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© Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

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1 © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007
In the classroom Vocabulary © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

2 We all know the typical vocabulary:
Can I come in? May I go to the toilet? How do you spell it? Can you repeat, please? What’s the meaning of…? What’s … in Spanish? I don’t understand/know/remember. Where’s the stress? 5 minutes recess. © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

3 And we know simple instructions:
Please turn off your mobile phones. Open your book on page… Look at the board. Eyes on me (pay attention). Please listen carefully. Close the door/window please. Read the text and answer the questions. © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

4 © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007
Go to page… Be quiet, please. Listen and repeat the following. Work in pairs. Stand up / sit down. Drop your pens (don’t write). Only English allowed while in class. Please clarify © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

5 And we know the basic words:
Blackboard White board Eraser/Rubber CD player Laptop Calendar Chalk Highlighter Crayon Homework Pencil / pen Textbook Chair / desk Bulletin board Bag pack Notebook Marker Pencil case Bell ringer Assignment © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

6 But do we know everything pertaining our job (i.e. Teaching)?
Principal/ Head master Assistant Principal CRC Head of department Janitor / Custodian Administrator Office manager PTA Support Staff Faculty Teacher assistant Director Jefe de estudios Secretario Jefe de departamento Ordenanza Directivo Administrativo AMPA PAS Claustro Asistente de clase © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

7 © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007
More job titles… Lector Bibliotecario Director de practicas Orientador Enfermero Entrenador (EF) Ayudante de clase Delegado Limpiador Logopeda Language assistant Librarian Mentor Counsellor Nurse Coach Classroom helper Representative Cleaner Speech therapist © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

8 School-related vocabulary:
Claustro (reunión) Reunión de nivel ETCP Consejo Escolar Escuela de Primaria Escuela de Secundaria Bachillerato Universidad Baja por enfermedad Ausencia (enfermedad) Baja maternal IRPF Nómina Faculty meeting Grade meeting CILT School meeting Elementary school Middle (Secondary) High school College / University Sick leave Sickness absence Maternity leave Income tax Payslip © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

9 © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007
Teaching practices… Grade /mark Check answers Turn in Hand out A hand-out Worksheets Whole group instruction Small group instruction Peer/cooperative learning Assess Line up Test Examination/Assessment Accountable talk Corregir (poner nota) Corregir (respuestas) Entregar (trabajos) Repartir (hojas) Una fotocopia Hoja de ejercicios Clase magistral Clase por grupos Aprendizaje cooperativo Evaluar Ponerse en fila Prueba Examen Aprendizaje significativo © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

10 © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007
To learn more… © Rafael Moreno Esteban 2007

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