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Your PowerPoint IEP Presentation As a high school student you will be creating and presenting a PowerPoint for your IEP meeting. This is your IEP and.

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2 Your PowerPoint IEP Presentation As a high school student you will be creating and presenting a PowerPoint for your IEP meeting. This is your IEP and your chance to shine. It is meant to be a fun project. Just follow the steps given on the PowerPoint handout. Use your creativity. Use your creativity, drawings, photos, comics, graphics, colors, sounds and even animation to have an awesome presentation. You may have as many slides as you want and can insert your own photos and drawings or get visuals from on-line sources. Begin working by opening a folder on our computer desktop. Save your IEP and all the pictures, graphics, etc. You can incorporate them into your PowerPoint presentation inside this folder. If you need assistance, your resource teacher and library media specialist will be happy to help you with the technology needed to create your unique PowerPoint program. Your next IEP meeting will not be a long and boring event. You will be in charge, and it will be enjoyable for everyone! Also, your presentation will count as the semester exam for resource class.

3 My IEP Meeting

4 Basic Information I am 16 years old. I will be a junior this year. I am orthopedically impaired and visually impaired. I receive services from a TVI, PT, and OT. I will graduate with the class of 2012.

5 History The schools that I have attended are: Henry Elementary, Benjamin Franklin Middle School and I am presently attending Franklin County High School. I began receiving special education services when I was about 2 years old because I have cerebral palsy and Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP).

6 Strengths Some of the things that I am good at include expressive writing, science and history. In my spare time I like to go swimming, go to the YMCA, see movies, go shopping, and I like to write songs and poetry. I am very proud of the fact that I have grown substantially as a person, and that I have been very successful academically. In fact, I made the honor roll while taking college bound classes. I have had several babysitting jobs in which I was responsible for the safety and welfare of small children. I also had to entertain them with games and activities. At school I have been a member of Upward Bound and Talent Search. I am also involved with the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). In church I have mentored young children and I have volunteered for community service. I consider myself to be a strong self advocate, I have improved my self help skills, and I have an outgoing personality.

7 Parent/Student Comments and Concerns My mom is concerned about my work load at school. She wants to be sure that I have enough time to complete all of my assignments and tests. However, she wants to also be assured that I am always being challenged. She is also concerned that I have all of the supports in place to help me be successful. I want to continue to improve in the areas of time management and organization.

8 How My Disability Affects Me in the Classroom My CP makes it difficult for me to get around the school. I usually leave my classes a few minutes early so that I can get to the next one on time. Taking notes can be hard for me because my hand gets tired and I have to keep looking up and then back down. I try to take some of my notes, but I can also get copies if needed. From a vision stand point my ROP causes field cuts in my vision so I don’t see everything at one time. I am constantly having to “fill in the blanks” as I take in visual information. My accommodations include: extended time, copies of notes, large print, oral administration, preferential seating, shortened assignments. If my teachers see that I am struggling, they are usually willing to help me by pointing out things, and by directing me to where I need to be on a puzzle or worksheet. I do get embarrassed if a teacher calls on me to read something (like off of the board, or regular size text) and I know that I can’t see it.

9 Social Emotional I am very fortunate that I have many good friends and family and a lot of social activities. I like to hang out with my buddies (especially at lunch), and they are always willing to include me. I consider myself to be very outgoing, and I like meeting new people. Things that stress me out are my school work load (when I have several assignments due at one time) and going into situations that I have no previous information about. I try to get rid of my stress by talking to a close friend or family member, and I also like to put my thoughts into poetry.

10 Transition After high school I would like to attend college and I am presently enrolled in a college prep curriculum. I am interested in a lot of areas, but right now I considering journalism and I have taken Creative Writing, Introduction to Media, and I will be taking Journalism in the fall of 2008. I have taken the Kuder Career Assessment, and a vocational assessment through Woodrow Wilson. I was going to go through the PERT program this summer, but I have decided to put that off until a later date.

11 Transition Service Plan Instructional and Related Services My post secondary goal education goal is as follows: After high school I, Maya, will enroll fulltime in a four year or community college to major in journalism.

12 Transition Services Plan Community Services My postsecondary community participation goal is as follows: I, Maya, will live in an apartment or house with minimal assistance from others.

13 Transition Services Development of Employment and Post-School Adult Living Objectives My postsecondary goal for employment is as follows: I Maya will obtain full time employment in the field of journalism. My postsecondary goal for adult living is as follows: I Maya will collect information regarding my desired residential life beyond high school

14 Goals and Objectives I have several things that I would like to accomplish during the 2008- 2009 school year: I would like to continue to participate in school activities, especially some that I haven’t tried before. I would also like to become increasingly independent as I move from class to class and building to building using my assistive devices when needed. When I go to the eye specialist I want to become a more active participant by asking more questions in order to clarify my personal understanding of my eye condition. I am also going to be researching services, agencies, and organizations that are available to people with visual impairments. After attending the Self Determination Youth Conference, I plan on sharing that knowledge with other students that have disabilities. I am also going to work on revising all of my written work by carefully checking for errors in grammar, spelling and mechanics to facilitate my interest in journalism.

15 Accommodations I have used a variety of accommodations which have included: CCTV, large print, magnifiers, highlighters, colored paper, preferential seating, computer w/ scanner, screen enlarger, Kurzweil program, braille, books on tape, optical aids, lumbar supports, foot rest, and a golf cart.

16 SOLs I have taken the following SOL tests: Earth Science, World History 1 World History 2 Algebra 1 Geometry My accommodations for SOL testing include: Oral administration Mark in test booklet Large Print Tests

17 Thank You for Being a Part of My IEP

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