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1 December 8, 2010 Clinical Outpatient Accomplishments 2010

2 Summary Sodexo Area 326 District award: Janet Carter CARES 2 statewide dietetic awards: Nina Crowley Outstanding Dietetic Educator and Debbie Petitpain Young Dietitian of the Year 2 national presentations: Kristin Crady (NACFC poster/round) and Nina Crowley (ASMBS poster/ presentation) 2 national publications: Nina Crowley (SOARD), Debbie Petitpain (Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care) 74% increased annual revenue 100% Sodexo MNT Audit Additional Outpatient dietitian added (Hollings Cancer Center) 2

3 3 Quarters 1. January- March 2.April-June 3.July-December

4 4 Katherine Boyce-Pediatric Endocrinology 1.Abbott Nutrition video; Therapy Times article 2.Obtained CDE; Camp Adam Fisher ( 9 food allergies, >250 kids); Runbuddies blog 3.MUSC & Converse College We Can Bear Diabetes project; Invited to oversee nutrition component of Louies Kids General Mills grant

5 5 Janet Carter- Heart Health 1.1 st fitness session on Citadels campus 2.ART of Healthy Cooking sales exceed $1500 towards Heart Health; Vending machines fully labeled ($1400 to DDC 07/10) 3.Obesity Peds Research (129 consented); McCradys fundraiser raised $1,080 Finished 2 nd Ironman 35 minutes faster than her first!

6 6 Nina Crowley-Bariatric Surgery 1.Hosted SCDA Affiliate Public Policy Workshop at MUSC ($500 stipend); Back on Track (3 rd class $1375); Bariatric cooking videos 2.ASMBS podium presentation: Patients that endorse more binge eating triggers prior to gastric bypass lose less weight at six months SOARD accepted as first author 3 ; Sodexo Clinical Update; Bariatric Bandcamp generated >$1000.

7 7 Nina Crowley-Bariatric Surgery 3. CTDA President; Bariatric Center of Excellence reaccreditation; State Blue Cross Blue Shield Pilot Project (marketing); attended Bariatric Summit Presentations: VA Clinical Symposium, Behavioral Medicine Grand Rounds, Hosted Sodexo-wide Bariatric conference call (>200 participants) with Debbie

8 8 Kory Grench-Cystic Fibrosis 3. Welcomed to Outpatient team in 08/10; Attended North American CF conference assisted Kristin Crady in presenting "Improving nutritional status with the use of a point system (3 rd education series is ongoing) ; Attended CF Partnership Day; QI project to improve CF admission process

9 9 Amy Mendez- Seinsheimer Clinic 1.Cardiology Grand Rounds; Charleston Restaurant Heavenly vs. Healthy initiative 2.Pt. appointments filled to capacity for the first time in program history in May 10 Presentations: 4 th yr. med students, Internship 101 & Spoleto conference (Cardiology for the Primary Care Physician)

10 10 Amy Mendez- Seinsheimer Clinic 3. Attended FNCE; formally invited to be a member of CME Advisory committee; Healthy Holidays MUSC TV spokesperson and advocate for Start Eating Healthy Day collaborations with MUSC wellness coordinator; CVD strategies for weight management available for CME credits on web

11 11 Debbie Petitpain-Bariatric Surgery 1.Back on Track (3 rd class $1375) 2.Coordinated Create Your Weight for Sodexo frontline staff; Tegrity recorded adjustable gastric band class; attended ASMBS

12 12 Debbie Petitpain-Bariatric Surgery 3. Vitamin D paper published in peer reviewed journal, Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care; IRB submission for weight bias project; BCBS pilot (marketing, Catalyst article); launched Podcast patient ed. series with Nina

13 13 Stacy Renouf-Adult Outpatient Services 1.Fast food for Athletes presentation at 2010 Sports Medicine Spring Symposium; filmed MUSC Sports med endorsement per Dr. Geiers request 2.Provided extended cross- coverage at Colleton Medical Center (04/10); OP marketing protocol 3.Panel member for autism site visit; Family Circle Cup newsletter; 100% Sodexo MNT audit

14 14 Ashleigh Ricevuto-Prenatal Wellness 2.Inpatient documentation: A1C Progress Note development; CTDA Secretary 3.Sodexo Corporate Services Your Health Your Way 12 part Powerpoint series & cooking demo displays; 4.0 semester in MBA program!

15 15 Tonya Turner-Weight Management Center 1.Nutrition and Dental Health presentation to MUSC dental students; Charleston Water System Pipe Down Weight Loss Program 2.Cellulite text messaging service to patients and update to Facebook Fan page; assumed CTRC part-time RD role 3.Pilot Bean/Fiber study (20 pts; 1.5c beans/day x 6 weeksNIH grant to be resubmitted)

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