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1. Purchase Decal Movement Maintenance Inventory Utilization Disposition 2.

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2 Purchase Decal Movement Maintenance Inventory Utilization Disposition 2

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7 7 Enter your search criteria then click search Your asset record will display below

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10 10 “Document Overview” is the explanation of your Document. It informs others in the route log what part of the property record the document is altering. Using common nomenclature will make your documents easier to search later

11 11 The “Borrower ID” must be someone directly associated with CSU and would be the primary person responsible for the asset.

12 12 The “Borrower’s Address” would be the offsite location of the Asset. The “Stored at” would be the physical location for the duration of the loan Example (1): I will be using the computer at my home for the next 18 months so my home address would be both the “Borrower’s Address” and the “Stored at” location Example (2): This asset was purchased for a research facility in Alaska and will be used in a satellite station. In this case the research facility would be the “Borrower’s Address” and the satellite station would be the “Stored at” address

13 13 Include the project or contract under which the asset will be used for the loan term Include justification for the asset to be removed from campus Provide credentials, ID, and contact info for any non-CSU affiliated custodian (this will need to be updated at every renewal)

14 14 The “Borrower” is not typically included in the document routing so be sure to let them know they are accountable for this asset by adding them to the Ad Hoc Recipients

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19 1) Find the asset you want to transfer 2) Click “loan” 3) Enter the Description and Explanation 4) Search and enter your Borrower ID 5) Enter projected return date or 2 years if you anticipate an extended loan 6) Enter the contact information of borrower and if different, the location the asset will be physically used 7) Add Notes regarding the nature of use including project and/or contract info 8) Ad Hoc the custodian of the loaned equipment 9) Save the document 19 *In the “TRAINING” environment

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23 23  APO Certification – Head of Departments i.e.: Chairs, Directors, Controllers, or equivalent position titles  DPC Certification – CAM processors appointed as the primary Property Manager in their department  Asset Representative Certification – Any faculty, or staff with assigned assets in the CAM database  CAM Processing modules – APO, DPC and all CAM processors  Asset Edit  Asset Loan  Asset Retirement Global  Asset Management Reports  Equipment Inventory – APO, DPC, CAM processors and Asset Representatives  Asset Disposition – All employees of the department/unit

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