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Masonic Leadership Training

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1 Masonic Leadership Training
Petition and Investigation Committees

2 Resources Masonic Leadership Training Manual
Digest of Masonic Law of Florida Worshipful Master’s Program Notebook (GL218)

3 Sequence of Events An Applicant requests a Petition (Petition presented by a Master Mason). Completed Petition is given to the Worshipful Master. Petitions Committee receives Petition from the Worshipful Master and interviews Candidate before Petition is received by the Lodge (Reg and 10.04). Waiver for Background Check must be signed. Petition is given to the Secretary who presents it at the next Stated Communication (unless deferred by Worshipful Master for good cause Reg ). If there should be any question of jurisdiction, a committee shall be appointed to investigate and report before the petition is received by the Lodge. (Chap 31, Sec 13; Chap 34, Sec 8).

4 Sequence of Events (con’t)
If petition is received by the Lodge, it must follow the usual course. Secretary orders the Criminal Background Investigation Report. (Note: No copies shall be made of the Criminal Background Investigation Report, nor its contents be revealed to anyone other than the members of the Investigation Committee. Reg ) The Criminal Background Investigation Report must be returned to the Candidate (Reg ). Worshipful Master appoints an Investigation Committee (Reg , 10.07).

5 Balloting on Petitions
A petition must lie over at least one month before balloting. A Ballot Spread for Initiation before the Investigating Committee reports is null and void and proceeding abates. Balloting in Master Mason Lodge only and at a Stated Communication. Ballot must be unanimous. Secretary notifies Candidate of results. In case of rejection all monies received from candidate shall be returned with exception of fee for Criminal Background Investigation.

6 Review Petition submitted to the Secretary for Validity
Is the Petition completely filled out Jurisdiction must be assured Was Petitioner previously rejected? Notify Worshipful Master Petition must be accompanied by fee for E.A. Degrees ($50.00) minimum . Petitioner must go before the Petitions Committee before it is received by the Lodge. The Secretary will present the Petition to the Lodge at its next Stated Communication, after the Worshipful Master has received the Report from the Petitions Committee.

7 Review, Con’t Following Report of the Petitions Committee, Petition must be received or rejected by the Lodge. After the Lodge receives the Petition, it becomes a Permanent Record of the Lodge and should be filed by the Secretary. A Petition when received cannot be withdrawn or returned. It must go to Ballot. Petition once received by the Lodge, must lie over at least one month for the Brethren to make due inquiry into the character and standing of the Candidate. An Investigation Committee is appointed by the Worshipful Master.

8 Review, Con’t Balloting must be done in a Master Mason Lodge and at a Stated Communication (except by special permission by the Grand Lodge or its Authority.) Ballot must be unanimous. Separate Collective Ballot may be taken upon Five (5) Petitions for the Degrees, but when One (1) or more Black Cubes appear, a Separate Ballot shall be taken on each Petition or request and in the event of a Black Cube in such Separate Ballot, each Separate Ballot shall be spread again in accordance with Requirements of Reg

9 Review, Con’t Secretary notifies Candidate of the results of the Ballot. In case of rejection, all monies received from the Candidate shall be returned. In case of Election, the Secretary should inform the Candidate of the Date and Time of his Degree if known.

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