectionSafeguardReception Total AV 1 Residential 2551129473521909 SemiResidential 5945104 AV 1 Total 3141129518522013 AV 2 Residential 5361913896503395 SemiResidential 8097177 AV 2 Total 6161913993503572 AV 3 Residential 165936485511637 SemiResidential 108696 AV 3 Total 175936571511733 AV 4 Residential 203141586498 SemiResidential 20626 AV 4 Total 403141646524 AV 5 Residential 230305176108819 SemiResidential 64 AV 5 Total 230305240108883 Marche Residential 1206459721882678258 SemiResidential 169298467 Totale1375459724862678725

7 L o g o 7 Active and Healthy Ageing  Take fully part into social life.  Encourage work opportunities.  Allow to actively contribute through voluntary work, eg within the family environment.  Be able to lead a comfortable life through homes which take into account older people’s needs.

8 L o g o 8 European innovation partnership Active & Healthy Ageing  Verifying the comformity and adherence to treatment at local level  Managing health for each patient (strategies for preventing falls eg. telemonitoring)  Preventing/early diagnosis of functional decline and fragility  Implementing integrated technical systems to encourage self-management (internet applications, smartphones)  Dissemination of “age friendly” environments (sharing of urban and architectural projects among Regions and Councils)

9 L o g o 9 CHALLENGES FOR THE FUTURE – EUROPE 2020  Promote growth (in qualitative and quantitative terms)  Adapt strategy to specific regional/local governance to better use synergies and improve the feeling of ownership by the citizens and stakeholders  Obtain the necessary funding to contrast the effects of the economical crisis and of public debt on regional and local budgets  Promote intelligent, sustainable, and inclusive growth at local, regional and european level through parterships at all governance level

10 L o g o 10 EUROPE 2020 – MARCHE REGION  MARCHE 2020 CHALLENGES FOR THE FUTURE TARGET: Older people by Domotic, Inrca (national Institute for care and research for older people)  ITALIA LONGEVA National Research Network on ageing and active longevity (Health Minister; Marche Region, INRCA)  PROJECT MATTONE INTERNAZIONALE Creation of the Regional coordinating Group  National ed EU PROJECTS including AGES 2.0

11 L o g o Click to edit company slogan.

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