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25th July 2009 in Sprachenkolleg (Freiburg, Germany) Louise Sunflower Productions 2009.

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1 25th July 2009 in Sprachenkolleg (Freiburg, Germany) Louise Sunflower Productions 2009

2  a trip to Jerusalem  power point presentations (Argentina, donations receivers)  international vegetarian buffet  latin music concert  big tombola  tango dance  salsa crash course  epilogue - behind the stage

3 Sunflower & Bianca: when the music starts playing, everybody has to move around in the hall, when the music stops after 10 sec, you have to look for someone you don‘t know and talk to him/ her for 3 minutes. We will do 2 rounds. Off we go, music! click the speaker symbol & U can play the first round & experience our event ambiente now!

4 Sunflower introduces the organisations who recieve our donations. 1. Azahar (USA, Switzerland) – supporting orphans in developing countries through yoga & education. (current project: orphanage in Cambodia) 2. Fo Guan Shan (Argentina) – buddhist teaching through cultural & educational activities 3. Tibethaus (Germany) – buddhist teaching

5  My teacher Siliva Rosa from Argentina told us many interesting aspects about her country – from the history, culture till the financial crisis.  At the end she prepared a few presents for those who paid attention! A very encouraging teacher!

6 with a lot of love we prepared tones of delicous vegetarian food for our lovely guests.

7 after a good meal we listened to the sounds of heaven from Chile – an absolutely breathtaking concert with very charming latin music!

8 We were 80 people and had 47 prizes! So, almost everyone could win something. We had wonderful prizes like yoga coupons, Asian shop coupons, Japanese crokeries, Chinese fine art these & that, Thai massage coupons…etc. Everybody was so excited and had to scream all the way through!

9 If you like to have a taste of the song they danced, click on the speaker here! After a little break we had the next highlight of the event – although it was only 6 min, someone said to me, „I had to hold my breathe throughout the dance“. So I guess you could image what it was like.

10 Men that dance are lucky, men that dance on our event are even luckier because in the Salsa rueda the men could dance with different ladies „officially“! And of course the other way around as well! =D

11 On the stage it was exciting, behind the stage it was not less interesting. Come with me to the backstage! The prepration started 2 months before the event. Several posters hung in town & uni

12 Nearly 7 years ago I learnt German in this school – Sprachenkolleg. At that time I could hardly formulate a correct sentence in German. Now I stood on the stage to speak (still with lots of mistakes)– how time can change things!? Conference room David, our sound expert Zhuo & baby, both were busy =D

13 Mrs Garcia is one of my teachers for Spanish, her several Spanish dance performances at the uni inspired me to follow the steps of different dances in the past years. With great honour she danced for & with us this year at our event.

14 Bianca came all the way from Basel to talk about our programme with me & to try out different desserts that we could sell. She was my ex-boss when I used to write an online column for a newspaper. Now we‘ve become very good friends. She is now a freelance journalist & student in Sociology.

15 David also came to select music with me.

16 This event would be impossible with Zhuo, she is an important woman behind the stage. She helped me last year & this year. With 8 months pregnancy she drove me around in town, she came to cook different things that we could sell. On the day of the event she (& baby in belly) were working from 10-19! I didn‘t dare to tell her husband that I exhausted her so much!

17 Another important woman behind me is called „A flower on a field in front of a mountain“ – Hana Yamanda. She also helped in both events, last year & this year. In both events she showed us her art of books. We made our own beautiful & unique guestbook for this unique memory. It rained so heavily on the day we went to buy the papers.

18 Since we spent too much money in decoration last year, we used our hands & love to make some origamis for the table decoration. It was a lot of work for one single flower! But we made it! Cati from Chile, my KungFu friend, teaches us to do origami cos her mom is an origami expert! Yaara from Israel was so happy to have made the first flower! Tomas from Chile

19 One day before the event, all the honorable guests arrived at the Black Forest from thousands miles away. 4 honorable guests came from Hong Kong. Sister Suki & Sam, Sam‘s prince & a friend of Suki – Lisa. Thomas & Caro drove a thousand km to come! Honorable guests from Lake of Constance The whole family Tang from Basel also came to support! Erik came all the way from Berlin!! He was my blog reader once upon a time but now we are friends!

20 Driving with one hand! The Germans are good with cars! One day before the event Bianca broke 3 fingers and was so afraid that she could not go on stage. But the excitement exceeded the pain! She said, „it (the excitement) is pure alcohol!“ Sunflower left home without brushing her teeth! But she brought the toothbrush along!

21 With all the hard work, we are proud to let you know how much managed to collect this year: From the sponsoring: 806 euros From sales and entrance fees: 146.75 euros 100 euros for Fo Guan Shan (Argentina) and 100 euros for Tibethaus (Freiburg) to support the buddhist teaching, which gave me all the inspiration for this event. The rest - 752.75 euros – will support the current project of Azahar ( an orphanage in Cambodia). Total amount: 952.75 euros

22 Those who sponsored more than 20 euros: 1.Christian M. 2.Chung-Kit Chan 3.Edith & Roland 4.Erik B. 5.FamilyTang 6.Hartmut N. 7.Lisa Fong 8.Prince de la Bun 9.Rolf & Jutta K. 10.Samantha Cosmo 11.Suki Lavender 12.Theo & Suzie 13.Thomas & Caro 14.Wai-Fong Yiu 15.Willfried & Delia

23 1. Catalina & Tomas (food) 2. Isabell Garcia & Axel Grosse (Tango & Salsa) 3. Jetkwan & Jetho (food) 4. Jetloong (invitation design) 5. Peter (food) 6. Silvia (presentation about Argentina) 7. Sprachenkolleg (the school where the event took place) 8. Susana, Roxana, Alvaro & Tomas (concert) 9. Suzie (food & sunflower napkins) 10. Yaara (food)

24 1. Daria (Asianshop) 2. Fulinmen (Asianshop at the train station) 3. Kido (japanese shop in Fischerau) 4. 5. Mulan asian fine art & funiture 6. Rebland Restaurant (Eichstetten) 7. Relax Point (Thai massage in Kartäuserstraße) 8. 9. Yaara (handmade necklace & earrings) 10. Yoga Lounge

25 Without any of them, the event would have been impossible! Thanks so much, I love you all! From the left to right: Zhuo (China), David (Germany), Timur, Yaara (Israel), Hana (Japan), Bianca (Germany), Christian (Germany), Sunflower, [Isabell, Axel are performers], Ou (China) & Chunling (China)

26 Since no one had enough from our concert, we‘ve decided to do our own professional record! How much? Only 10 euros! (apart from the production cost, 50% of the revenue goes directly to the orphanage in Cambodia). Contact us if you would like to order one. We will only produce as many as required! Wherever you are in the world, we could send you per post! More important is that we would distrubute your money for a good reason! About 10 CDs is a month schooling for a child in our current project in Cambodia. This Chilean group are professional musicians, therefore the quality of the CD is guaranteed =D

27 Blending culture, turning your life into a colourful adventure! Louise S unflower Productions 2009 Vielen Dank! Thank you very much! !Muchas gracias! Merci beaucoup! 感謝大家 ! どうもありがと うございます。 To view all photos of the event:

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