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JIRA Agile for Your Agile Implementation by Rajeswari Pandyram & Kevin Coughlan.

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2 JIRA Agile for Your Agile Implementation by Rajeswari Pandyram & Kevin Coughlan

3 JIRA Agile Highlights Creating and estimating stories Building a sprint backlog Identify and team commitment and velocity Visualising team activity Report on team progress Customisable workflow for Agile Scrum board. Agile Kanban board Integrate with Confluence to have a knowledge base fro project documents Integration with Confluence also provides a space for organising meetings and distributing documentation for meetings Integrate with Stash to provide a code repository for projects

4 The Epic for each project provides the end goal in Agile development. There are two ways to create Epics in JIRA Agile. Select ‘Create’ from the ribbon at the top of the page, or ‘Create epic’ from the Left hand side menu of the ‘Plan’ window in Agile.

5 Versions are used to align the software versions in JIRA Agile. Versions can only be created from the left-hand side menu of the ‘Plan’ window in Agile.

6 Issues can be created in the ‘Plan’ window in Agile. It is not possible to fill in all the fields in the ticket when created here.

7 Alternatively, you can select the ‘Create’ button from the main ribbon to create issues for the Backlog. It is possible to fill in every field in the ticket, just be sure to link it to the correct Epic.

8 Once you have created all the issues for your Backlog, click on ‘Create Sprint’. You can now drag and drop the appropriate issues from the Backlog into the Sprint.

9 Drag the appropriate issues into the Sprint from the Backlog and click ‘Start Sprint’. At this point you can name the Sprint and set its duration.

10 When the Sprint starts the tasks will be placed into the ‘To Do’ Swim Lane. These Swim Lanes are based on the workflow, which can be customised to meet the requirements of every organization.

11 Issues can be dragged and dropped from Swim Lane to Swim Lane, as tasks progress.

12 When an issue s resolved, the ‘Resolve Issue’ page must be completed. Issues can be: Fixed, Won’t Fix, Duplicate, Incomplete, Cannot Reproduce or Done.

13 There are numerous different types of reports available in JIRA Agile to monitor the progress of your Agile Scrum teams.

14 When Stash is integrated with JIRA a branch can be created for any issue, so that it is possible to link tasks to your code repository.

15 When JIRA Agile is linked to Confluence, it is possible to link any issue to your knowledge base. Confluence can be used as document repository and planner for any development project in Agile. Each project can have a space for sprint meetings, retrospectives and project requirements.

16 You can also use Confluence to arrange meetings, notify attendees of time and place, and to record meeting notes.

17 If you need to talk to Atlassian expert,please contact us ! Web: Email: Phone: 01 619 0214

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