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2 Elyssa Lear, Sharie Davis Madisonville Community College March 2, 2013

3 At the end of 2012, the number of members of Facebook is estimated to approach with one billion members. As of Oct 2012, has more than one billion active users.  As of June 2012, Facebook has over 955 million active users, more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device.955 million activemobile device  The median age of the Facebook user is 22. In 2006 the median was 19 years old, and 26 in 2008.  526 million daily active users on average in March 2012.  During March 2012, on average 398 million users were active with Facebook on at least six out of the last seven days.  On average more than 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day  More than 42 million Pages with ten or more Likes at the end of March 2012.  More than 500 million mobile monthly active users as of April 20, 2012.  An average of 3.2 billion Likes and Comments generated by Facebook users per day during the first quarter of 2012.  50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day  People spend over 740 billion minutes per month on Facebook

4 170 Total Students Polled from Muhlenberg and North Campus classes

5 Muhlenberg Campus Students – 111 students polled

6 North Campus Students – 59 students polled


8 Why did you “friend” your instructor?  As a tool, in case I get behind in class.  I knew them before, and wanted to keep up with them.  Access to help for class outside of a tutor.  To be able to ask the teacher questions.  To be able to communicate with my peers and my teacher.  In case I need to contact them for questions or problems in homework.  To find out about class, and just what’s going on.  If I liked them, I want to keep in touch or it might be easier to ask a question (faster reply).  She was my favorite.  Facebook group for Math.  They often post helpful information about school.  They are my advisor. To contact during summer, in case they didn’t check their email.  My teacher is friendly. I like them.  She was a great teacher and we had a lot of friends in common.  “Friended” after finishing course, if I liked them/their personality.  Because they are a great teacher.  I could just message them.  It’s a great way to get in touch if needed.  Because outside the classroom, I consider my instructors friends.  To keep in touch, in case school email or Blackboard goes down.  My teacher started a group for our class.  I like my instructor as a person also.  To get updates on certain things.  Interesting person outside of class.

9 What benefits have you seen? Learning more about them. I get class messages quicker. Keep in touch and know what’s going on and quicker to get ahold of the teacher. Stay up to date with the instructor. Posting about class information. Announcements made about classes Get instant feedback on ideas. Reminds us when homework or tests are due in case we missed class. Getting help on class work. I have developed a closer friendship with them, and I understand them more with their teaching skills. I feel like it’s easier to approach them with any questions that I might have about an assignment. I got class info where I had to miss and also got a class syllabus. MCC Bookclub updates, SIMS Club updates, Math Class updates, etc Posts about school activities. Encouragement. Keeping in touch after moving. I’m glad I did. She posts a lot of stuff about MCC & I feel more up to date on events now. Updates on college events. Easier to contact. Able to set up groups for school.

10 Has your view of your instructor changed? 37 students  No, it’s just their life.  No  No, still the same to me.  No, but it helps to better know your instructor.  No, I always thought she was a math genius and funny.  No, I thought she was great before.  No, I still think she is as nice as I always did.  Not really. I feel like I know her a little better, but I don’t look at her any differently.  No, just expanded a view I already had.  No, cause she’s just as cool on Facebook as in real life. 12 students  Yes, it makes them seem more personable and accessible. Not as intimidating.  Yes, cool!  Yes, my first semester I was almost afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Now, I can ask them for help either online or face to face.  They are human.  One instructor is cooler than I thought.  Yes, see her as a person not just a teacher. Promoted better communication.  Makes your student/teacher relationship a little more personal.  She is much more humorous.  That they have a life also. It doesn’t all revolve around work.  I see that they are more grounded.

11 Do you have concerns with your instructor seeing your newsfeed? Those that do “friend” instructors.  Overwhelming Majority --- No  1 –-- No, it’s a win win situation, we learn how to communicate with each other.  1 -- - Yes Those that don’t “friend” instructors.  I have exceptionally foul mouth and my FB contains material inappropriate for school related people.  Nah, I’m honest on facebook.

12 Those that have not “friended” their instructor. 41 students  I prefer to reserve the option as a tool for when it becomes a necessity.  I didn’t know they had an account.  Just haven’t done it.  She hasn’t asked to be friends yet.  It just hasn’t crossed my mind to friend them.  I don’t stay on facebook much.  Don’t wanna bug them.  They said they didn’t want to friend their students.  Figured they want to keep their private life away from school.  I personally wouldn’t “friend” an instructor while in their class but would not “hold it against” any student or teacher who did.  I don’t get on there anymore.  Facebook is personal.  Heard stories of teachers getting in trouble.  I did not think that they had one.  Do not wish to invade space.  Honest, I don’t have that personality and you don’t have to add someone to send them a message if it was super important.

