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November 9, 2013 Heffner Alumni House 10 am AIGC Meeting.

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1 November 9, 2013 Heffner Alumni House 10 am AIGC Meeting

2 9:30-10:00 Coffee 10:00-1:00 Business Meeting 1.Reports from GroupsReports from Groups a)IFC report—Colin Foreman b)Panhel report—Lindsey Taylor c)Order of Omega report—Deanna Schwarz d)Green Greeks report—Sam Brown e)Greek Spectrum report—Finn Thorsell f)Greek Life Commons report—Matt HuntGreek Life Commons report 2.New Business:New Business a)Mentoring support for IFC and Panhel—Bob Eckart b)Proposed education and training workshop for chapter advisors—Roger Grice c)Outside speaker on depression and suicide—Roger Mike, Roger Grice, Matt Hunt d)Present and future of the Relationship Statement—Jerry Witter e)System-wide risk management discussion—Chuck Carletta, Roger Mike, Roger Grice f)Greek Leadership Summit—Matt Hunt g)Role of the AIGC in an evolving campus environment—all h)Upcoming CalendarUpcoming Calendar Agenda

3 Interfraternal Council – Colin Foreman Panhellenic Council – Lindsey Taylor Order of Omega – Deanna Schwarz Green Greeks – Sam Brown Greek Spectrum – Finn Thorsell Undergraduate Greek Organization Reports

4 Matt Hunt, Associate Dean of Greek Commons Office of Greek Life Commons Report

5 a)Mentoring support for IFC and PanhelMentoring support for IFC and Panhel Bob Eckart b)Proposed education and training workshop for chapter advisorsProposed education and training workshop for chapter advisors Roger Grice c)Outside speaker on depression and suicideOutside speaker on depression and suicide Roger Mike, Roger Grice, Matt Hunt d)Greek Leadership SummitGreek Leadership Summit Matt Hunt e)System-wide risk management discussionSystem-wide risk management discussion Chuck Carletta, Roger Mike, Roger Grice f)Present and Future of the Relationship StatementPresent and Future of the Relationship Statement Jerry Witter g)Role of the AIGC in an evolving campus environmentRole of the AIGC in an evolving campus environment New Business

6 Program Areas Recruitment Public Relations/Community Relations Philanthropy Risk Management Social Officers President Executive Vice President Treasurer Secretary Senator Trial Mentoring Program Between AIGC and IFC/Panhel

7 Bob Eckart and Amelia Folkins have developed an interest survey: Either a hard copy format or a Survey Monkey format Proposed Education & Training Workshop for Chapter Advisors Potential Topics Sexual misconduct Hazing and what it is Neighbor/community relations Greek cooperation Helping the IFC and Panhel Financial oversight and controls Drug and alcohol issues Officer responsibilities and transition Alumni involvement/assistance Academic matters Housing Social programs

8 Roger Mike, Roger Grice, Matt Hunt We’ve considered QPR( Question, Persuade, and Refer) training in the past They have an online module: The JED Foundation, recently partnered with SAE: Getting Help for Your FriendGetting Help for Your Friend A webinar with The JED Foundation walked through the slides and embedded videos The videos seem current and short to reinforce the Coordinating and partnering with RPI efforts will ensure consistent messaging Outside Speaker on Depression and Suicide

9 The original Relationship Statement was developed in the 1989 timeframe The Relationship Statement of Record – was revised and adopted in 2006Relationship Statement of Record The Relationship Statement 2008 Revision was being voted for adoption 2009Relationship Statement 2008 Revision The Summary of Revisions that were proposed and nearly ratified in 2008The Summary of Revisions nearly ratified in 2008 Many were to update to “New Directions” and be on a 2 yr review processon a 2 yr review process The Greek Life Commons Agreement instituted December 2009, revised in Fall 2011December 2009revised in Fall 2011 Attachment E: Greek Life Commons Vision Statement ”The Greek Life Commons is a commitment to sustaining the legacy of leadership, service, education and personal excellence within the RPI Greek Community. As a community of leaders, the Greek Life Commons will align all students, alumni, and Troy citizens through selfless service, cooperative programming, and individual acts of character befitting the values and purpose of each organization and that of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.” The Greek Life Commons Manual revised in 2011Greek Life Commons Manual The Statement of Relationship between…. Still Relevant?

10 Greek Life Commons Agreement Supersedes some terms of the Relationship Statement As members of the Greek Life Commons you agree: A.To actively participate in CLASS program initiatives B.To actively participate in Faculty Deans programs of the Residential Commons C.To pro-actively respond to Assistant Dean outreach counseling & personal develop initiatives D.To actively participate in Class Dean programs E.To actively participate in Greek Life Commons programs; F.To ensure that the standards of quality of the living environment in the fraternity or sorority, with regard to upkeep & maintenance, meets the Institute Residential Commons Standards G.To participate in an annual review of the Commons Agreement as an extension of existing annual reviews with the understanding that the focus is on ensuring that all compliance requirements are being adhered to H.The signatories to this Greek Life Commons Agreement acknowledge that they recognize and understand that, where appropriate, this Agreement necessarily supersedes some of the terms of the “Statement of Relationship Between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Social Fraternities & Sororities at Rensselaer”, and they not only agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement but re-affirm their adherence to and support of said Statement of Relationship.

