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Welcome to Open House! Welcome to Open House! Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Jasso’s Third grade class 2014-2015 Room 116.

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1 Welcome to Open House! Welcome to Open House! Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Jasso’s Third grade class 2014-2015 Room 116

2 Mrs. Hernandez Taught Kindergarten for 2 years. 3 rd year co-teaching 3 rd grade. Working on a Masters in Reading Education from Florida International University. My passion is teaching children. I recently got married.

3 Mrs. Jasso I have been working at Mater Academy for 6 years. 1st year co-teaching 3 rd grade. I have a Bachelors in exceptional student education. I recently got married.

4 Our Curriculum Writing. Language Arts/Reading/ Math: number sense, geometry, word problems, and multiplication, time, and fractions. S.S./Science Labs/Music/Art/P.E.

5 Music/Art/Spanish Music teacher-Mr. Odio Art teacher-Ms. Paula Spanish teacher-Ms. Rojas

6 Third grade Conduct Follows school and class rules Takes care of materials Shows self-control Cooperates, shares and takes turn Complete tasks Listen to and follows direction Works independently Participates in class activities

7 Percentages in the Gradebook 60% =test 20%=classwork 10%=projects 5%=Home Learning 5%=Technology participation

8 Grading Scale Grades Verbal Interpretation Grade Value 90% - 100% = AOutstanding Progress 3.50-4.00 80% - 89% = BAbove Average Progress 2.50-3.49 70% - 79% = CAverage Progress1.50-2.49 60% - 69% = DLowest Acceptable Progress 1.00-1.49 0-% - 59% = FFailure0.00 - 0.99 I = IncompleteIncomplete0.00

9 Uniforms Must have the Mater Academy logo on your shirt. Gold polo with or long polo (white) with khaki pants. Jackets must be hunter green. Shirts MUST be tucked in. Shoes MUST be BLACK

10 Homework Policy Homework is given weekly. Homework should be done only on the day given. Homework is VERY IMPORTANT. If students miss 3 homework assignments they will be issued a detention, after 3 detentions a referral will be issued. WHY?? HW will be given daily and checked. Students must place homework in blue folders.

11 Homework The morning procedure is that as soon as the student walks into the classroom in the morning, he/she is to take out the (blue) homework folder and copy down the homework for that day. Homework is to be kept in the blue folder until Mrs. Hernandez or Mrs. Jasso collect all the Home Learning every Monday. Once a week teachers will collect a H.L. assignment for a grade.

12 Reading Plus Helps students read with reading comprehension and read more fluently. Must be completed a minimum of 3 sessions a week (80% or higher) May be collected as a Technology Grade An app is available for the iPad! See letter in your Open House packet for login information.

13 Parent Involvement (30 hours required) Register online to be a volunteer Chaperone Field Trips Donate Gift Cards Donate supplies Help child with Home Learning Have your child read for 30 minutes aloud each night, or read to your child.

14 School Communication Parent Portal School and Classroom Website WWW.MATERACADEMY.COM -Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Jasso page ConnectEd Messages

15 Teachers Website Updated Weekly! Classroom News What we are learning this week Resources and Websites to help your child

16 Wish List items Heavy Duty Staplers Washable Markers Treats for students Toys for treasure box

17 Attendance Students must bring in a note when they are absent (within 3 days of absence). Only acceptable excused absences are: Student illness, death in family, observance of a mandated religious holiday. 10 or more tardies will result in a written referral. All tardies are considered unexcused.

18 Third grade Expectations What you will be learning this year? Understanding place values. Multiplying one and two digit numbers. Be able to tell and write time to the nearest minute. Read at grade level or higher. Recognize text structure author uses (compare/contrast,main ideas, inference questions, cause and effect, and sequence of events). Use reading strategies that are taught. Be engaged in Science Labs

19 AIR Preparation This year students will no longer take the FCAT assessment. Students will take the AIR test for math and reading. The test will focus more on short writing responses in both reading and math. The test is mainly writing and handwriting and grammar will be scored.

20 How will students do well in 3 rd grade? Completing all classwork. Completing all home learning. Studying reading skills learned each week and studying math, and reading. Putting forth maximum effort in all writing assignments. Reading each night. Behaving their best in class to maximize learning.

21 This year we have several students with nut allergies. Nuts (of all kinds) are not permitted. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in keeping our students safe. Allergies

22 4 th grade Going into 4 th grade students must know their multiplication numbers, read fluently, write fluently, and pass the AIR assessment.

23 Contact Information Or send a note with your child

24 Questions… What to expect from the teachers? Questions about the teachers? Would you like to schedule a conference?

25 Dear Students We believe in you. We trust you. You will be listened to. You are cared for. You are important. You will succeed. –Love, Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Jasso

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