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Sustainable Energy Solutions Jouko Parviainen

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1 Sustainable Energy Solutions Jouko Parviainen

2 Wenet Centre 1.5.2009−30.4.2011 Wood Energy in Action: Sustainable Energy Solutions “from Root to Soot” and New Business Opportunities  Provinces of Eastern Finland  Coordinator: Josek Oy  Project partners: North Karelia and Savonia Universities of Applied Sciences, Kajaani University Consortium  Budget 464.000 €  Co-financed by the ERDF, regional councils of Eastern Finland and over 25 Wenet member companies

3 Wenet  Network of leading  Experts  Organisations  Companies  Mainly from Eastern Finland  Cooperation with other Finnish partners and partners abroad

4 Eastern Finland More than two thirds of the forest harvesting machines sold in Europe come from East Finland John Deere & Waratah-OM, Ponsse, Kesla, Pentin Paja

5 Eastern Finland World leading manufactures of heat-retaining ovens Tulikivi, Kerman Savi, NunnaUuni, Vuoleri

6 Wenet members & partners  North Karelia, Savonia and Mikkeli Universities of Applied Sciences  Kajaani University Consortium  Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla)  Joensuu Science Park Ltd  University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu and Kuopio)  Lappeenranta University of Technology  European Forest Institute (EFI)  Regional development companies in Eastern Finland  Forest Centre of North Karelia  VTT  Companies within wood energy business  Power plant and boiler manufactures

7 Wenet expertise Covers the whole chain of wood energy from a forest through a power/heating plant to end-users, as well as research, education & training

8 Wenet services  Tailor-made solutions at one-stop-shop  Value chains “from root to soot all the way to a end- user”  Chips  Pellets  Fire logs  Transfer of know how and technology  Business models & contract making advice  Professional visits, study tours and show-hows to Eastern Finland

9  One-stop-shop  Leading expertise  Proven technology  Tailored and holistic solutions  Fuel supply chains  Heat and power generation  District heating systems  Business models  Contract design  Education and training Benefits for our clients

10  Opportunities especially for smes and minor organisations: added value from others  Cost effective marketing  More contacts by a wider network  Capacity building (learning from others)  Participation in R&D projects  Rapid access to markets for new innovations  More effective communication  More contacts through the network  Two-way communication Benefits for Wenet´s members

11  3 rd International conference on sustainable wood energy solutions, February 2011  Focus on businesses and driving forces  Pre-conference study tour in Eastern Finland  Fuel supply chains  District heating systems  Post-conference study tour to NW Russia  Biomass resources, procurement and processing  Potential for decentralized energy production WES 2011 – Wood Energy in Action

12 Wenet Jouko Parviainen Lansikatu 15 FI-80110 Joensuu, Finland +358 50 431 2297 Thank you for your attention!

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