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The B. Conner Johnson and John R. Sokatch Lectureship.

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1 The B. Conner Johnson and John R. Sokatch Lectureship

2 John R. Sokatch 1928-2006 A Career of Commitment to Science and OU 1950 B.S. Univ. of Michigan 1956Ph.D. Univ. of Illinois 1958 Assistant Professor of Microbiology OUHSC 1967Professor of Microbiology 1970-77 Assistant/Associate Dean, Graduate College. 1971-77+ Associate Director, Research Administration 1975-76+ Interim Dean, College of Pharmacy 1984-92Chairman, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


4 John R. Sokatch Research and OU 1959-1998NIH grants (to year 18) 1955-2000 Publications (65 papers, 10 books) Jack served for many years on NIH study sections, other grant review panels, editorial boards. His many awards included an NIH career development award, a Fulbright Research Scholar award, and he was a George Lynn Cross Research Professor. 1972-1998 Grants to build research at OUHSC

5 Branched-chain amino acid metabolism: Biochemistry, Enzymology, Genetics, and Structural biology.

6 John R. Sokatch Fearless Aviator Jack alongside the airplane he and Carol owned and flew (both were pilots). Jack was an instrument rated pilot which means that he could fly when he couldnt see anything!

7 John R. Sokatch Another picture perfect landing.! Jacks ability to objectively critique his own performance, in large part, explained his success in research.


9 John R. Sokatch This annual lectureship is a fitting tribute to a true scholar, who loved learning about diverse areas of scientific research outside his own field of specialization. Jack Sokatch was a friend to OU, a friend to the Department and a friend to each of the students and faculty in his family. He, and his sense of humor, are very much missed.

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