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Hockey Canada, HCOP, and the ODHA/ODMHA Everything You Wanted to Know, and probably some stuff you didnt.

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1 Hockey Canada, HCOP, and the ODHA/ODMHA Everything You Wanted to Know, and probably some stuff you didnt

2 Hockey Canada Governing Body of Hockey in Canada Two Major Objectives: –Foster and encourage the sport of amateur hockey throughout Canada –Foster and encourage leadership programs in all areas related to the development of hockey in Canada

3 HC National Structure National level (HDC) is responsible for the research and design of development programs, including HCOP National RIC: Vernon Doyle Mrg. Officiating: Todd Anderson Chair, Officiating Policy Committee: Ken Corbett

4 The Program - HCOP HCOP – Hockey Canada Officiating Program Objectives –To standardize the methods and techniques of officiating in both two and three official systems –To acquire uniformity throughout the country with respect to rule interpretation –To offer participants national recognition for their achievements 6 levels –Levels I – III can be achieved by anybody (special criteria to be recommended to Level III) –Levels IV – V are nominated by District RICs or selected by ODMHA or ODHA RIC –Level VI is are nominated to HC through the Branch RIC

5 Branches Deliver the Programs

6 Our Branch – the ODHA Our Branch, the Ottawa District Hockey Association (ODHA) is the Branch responsible for hockey in Eastern Ontario. Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association (ODMHA) is responsible for all minor hockey within the ODHA

7 ODHA/ODMHA Officiating Program Branch Officiating Program: –ODHA VP Rules/Officials – Steve Sleigh –ODHA Director of Officials – Paul Boese –ODHA Clinic Coordinator – Tom Sweeney –ODMHA RIC/Director of Discipline – John Reid –ODMHA Alternate RIC – Gary Kelleher –ODMHA AAA RIC – Chris Kit –ODMHA AA/A RIC – Richard Daber –ODMHA Director of Development – David Lauer –Director of Mentorship – Ron Romeo –Director, Risk, Safety and Conduct –Dave McCarthy –Director of Special Events – Matt Desjardins

8 District Structure The ODHA/ ODMHA is divided into 10 districts Each district has its own RIC and all contact info can be located on

9 District RICs 1 – Mike Spencer 2 – Eric Mainville 3 – Francois Brunette 4 – Ray Cronkwright 5 – Fred Jennings B – Tom Meagher 9 – Dave McCarthy 10 – Caise Chandler 11 – Nik McLean 12 – Lucio Piaino

10 Local Officiating Programs Each District RIC is responsible for administering the HCOP as per Hockey Canada regulations Your Local RIC is the person youll most likely interact with during the season.

11 Local Officiating Programs In some cases, the District RIC is also the local RIC –E.g. Kanata, Nepean, Gloucester, Cumberland, B In the rural districts, each association will have an Association RIC that reports to the District RIC –E.g. In District 2, Cornwall, Alexandria, Long Sault, Char-Lan, etc. will have their own local RICs

12 Whos Who in my Program? Your local officiating program will likely have some combination of the following positions: –R.I.C. –Assignor –Director of Supervision –Director of Discipline –Referee Reps

13 Officiating Opportunities Minor Hockey –Local playoffs, tournaments, special assignments (exhibition games featuring out of branch/country teams) –Bell Capital Cup The LARGEST hockey tournament in the world. Teams from across Canada, United States, Europe and Asia

14 Officiating Opportunities Competitive Minor Hockey –Competitive Hockey B, A, AA, AAA Often have Showcase games/tournaments –Bell Capital Cup Higher divisions are used to showcase/supervise up and coming officials –All-Ontario Peewee/Bantam /Midget Championships

15 Officiating Opportunities Junior –Junior Hockey –CIS (University) –Branch Exchanges Past exchanges have been to Europe, USA and other HC Branches

16 Officiating Opportunities Elite –OHL –Ontario Winter Games –HC Program of Excellence Canada Winter Games, World Under-17 Challenge –National Assignments Telus Cup (National Midget AAA), Royal Bank Cup (National Jr A), CIS Finals –International Assignments

17 Officiating Opportunities Get some exercise Meet new people, make new friends HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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