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Welcome to Computer Science at Stanford University! 1.

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1 Welcome to Computer Science at Stanford University! 1

2 Reminders: Pick up keys for Gates building at Rm 176. If you have not taken a picture yet, please come to Rm 196 by the end of the day. Complete the Emergency Health and Safety training online. EHS-4200 2

3 Overview of Academic Requirements for the PhD Year One: CS 300 Rotation program, choosing a permanent research advisor Two: Completing Breadth requirements 3 units of coursework from at least 4 different faculty members Filing for Candidacy Three: Quals Teaching requirement Four: Reading committee Form and thesis proposal Five, Six: Complete 135 units Orals Dissertation 3

4 CS 300 Faculty speak about research Must attend 2/3 of sessions Record attendance online Rotation Option to rotate with three different professors Goal: find a permanent advisor by the end of Spring quarter 4

5 Courses Must take 3units of coursework from 4 different professors Must take CS 300 fall quarter 135 total units to graduate Very few restrictions on classes Classes can be taken across the university, but please talk about your plan with your advisor 5

6 Breadth Requirements : Goal is to give students an understanding of the core areas in CS Must be completed in your first two years of the program Requirements can be waived by previous coursework taken. Review details online at requirements requirements Get your classes waived ASAP, don’t let it go! 6

7 Candidacy: Contract between student and university; requirement to file form after the end of your second year. Breadth requirements must be completed to file for candidacy. Candidacy starts your 5 year clock for completing the PhD Form must be signed by your permanent research advisor 7

8 Teaching requirement Must complete at least 4 units as a course assistant (CA) or teaching fellow (TF) for courses in Computer Science that are numbered 100 or above (with the exception of freshman seminars, which do not count toward meeting the CA requirement). Earning one unit means working 10 hours per week for one quarter. 8

9 CA: “Course Assistant” Like a “Teaching Assistant” Works for a particular course Responsibilities include: grading, office hours, contributing to assignments/exams, teaching sections, occasional guest lectures, etc. RA: “Research Assistant” Works with a particular faculty member Responsibilities include: conducting research, supporting research project, etc. Assistantships 9

10 Teaching Assistantship/Course Assistantship 50% Support 8, 9, or 10 units of tuition remission Must take at least 8 and no more than 10 units Stipend (~$8800 for quarter) Expectation of 20 hours/week of work 25% Support 5 units of tuition remission Only subject to university unit range (min: 8, max: 20) Stipend (~$4400 for quarter) Expectation of 10 hours/week of work PhD Students must have equivalent of two 50% CAships to graduate Can mix 50% and 25% appointments as long as the equivalent of 100% (= 2 x 50%) total is satisfied PhD students have priority in CA assignment process 10

11 Quals: Tests your knowledge in your specialization Must be completed by the end of your third year Only allowed to take the quals twice Reading Committee Form and Thesis proposal Typically one year after quals Goal is to enable students to get better formative feedback from their Reading Committee on what directions to take to successfully complete a quality dissertation. Reading Committee composed of the principal dissertation advisor and at least two additional readers At least two committee members must be CS professors or joint CS professors. 11

12 Orals or Defense of the Dissertation: A public presentation lasting approximately one hour, followed by questions from the examining committee in a private session. Schedule your orals during the quarter preceding the one in which you intend to submit the final draft of your dissertation. Submit a University Oral Exam Schedule form at least two weeks before the proposed Orals date Dissertation Reading committee must approve of dissertation Submitted online or in person at registrar 12

13 Sept 22First day of Autumn Quarter; instruction begins Sept 22Preliminary Study List deadline (Must be enrolled in at least 8 units to avoid late fee) Oct 10Final Study List deadline (All course enrollment, units, grading basis must be finalized) Oct 26Axess opens for Winter Quarter course enrollment *Please review your academic calendar for more! Important Dates 13

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