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Rectification on YZ plane. Rectification on XZ plane.

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1 Rectification on YZ plane

2 Rectification on XZ plane

3 Rectification on XY plane

4 Detail of the rectified image on XY plane

5 ONE (OR TWO) VANISHING POINTS GEOMETRY The original image (Volubilis, Morok)

6 RECTIFICATION Observation of two families of parallel lines

7 RECTIFIED IMAGE The deformation on the upper line are due to lack of planarity of the mosaic


9 Vanishing Point Geometry The Vanishing Point Geometry is a powerful tool. + one Vanishing Point With one Vanishing Point only: the image can be rectified: the ratio base/height is not correct two Vanishing Points With two Vanishing Points (one horizontal, one vertical): the image can be rectified: the ratio base/height is not correct three Vanishing Points With three Vanishing Points: the image can be rectified, the ratio base/height is correct, the orientation can be assessed, both for the original and the rectified image, apart from one unknown scale factor - Camera axis must be very inclined Only WA are suitable

10 PhotoModeler PhotoModeler by Eos Systems - Canada A project: The inverse camera : from the pictures to the recostruction of the 3-D model Determination camera parameters Low-cost software 1000 $ 8)

11 Selection measure unity Options Project:

12 Type of camera List

13 resolution of the images camera parameters

14 Image Selection in the project

15 Punti omologhi collimati in numero minimo Options of the computation

16 Modello Wireframe final model with texture

17 The inverse camera : Unknown camera parameters

18 Processo vincolato constraints to set

19 Tests Sintetic image  = -20°  = 40° Z c = 3.25 given

20 Dalla deviazione standard (SQM) si è dedotto che nelle collimazioni si ha un’incertezza di 0,6 pixel per unità di misura. PhotoModeer

21 Dalla deviazione standard (SQM) si è dedotto che nelle collimazioni si ha un’incertezza di 0,5 pixel per unità di misura. PF3

22 Cubo 100_30_f28 Results: Φ29.935 deg Expected: 30 deg θ9.953 deg 10 deg Κ-0.010 deg 0 deg f27.957 mm 28 mm ppx400.546 pxl 400 pxl ppy299.985 pxl 300 pxl Cubo 60_15_f35 Results:Φ15.453 degExpected:15 deg θ-30.038 deg -30 deg Κ-0.245 deg 0 deg f35.001 mm 35 mm ppx394.151 pxl 400 pxl ppy297.443 pxl 300 pxl PF3

23 Ancona – Traiano’s arch – Model formation by Photomodeler

24 Ancona – Traiano’s arch – The residuals of the Model formation

25 Ancona – Traiano’s arch – the camera stations

26 A practical example of 3D- reconstruction The Ho Chi Minh’s house in Hanoi

27 Front Left side Right side Back sie

28 inverse Camera Interior camera Parameters stored

29 Some phases of the observation and referencing process Points in 3D space Height of the parapet = 1 Module

30 PF3 measurements PhotoModeler Exterior PF3PF3 Interior

31 Model Recostruction in AutoCad




35 PhotoModeler : utilized by non-specialised operators very powerful Very good interface Many options  3D modeling  VRML export  Rectification  Non-metric images  Control informations  No need to supply approximate value Only one control information is missing: the camera station coordinates

36 ARPENTEURARPENTEUR by Pierre Drap – Pierre Grussenmeyer (ARchitectural PhotogrammEtry Network Tool for EdUcation and Research). Designed in 1998 by two research teams (GAMSAU-CNRS and ENSAIS-LERGEC) Mainly for Education 9)

37 The running from the net Thus it can be easily and freely used –from anywhere, by anybody all over the world and –with whatever operating system. Dedicated to architectural photogrammetry and close range terrestrial photogrammetry, but aerial images (limited to a few Mb) can be also handled.

38 Photos from a wide range of calibrated cameras –metric –non-metric camera, –digital amateur camera ARPENTEUR permits a better knowledge of basic photogrammetric techniques stereoplotting, image correlation, architectural photogrammetry architectural modelling Output results can then be viewed as text-file, DGN, DXF, VRML file for a further processing with Internet or CAD systems (e.g.: MicroStation, AutoCad).

39 There are today on the market many good products for any purpose and for any pocket The quality of a system is based not only in the accuracy but anso in the efficiency Photointerpretation Orthophoto Conclusions:

40 Acknowledgements Thanks to my students who helped me, part of this material is their graduation thesis: Matteo Cinti, Marco Battistelli Paolo Clini Gianluca Gagliardini Stefano Benassi Paolo Margione Loretta Alessandroni Ivan Catini Floriano Capponi Ingrid Luciani

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