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PRESENTATION. 1.828.092 inhabitants Population Growth Rate: 1,8% (8 years) GDP Annual Growth Rate: 3,8% (5 years) GDP 2007 (estimated): R$ 35,6 bi (US$

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3 1.828.092 inhabitants Population Growth Rate: 1,8% (8 years) GDP Annual Growth Rate: 3,8% (5 years) GDP 2007 (estimated): R$ 35,6 bi (US$ 20 bi) 4th GDP in Brazil Per Capita GDP : R$ 19,788 (U$ 11,116) Business Units: 144.694 IDH: 0,856 IDH: 0,842 (Rio de Janeiro) IDH: 0,841 (São Paulo) IDH: 0,839 (Belo Horizonte) IDH: 0,800 (Belo Horizonte) Metropolitan Region 3,260,292 INHABITANTS Population Growth Rate: 2% (8 years) – IBGE IDH: 0,824 26 municipalities Curitiba


5 Curitiba per capita GDP: R$ 19.800 (US$ 11.116). Historically superior to Paraná and Brazil. Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil per capita GDP


7 LOGISTICS AND INFRASTRUCTURE Privileged city as regards Logistics and Infrastructure Important factor in the decision-making process for the installation of business units in town Study performed by Simonsen Associates and Revista Exame (Infrastrucure Annual Report – 2006) - “Champions in Infrastructure”, indicates Curitiba as the third best in the country, after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

8 Mercosul Within a 1,500 km radius – the main Latin American cities, concentrating approximately 200 million potential consumers a GDP that surpasses U$ 1,0 trillion. Markets in Brazil Curitiba is near the great consumer centers in Brazil (São Paulo: 400 km, Rio de Janeiro: 800 km, Belo Horizonte: 1000 km). INFRASTRUCTURE: STRATEGIC LOCATION

9 Main roads: BR 116 BR 376 BR 277 BR 476 Infrastructure: Road Mesh

10 Infrastructure: Railway system State Railway System 2,466 km of railways, operated by ALL and Ferrovia Paraná S.A.

11 Paranaguá and Antonina, distant 100 km from Curitiba, and near the São Francisco (182 km) and Itajaí ports (192 km), both in the State of Santa Catarina Infrastructure: Seaports

12 Paraná has 6 “dry ports” and one customs facility, representing, all together, 682,000 sq.m of total area and 50,300 sq.m of storehouse facility. Curitiba offers the facility of two “dry ports” and one distribution center Infrastructure – Customs


14 52 sq. m of green area / inhabitant

15 Events: 135 places for events Hotels: 150 international and national 18 thousand beds FLOW OF TOURISTS IN CURITIBA - 2000 A 2007* (MILLION) Tourism Fonte: Secretaria de Estado de Turismo/ 2000 - 2007 Elaboração: Curitiba S.A./Diretoria de Fomento e Desenvolvimento Empresarial/GFE-1 * Estimativa

16 2nd best city in Brazil and the 5th best in Latin America for business – Revista América Economia (2006 – 2006); 2nd Technological Innovation site in Brazil – research by IPEA 2005 2nd Automotive Polo (site) in Brazil Best Destination for Business – Revista VEJA - 2007 2nd best city in Brazil to work – Revista VOCÊ S.A. – 2005 IDB Award: Curitiba among the 5 best economic development projects, Latin America and the Caribbean – October, 2007 X FINEP / MCT Technological Innovation Award – placed among the thee best projects - Category: Social Innovation, Southern Region Watson Wyatt’s Brazilian Cities Database – Dec. 2007 edition; “Curitiba has become one of the most appealing locations for investors in Brazil…” BEST CITY FOR BUSINESS IN BRAZIL

17 The Curitiba Industrial City – CIC Creation - January 19, 1973 Implanted in an area of 43,7 Creation of the Connecting Sectors Interlinked to the Structural Sectors. 5,201 business units. 923 industries. 2,021 commercial. 1,491 services. 766 other activities CURITIBA – INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT

18 Multinational Companies in Brazil

19 Tecnology Companies in Curitiba

20 Brazil’s major computer manufacturer, Positivo Informática is the country’s number one in educational technology. Positivo generates 2,190 jobs and the 2006 net revenues summed U$ 645,0 million, and EBtida of U$ 83,0 million The industry’s 2007 annual revenue summed U$ 388,5 billion, an evolution of 64% in comparison with 2006 Number of employees: 2,465 Bosch registered in 2006 a net revenue of R$ 3,7 billion with investments totaling R$ 113,0 million: Four production units in Brazil: two in Campinas– SP, one in Aratú – BA and one in Curitiba. Number of jobs: 11,500 Renault’s revenues in 2007 in Brazil summed 800,0 million Euros (the company’s world’s figures for the year is of 1,4 billion Euros). In 2006, revenues amounted 600,0 million Euros, including exports to Mexico and Argentina The company’s 12 month figures, as of Sept/207 showed revenues of R$ 5,3 billion. Number of employees: 10,700


