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Indian Removal and the Trail of Tears

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1 Indian Removal and the Trail of Tears

2 Black Hawk War US govt says all Native Americans must leave Illinois Chief Black Hawk of the Sauk refuses, saying no one can own land US settlers moved into village when they were away hunting After Sauk attacks, US troops drive out Indians

3 Indian Removal Act President Jackson pushes Congress to force Indians to move west of the Mississippi Congress established Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) as the new Indian homeland US govt creates Bureau of Indian Affairs

4 “One of the greatest evils to which they (Indians) are subject is the incessant (constant) pressure of our population.” John C. Calhoun According to John C. Calhoun, why is the US government forcing the Native Americans to move off of their homelands? What is wrong with this statement?

5 Cherokee Indians Lived peacefully in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia and Tennessee Adopted culture of whites - wrote and spoke English Had own written language and newspaper Based their government on the U.S. Constitution

6 Cherokee Sue For Land Cherokee sued the government of Georgia for taking their land Worcester vs. Georgia - Supreme Court rules Georgia’s actions are illegal and that the Cherokee can stay

7 President Andrew Jackson
“Chief Justice John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.” President Andrew Jackson What is the job of the Supreme Court? What is the job of the President? What should happen if a government official refuses to do his job?

8 Trail of Tears Georgia govt. smashes in Cherokee printing press
US troops move 18,000 Cherokee at gunpoint 800 miles from 25% of Cherokee died - most elderly and children


10 Trail of Tears Assignment
Write a three entry diary about your experiences on the Trail of Tears and how your life was/will be affected by the move from Georgia to Oklahoma. Entry One - Before you leave (court case) Entry Two - On the Trail (struggles during the trip) Entry Three - When you arrive in Indian Territory (how life has changed) Detail earns points - cover emotion, fears, pain, successes with colorful adjectives and adverbs Due next class

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