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History of Rockets.

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1 History of Rockets

2 Hero Engine Archytas – Wooden Pigeon Hero 0f Alexandria - Aeolipile

3 Chinese Fire Arrows First Century A.D. 1232 – Kai-King Battle

4 13th to 15th Centuries Roger Bacon Jean Froissart Joanes de Fontana

5 Chinese Legend – Wan Hu Rocket-powered flying chair

6 Rocketry Becomes a Science
Sir Isaac Newton ( ) Newton’s Laws of Motion

7 Rocketry Becomes a Science
Colonel William Congreve Congreve Rockets – War of 1812

8 Rocketry Becomes a Science
Francis Scott Key ( ) The Star-Spangled Banner

9 Pioneers of Modern Rocketry
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky ( )

10 Pioneers of Modern Rocketry
Dr. Robert H. Goddard ( ) The Father of Modern Rocketry

11 Pioneers of Modern Rocketry
Hermann Oberth ( ) The Rocket Into Planetary Space -1923

12 German Rocket Scientists and the V-2
World War II

13 Pioneers of Modern Rocketry
Dr. Wernher von Braun ( )

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