22 55 HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS 3University Centers 24Colleges 13Technology Colleges 3Integrated Colleges 7Higher Education Institutes 5Universities CITIZENSHIP AND EDUCATON


24 Laws/Decrees Lei Complementar nº 22/98 – Parque de Software Lei Complementar nº 39/01 – ISS Tecnológico − Decreto nº 976/2007 – ISS Tecnológico Lei Complementar nº 58/05 – ISS - Call Center Lei Complementar nº 66/07 – ISS - Construção Civil Lei reduz de 5% para 3% – ISS Corretores de Seguros Fiscal Incentives - Municipal

25 Strategic Programs – Local Economic Development Bom Negócio (The Good Business) Parque de Incubadoras Empresariais (The Entrepreneurial Incubators Park) International Relations Investiment Attraction Socioeconomic Information The Technological Curitiba - ISS Tecnológico (incentive on technological services) Parque de Software (The Software Park) Curitiba Tecnoparque (The Curitiba Technological Park) Municipal Development Programs

26 Purpose: Strengthen the city’s entrepreneurial basis. Provide business units to invest on company improvement, increase profits and create new job opportunities. Eligible expenses:. equipment (except vehicles). technical books and magazines. human resources capacitation. consulting services. purchase of new software units. travel expenses. physical infrastructure Mandatory 80% of the incentive - Curitiba Eligibility: Service-rendering companies located in Curitiba


28 BUSINESS UNITS AND JOBS - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACTIVITIES IN CURITIBA / SÃO PAULO Description of the Activities CuritibaSão Paulo Business UnitsJobsBusiness UnitsJobs Manufacturing of data processing equipment332.357 933.008 Manufacture of peripheral for computer equipment1746 1421.628 Computer programs development under order388461 4.9717.118 Development and licensing of customizable computer programs48130 342628 Development and licensing of non-customizable computer programs219186 1.9364.585 Consulting in information technology511917 2.6059.417 Technical support, maintenance and other services in information technology 5271.007 4.18711.698 Data processing, suppliers of application services and services of hosting in the Internet 9503.359 8.72112.396 Portals, content providers, and other information services in the Internet1310 5780 Repair and maintenance of computers and peripheral equipment365416 3.0173.785 Repair and maintenance of communication equipment4813 271676 Other activities4968.348 2.05644.709 TOTAL3.61517.25028.39899.728 SOURCE: MTE / RAIS – 2006

29 AVERAGE REMUNERATION OF MAIN JOB OCCUPATIONS IN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AREA - CURITIBA AND SÃO PAULO - 2006 Description of Occupations CuritibaSão Paulo Average Remuneration (R$) Average Remuneration (R$) Directors of information technology services8.962,4415.897,01 Managers of information technology5.968,488.772,48 Engineering and technology researchers4.994,807.264,15 Computing engineers4.419,048.078,77 Networks, systems and database administrators3.071,394.207,74 Computer systems analysts3.801,914.062,52 Development technicians of systems and applications1.977,872.567,75 Technicians in computers operation and monitoring1.420,741.954,60 Operators of equipment for entry and data transmissions912,571.154,95 SOURCE: MTE / RAIS - 2006

30 8 Incubators in Curitiba Technology Incubators

31 Average 45.000 vehicles/ day THE GREEN LINE

32 The Green Line Extention / total: 18 Km 23 city districts covered 287.000 persons



35 An inter-institutional cooperation program conducted by the City of Curitiba Administration, involving the governmental, scientific and entrepreneurial segments;  Urban environment concentrating public and private technological assets, suitable for innovation;  Favourable physical space for the attraction of productive opportunities of high added-value and great competitiveness CURITIBA TECHNOPARK

36 COMPRISED ACTIVITY SEGMENTS I.Telecommunication Systems: equipment and services II.Computer Equipment: hardware and peripherics; III.Computer Services: software development, consulting on hardware and software, data management and electronic distribution of information; IV.Research and Development; V.Design VI.Laboratories of analysis and quality tests; VII.Industrial Automation and Precision instruments; VIII.New Technologies: Biotechnology, nano-technology, environment and Health. CURITIBA TECHNOPARK

37 Logistic Ring – comprising the Technical/entrepreneurial nucleous UFPR, PUC-PR, LACTEC, FIEP 40.000 students/3.000 professors and 500 researches groups; Structural axis – Av. Marechal Floriano/ The Green line; CIC – North Sector – comprising The Software Park; Central Sector -Rebouças – comprising the Technological University and the Convention Center. CIC – South Sector – comprising Tecpar Physical Structure


39 Entrepreneurial Nucleus


41 Carlos Alberto Richa Prefeito Juraci Barbosa Sobrinho Diretor Presidente Roberto Santoro Diretor Técnico Heraldo Alves das Neves Diretor Administrativo e Financeiro

42 Thank you!

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