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Section 17.4 Choosing to Be Drug Free Objectives

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1 Section 17.4 Choosing to Be Drug Free Objectives
Identify three treatment options for people who abuse drugs. Name three steps you can take to stay drug free.

2 Dear Advice Line, My friend Greg tried methamphetamine at a party a few months ago. Soon he started doing it regularly. He gets defensive and aggressive when I ask him if he needs help. I’m scared to talk to him anymore, but I want to help. What advice would you give Greg’s friend? How can she help Greg?

3 Treating Drug Abuse Before a person can be helped, the person needs to acknowledge that he or she has a drug problem. The next step would be for the person to explore possible treatment options.

4 Acknowledge the Problem
Many abusers deny their behavior; others deny the underlying problems that led them to drug abuse. Signs of Possible Drug Abuse

5 Explore Treatment Options
Treatment options for drug abusers include detoxification therapeutic communities supervised medication Programs exist for family members trying to understand their loved one’s drug problem. Some drug treatment programs are available at little or no cost.

6 Detoxification A person who enters a detoxification program undergoes gradual but complete withdrawal from the abused drug under medical supervision. Detoxification programs include counseling to help people deal with their abuse and cope with the underlying problems.

7 Therapeutic Community
A therapeutic community (thehr uh PYOO tik) is a residential treatment center where former drug abusers live together and learn to adjust to drug-free lives. Therapeutic communities provide both medical care and counseling.

8 Supervised Medication
A third treatment option involves replacing the abused drug with a drug that produces some of the same effects, without the “high.” Because methadone and other drug replacements can cause dependency, a trained professional must carefully monitor treatment and slowly lower the dosage.

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10 Staying Drug Free Practicing refusal skills, seeking help when you need it, and getting involved in drug-free activities can help you stay away from drugs.

11 Resisting Peer Pressure
Materials bag of jelly beans set of five role-playing cards per group

12 Resisting Peer Pressure
Try This Form a group with four other students. Your teacher will distribute a different role-playing card to each group member. Do not discuss your role with other group members Imagine that you are at a party with friends. Spend five minutes thinking about your assigned role and how you will act during the imagined party. At your teacher’s signal, begin acting out your role with the other members of your group.

13 Resisting Peer Pressure
Think and Discuss Explain how you felt playing your role during the imagined party. How do you think player 4 felt being pressured to eat the jelly beans? How might player 3 have felt about eventually giving in? How do you think player 1 felt about pressuring all the other players? What refusal skills will you use to resist pressure from friends to use drugs?

14 Refusing Drugs To be effective, be sure to clearly state your personal reasons for not wanting to take drugs. “No thanks — I want to keep a clear head.” “I don’t want to become addicted.” “I don’t do drugs.” If the person offering you drugs continues to pressure you, take a definite action and remove yourself from the situation.

15 Seeking Help If you decide that the stresses and problems in your life are too much to manage, find someone to talk to. parents teachers friends siblings school counselors school nurses members of the clergy A second option is to call a national drug-abuse hotline.

16 Alternatives to Drugs Engage in physical activity. Physical activity boosts your mood and relieves the negative effects of stress. Volunteer. Helping other people can give you a good feeling about yourself, too. Join a youth group. Participating in a youth group can give you a sense of belonging and a connection to others.

17 Vocabulary therapeutic community
A residential treatment center where former drug abusers live together and learn to adjust to drug-free lives.

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