13 Does you instructor use facebook as an educational tool? Should they? What would you like to see?  Sure, as long as they email the ones who don’t have Facebook.  Yes, it’s another way to reach them.  Yes, yes, helpful ways to get us students motivated to do better in college.  They do and I think it is a good tool to use, as long as that is not the only way they are communicating/informing their students.  Yes, problem helping and assignment posting.  Yes they do and why not use something for the good.  Anything that helps with class.  More of a second source other than the book, peers helping each other.  Some do, and they should. More postings about classes, like if an instructor is going to cancel classes.  Yes, it’s nice to see announcements about what’s going on at school. Everyone is on Facebook so they can see what is going on.  I would like to see more teachers use Facebook as an educational tool.  The page for the math class is helpful. We are told about upcoming tests, activities, and how well our class is doing. We can post questions.  Math has a group for announcements.  She would let me know if she was sick or going to be late. Also reminded me of what was due.  Not necessarily instructional, just makes announcements & what not.  Yes, under different groups. I think it’s a good idea to remind of upcoming projects and find out if anyone needs help.  They have a site directly for the class. That helps a lot!  Yes and Yes, looks good.  Posts about Brown Bag, Book Club. Very helpful reminders.  Yes, math page, it helps cause you get info a lot quicker than by email.  Yes, yes, just class updates.  I love being on the math “group.” If I have any questions, I can post and other students can give their opinion.  Yes, in case school email or Blackboard is down.

14 Does you instructor use facebook as an educational tool? Should they? What would you like to see?  Doesn’t matter if they do or don’t.  One of my instructors uses it as a forum. I don’t think it’s a good idea.  Because of Blackboard and email, I don’t really see a need.  That’s not important to me.  No, not everyone has Facebook.  Facebook is just one more place to go and 1 more thing to keep up with.  No, they could create a separate account to use for educational purposes.  No, I don’t see how they would use it as such.

15 What is your policy on “friending” students on Facebook? I wait until they are no longer in my class. I don’t friend random students, only students I don’t mind knowing about my personal life. There have been occasions where I am a fb friend b/c I knew the student previously on a social basis. If I realize it, I send them a message letting them know that I am 'unfriending' them and to send me a request when they are out of my class. I just think about what I put up there; mostly positive and Christian stuff. I befriend them, but do not post on their site. I friend most students when they request so they can ask work related questions. I usually always friend a student that ask me, but I never search a student to friend them. I friend any student that asks to be my friend. I don't solicit "friendship" from my students Will friend them if I know them well enough. I put them in a special “underage” group so they can’t see everything I post. I have in the past but make a point to avoid when possible. I only friend them after the class is over and grades have been assigned. I don’t friend them until after the semester is over and we had a good rapport in the classroom. I have students as friends if I personally know them. If I do not know them outside of the school I do not think they are my friends on FB. A friend those students that send me a friend request. However, if I find their posting on FB offensive, I may delete them. I friend students so they have an additional avenue to contact me. I'll friend pretty much anyone but had to start refusing to help people via Facebook because some were taking advantage or expecting me to go way above and beyond normal expectations. That's why students are now in their own list on my Facebook.

16 What is your policy on “friending” students on Facebook? Don’t do it. I’m friends with several ex-students. I don’t do it. Not usually during the semester they are in my course. Not the best idea, unless you know them outside of the classroom. NEVER I would have some concerns about doing so with a student. The issue has not come up though. I do not “friend” students as I see it as unprofessional. I do not friend students on Facebook becuase I have personal information on my site about my family and my contact information. I do not want students contacting me at home. If I was going to have student friends, I would set up a seperate page. I do think it is a good way to interact with students especially from an advising standpoint. I want to keep these separate. I try to keep students off of Facebook during class, so I particular do not want to encourage them to use it through me. I do not “friend” or accept students as friends on Facebook. Friending students on facebook crosses ethical boundaries and could unneccarily blur the roles of the student and faculty/staff relationship. I use a separate page or a group for students. I do not add students as friends to my personal page. Don’t think it’s appropriate. Only Friend a person on face book that you would friend in real life, that is to say, you would actually hang out with and enjoy some common activities I do not friend high school students, but I would friend college students. I do not friend students until they have graduated.

17 What is your policy on “friending” students on Facebook? Those that don’t have a Facebook account, have this to say: I do not have facebook, but I would not friend students on my personal account if I had one: I think it would constitute unprofessional behavior to do so. I think it is very inappropriate. There must be a professional boundary between student and faculty. Facebook is a social atmosphere. Faculty do not attend Friday night movies or football games with students. Facebook is a social community. It is informal and personal. There should be a definite boundary between faculty and student. Faculty should instill professionalism by role modeling such behaviors. don't have an account, but would not if I did. I think FB is nothing but a gossip site to see what others are doing and that is why people are so crazy about it. It should be called Gossip SITE. This past year, most everyone I know that uses FB learns all their information they have from FB. Peoples deaths are on FB before immediate family can be notified. There are some good things but the bad out way the good in my opinion.

18 Do you use Facebook for your classes? Overwhelming Majority --- No  No – Students have created their own groups, but I do not join their group.  No – I feel Facebook would be a distraction. Blackboard is there for discussion.  No – I would be interested in creating a program or class page to communicate with students. The YES’S – 3 friend students, 2 do not  I have established groups for student activities.  I have used both a page and a group. I post announcements and send messages to students.  I made a Facebook group for my online class. I use it to post information and to reminder students when quizzes and test due dates are approaching.  I have a program facebook account.  On occasion, a student has noticed that I am online and used the opportunity to ask a question about something they didn't understand.



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