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Study Aids for CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF

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1 Study Aids for CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF
By Tennessee Williams

2 Table of Contents: Synopsis
Part One: Drama: A short introduction Part Two: Tennessee Williams: A biography

3 Table of Contents: Part One
Drama: A short introduction Classification Definition The concept of Aristotles The Shakespearean drama 20th century drama Important dramatists after 1945

4 Classification 3 genres lyric epic drama includes: poem novel play

5 Definition Drama = work meant to be performed on stage by actors

6 The Concept of Aristotle (384 - 322 BC)
Distinction: Unity of: time place action Division of plot into acts

7 The Shakespearean drama
Blurring of the strict conventions of the Greek drama: comic elements in tragedies (f.e. drunk porter in Macbeth) tragic elements in comedies (f.e. faked death of the heroine in Much ado about nothing) some tragedies are set in bourgeoisie (f.e. Romeo and Juliet)

8 20th century drama The drama in the 20th century distinguishes itself by an increasing diversification

9 20th century drama realistic „kitchen sink“ drama:
set in working class, contains social criticism (f.e. George Bernard Shaw: Pygmalion)

10 20th century drama absurd drama: surrealistic plot
(f.e. Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot)

11 20th century drama After 1945: increasing individualism of the dramatists.

12 Important Dramatists after 1945
Edward Albee (Who‘s afraid of Virginia Woolf)

13 Important Dramatists after 1945
Arthur Miller (Death of a Salesman) He was married to ... ... Marilyn Monroe !

14 Important Dramatists after 1945
Harold Pinter (Look Back in Anger)

15 Important Dramatists after 1945
Sam Shepard (True West) GOOD LOOKING ! He is also a famous actor (f. e. The Pelican Brief with Julia Roberts)

16 Important Dramatists after 1945
Thornton Wilder (Our Town)

17 Important Dramatists after 1945
and of course ... ... Tennessee Williams !

18 Table of Contents: Part Two
Tennessee Williams - A biography childhood university years his success his decline

19 His childhood March 16, 1911: Tennessee Williams is born as Thomas Lanier Williams in Columbus, Mississippi : grows up in Clarksdale, Mississippi 1918: familiy moves to St Louis

20 University years 1929: Enters University of Missouri 1931:
Leaves university because his father wants him to work in a shoe company 1937: parents admit his sister Rose to a lunatic asylum 1938: Graduates from University of Iowa

21 His success 1939: Wins his first prizes for American Blue and Battle of Angels. 1940: outs himself as a homosexual

22 His success 1944 -1955: writes his most famous plays Hot! HOT! 1944:
The Glass Menagerie 1947: A Streetcar Named Desire 1955: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

23 His decline Lack of success causes phases of depression
death of his longtime companion in 1963 increasing addiction to alcohol and pills Feb 25, 1983: dies in a hotel room as a result of his addiction

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