11 Should the “Relationship Statement” continue to exist? Areas were superseded by the Greek Life Commons Agreement It has not been in consideration since Dec 2008 How should the Greek Life Commons Manual be managed? It has incorporated a copy of the Relationship Statement It has incorporated a version of the “Agreement” Resolve the aspect of “Recognized” vs. “Participant” Participation in GLCA is required to allow to house Sophomores How to perform self-assessments of the “living” documents such as: SEMM, 5-STAR, GLC Manual, GLCA, Greek J-Board, etc. Present and Future of the Relationship Statement

12 Implementation of CLASS and Greek Life Commons stopped revision Last revision in 2008-09 was never fully officially approved We are living to the docketed 2006 Revision It is the time to revisit the status “Statement of Relationship” We need some folks to serve on a revitalized committee Pick up where left off in 2008 and restarted briefly in 2011 Incorporate new relations established with Greek Life Commons and its associated agreements and policy documents Decide whether the Greek Life Commons Agreement should incorporate the Relationship Statement or continue to stand alone Relationship Statement Relevancy Task Force

13 In summer of 2011, OGLC formed a review committee Was to review the document and establish a schedule for revision It got sidetracked with other higher priority items Work next months to create a new draft with 2008 revisions and GLCA Review the GLCA to see if changes are recommended for it as well Make a draft for review at future AIGC meetings or other special meetings Ratification process for 20?? and 20?? implementation Time to get this going again (or kill it once and for all? ) Relationship Statement Relevancy Task Force

14 Determine current value of any form of a Relationship Statement In 1989 it was on cutting edge to head off “Recognition Statements” It has been somewhat subsumed by the Greek Life Commons Agreement Revisit the 2009 Version and rational for the changes at that time Revise to concur with current GLCA and clearly define what sections/terms were superseded Review and propose changes to GLCA now that we’ve been in it since January 2010 Ensure current GLCA and GLCA Manual tie to the correct versions of RS if decide to keep it Complete a merger of the Relationship Statement into the GLCA Manual? It already has pieces and copies of RS (though may not be correct versions) Determine a better process for keeping GLCA/RS living documents (the annual review?) 2011 revision to GLCA done by RPI without much from AIGC or undergrads – minor, but Other policy documents should also be assessed 5STAR, SEMM, GLCA Manual, Student Handbook alcohol policies, Greek Judicial Board, etc. Establish a standing committee to perform self assessment and any need for revision? A naturally occurring group of IFC, Panhel, OGLC, AIGC, Res Life, Student Life – make this one part of their officer duty and report to Undergrad councils and AIGC each spring? Relationship Statement Relevancy Task Force Potential Charter for a Review Team

15 Committee formed in Summer 2011 – needs new life or put to rest Relationship Statement Revision Task Force of 2011 ChapterTitleNamePhoneEmail SAEAIGC DirectorJerry Theta ChiChapter AdvisorJames Sigma ChiMemberAndrew Psi Upsilon President, Alumni AssociationTina Lambda Chi Alpha (AIGC) Chapter Advisor/PresidentRoger Alpha Phi/PANEVP - PANElisa RPI Staff Asst. Dean of StudentsCynthia RPI StaffAss. Dean GLCMatthew

16 Chuck Carletta, Roger Mike, Roger Grice System-wide Risk Management Discussion

17 Topic: Expectations & Accountability Personal Level Chapter Level Greek Community Level Full Day Workshop Russel Sage Dining Hall Saturday February 8 th 9am-4pm Presidents, Standards Chairs Required Advisors, HQ Staff, Alums invited to help facilitate Topics can include discussion and answers to: What expectations do we set for our members? Do we role model this behavior as leaders? Do we have agreed upon consequences for poor behavior before it happens? Can we identify positive behaviors instead of harping on the negative Greek Leadership Summit February 8, 2014

18 StrengthsQuest: Gallup Program Used by Va. Tech and others for general student & Greek leader development Kouzes & Posner Leadership Challenge for Five Practices Leadership Practices Inventory UIUC Greek Allerton Retreat (1.5 day offsite leadership workshop) Nestle Uses for corporate and student leadership program Tribal Leadership Washington University in St Louis More continuous programming 6 weeks of 2 hr sessions Randolf Macon College GAP Retreat – Bob Staton Some Other Ideas for Greek Leadership Summits

19 All Role of AIGC in an Evolving Campus Environment

20 Closing and Upcoming Calendar Other New Business or Reports? Grades and Membership History Report (if time and interest) Grades and Membership History Report IRS-990 and Common Data Set Trends (if time and interest)IRS-990 and Common Data Set Trends Pawling Avenue Fiber RPI Network Concept – General TermsGeneral Terms Housing Inspection Reports Alumni can/should donate to Greek Life Fund Used for educational and leadership programs Questions, Comments? Upcoming Calendar Dec 2Spring Academic Roster Due, Bursar update Dec 7Last Registered Social Event Dec 9-10Reading Days Dec 11-17 Finals Jan 21Spring Semester Classes Start Feb 8Greek Leadership Summit – Big Red Freakout Feb 195 STAR Documentation due Mar ?Greek Life Commons Sophomore Housing Waivers Apr ? AIGC and Greek Life Awards Reception

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