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There are special messages hidden around the room.

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1 There are special messages hidden around the room.
Take turns finding a message and reading it aloud. What could you do to develop that talent? This lesson will teach us about the importance of developing talents.

2 “Lesson 26: Parable of the Talents,” Primary 7: New Testament, 87

3 In the parable, the talents refer to pieces of money.
For us talents mean abilities we can develop to bless and help others.

4 Jesus told His disciples a story about a man who gave his servants some talents.
A talent was a large amount of money.

5 The man gave one servant five talents.
He gave another servant two talents. He gave a third servant one talent. Then the man went on a journey.

6 The servant with five talents worked hard.
He earned five more talents. He now had ten talents. The servant with two talents also worked hard. He earned two more talents. He now had four talents.

7 The servant with one talent buried it in the ground
The servant with one talent buried it in the ground. He was afraid he would lose it. He did not work to earn any more talents. When the man came back, he asked the servants what they had done with his talents.

8 The first servant brought him ten talents.
The man was happy. He made the servant a leader over many things and told him to be joyful.

9 The second servant brought the man four talents.
This also made the man happy. He made the second servant a leader over many things and told him to be joyful.

10 The third servant gave the man back the talent he had buried.
The man was not happy. He said the servant was lazy. He should have worked hard to earn more talents.

11 The man took the talent from the third servant and gave it to the first servant.
Then he sent the lazy servant away. The man in the story is like Jesus. We are like the servants. Jesus will judge how we each use the gifts we have been given.

12 Discussion Time!

13 Why did the master give different amounts of talents to each servant?
Let’s read Matthew 25:15 How are your talents different from your friends’ talents? your family members’ talents?

14 Why does Heavenly Father give different gifts to each of us?
Let’s read D&C 46:12 How can we show our gratitude to Heavenly Father for the particular gifts He has given to us? Let’s read D&C 46:11

15 What did the servants who were given five and two talents do with their money?
Let’s read Matthew 25:16–17 How do you think they were able to double their money? How can hard work be a blessing to us?

16 What did the servant who was given one talent do with his money?
Let’s read Matthew 25:18 Why do you think he did this? Let’s read Matthew 25:24–25

17 Why do you think some people don’t develop their talents?
What happens to people’s talents if they do nothing with them?

18 When the master returned and asked the servants to report to him, what did he say to the servant who had been given five talents? Let’s read Matthew 25:21

19 What did he say to the servant who had been given two talents?
Let’s read Matthew 25:23 How does working hard to develop talents bless us?

20 How have you been blessed by the talents or abilities of someone else?
Why did the master give the same reward to the servant who had earned five talents and the servant who had earned two talents? Let’s read Matthew 25:21, 23

21 What did the master say to the servant who had been given one talent?
Let’s read Matthew 25:26–27 Why was the master angry with this servant?

22 What punishment did he give him for hiding the talent?
Let’s read Matthew 25:28, 30 Why is how we use our abilities and talents more important than how many talents we have and what those talents are?

23 Why do you think the master gave the one talent to the servant who had ten?
Was this fair? Why?

24 The more we use our talents, the more talents we develop.
If we do nothing with our talents, we will lose them. Let’s read Matthew 25:29 & D&C 60:2–3

25 Those people who seem to have fewer talents will receive every blessing if they use their talents to the fullest.

26 What do you think Jesus was trying to teach us by telling the parable of the talents?
The Lord has given us talents, abilities, and opportunities (such as belonging to His church).

27 He expects us to use all these things to make our lives better and to serve others.
He also wants us to show our gratitude by developing our talents.

28 Name as many talents as you can think of and I’ll list them on the chalkboard.
Enr. Act. 1

29 Name a talent for every other child in the class.
Make a list of your own talents. Do not let others in the class see the list. Name a talent for every other child in the class. Add to your list any talents identified by the other children that are not already on your list. Enr. Act. 2

30 If class members named something about you that is not on your paper, how can you develop that talent? If class members didn’t name something that you wrote down, how can you develop that talent? Choose one of your talents and decide how to further develop it or use it during the coming week. Enr. Act. 2

31 What additional expectations does the Lord have for us because we are members of His church?
Let’s read D&C 82:3

32 President Heber J. Grant said:
“When I joined a baseball club, the boys of my own age and a little older played in the first nine [the best group of players]; those younger than I played in the second, and those still younger in the third, and I played with them. Enr. Act. 3

33 “One of the reasons for this was that I could not throw the ball from one base to the other.
“Another reason was that I lacked physical strength to run or bat well. When I picked up a ball, the boys would generally shout: ‘Throw it here sissy!’ Enr. Act. 3

34 “So much fun was engendered on my account by my youthful companions that I solemnly vowed that I would play baseball in the nine that would win the championship of the Territory of Utah. Enr. Act. 3

35 “… I saved a dollar which I invested in a baseball
“… I saved a dollar which I invested in a baseball. I spent hours and hours throwing the ball at Bishop Edwin D. Woolley’s barn. “Often my arm would ache so that I could scarcely go to sleep at night. Enr. Act. 3

36 “But I kept on practicing and finally succeeded in getting into the second nine of our club.
“Subsequently I joined a better club, and eventually played in the nine that won the championship of the territory” (Gospel Standards, pp. 342–43). Enr. Act. 3

37 Do you understand what this means?
The following quotation was one of President Heber J. Grant’s favorite sayings: “That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do is increased” (Gospel Standards, p. 355). Do you understand what this means? Enr. Act. 4

38 Think of some of the responsibilities people are given in the Church.
On these slips of paper and pencils write down a responsibility or assignment. Put the slips of paper in this container. Enr. Act. 5

39 Take turns drawing a slip of paper out of the container.
What talents could be developed by performing this assignment or responsibility? I’ll list the talents that are mentioned on the chalkboard to see how many different talents can be identified. Enr. Act. 5

40 I bear testimony of the joy that comes when we use the talents God has given us to benefit ourselves and others. I hope to feel the joy of returning to Heavenly Father as one who has used the talents given me well.

41 The hymn, lesson and scripture story are from
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