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GOLDINGTON AVENUE SURGERY Patient Participation Group Annual Patient Survey review 23 rd January ‘13.

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1 GOLDINGTON AVENUE SURGERY Patient Participation Group Annual Patient Survey review 23 rd January ‘13

2 Agenda: 1.Review status of previous recommendations & actions (from the patient meeting last year) 2.Discuss the ‘improvement’ comments from the survey 3.Agree the actions that can be taken 4. AOB

3 Review of previous recommendations and actions

4 Practice leaflet redesign: Thicker grade paper or card for the front & back cover – not completed, use of website will alter how this info is presented to patients Add ‘version’ to the back of the leaflet - completed Revise the map to be clearer - completed Move the ‘how to make an appointment’ paragraph ahead of ‘appointment times’ - completed Add the Out of Hours dressing service details – in progress The practice leaflet will be reviewed quarterly, to ensure relevance & accuracy (and alignment with website)

5 Practice leaflet changes for consideration: Producing it in other languages and to have an audio version – still under consideration To produce a calendar of the surgery times and map – map included, but no calendar. Times the practice will be closed will be published on the website, waiting room screens, and posters Use the original sketch of the surgery instead of the photo of the building on the front cover – decided against this, as for new patients the picture doesn’t reflect the practice that they know Include a flow chart of Bedoc (out of hours service) – the out of hours service is explained in full on the website, and will be included in the practice leaflet as part of this quarters review

6 Appointment booking: Patients will be able to book appointments on the internet in the near future – went live on 21 st January ‘13 There will be an even spread of appointments throughout the day to choose from – 3 morning and 3 afternoon appointments per day – to be reviewed at end of February Details will be in the practice leaflet and on the practice website – in progress Ease of getting through on the phone: How to book the interpreter service will be included in the practice leaflet and on the practice website – practice leaflet being updated, info already on website Access into the building and consultation rooms: To look into the possibility of having automatic passage doors to allow easier wheelchair access – completed September ‘12

7 Improvements to the reception area: Look at the possibility of extending the reception desk – no space to extend Look at the possibility of the reception desk being lowered – work is planned, due to complete during Q1 ‘13 Look at the possibility of moving the booking in screen to the wall facing the entrance – decided to leave where it is, to avoid doorway become blocked Open hours: The practice will review the opening hours allowing working people easier access to the surgery – we have 2 early mornings, and 1 late evening The practice will review whether the practice nurses could run a late night dressing service – decided against this

8 Comfort and access: Contact the council with the view to providing disabled parking spaces outside of the surgery – the council rejected the application Ensure the touch screen booking in system is turned on at all times – this is part of the morning process Call in and information screens (JayEx) installed in both waiting rooms - completed Flu vaccination day: Look at the possibility of airing the venue by opening some windows – to be considered on the day (weather dependent) Look at the possibility of those more vulnerable patients being in the earlier groups to be called - unable to fairly identify, will use previous alphabetical method

9 “Improvement” comments from this year’s patient survey. There were many really positive comments, but we’ll just focus on the one’s that indicate improvement.

10 Question: In the past 6 months how easy have you found: getting through on the phone; speaking to a Doctor on the phone; speaking to a Nurse on the phone; obtaining test results by phone I have had test results go missing, and others taking too much time to find Prefer to get test results in person not over the phone Regarding speaking to a doctor on the phone, my message was apparently lost in the system so did not call! Question: Do you have any difficulties getting into the surgery building or consulting rooms? Lack of Disabled parking. Sometimes seats without arms not available, sorry too fat for the others No, just parking at times

11 Question: How could we improve the reception services that we provide? (1 of 2) A little more patience and get rid of two of the snappy staff – its not their place to chastise people All good, perhaps clients should write down their appointment times themselves – this has shown to be effective Don’t like the new compute voice or the fact that patients names are displayed on the screen. This could be a breach of confidentiality Good, blood tests if some take longer than others, needs to be a message to say “all are not back” ring later Have wondered at potential confidentiality issues in putting people’s names on monitors – I work with minors so perhaps I’m over cautious Lower reception desk More privacy at reception desk There’s little scope for privacy at reception One of two of the receptionists could smile and be more welcoming People skills for certain Doctors continued overleaf

12 Question: How could we improve the reception services that we provide? (2 of 2) Serve coffee / tea Small area when busy Sometimes confusion due to lack of knowledge of hospital appointments / tests / results (diabetes) The Auto birth date is not a simple as one would expect 08-11-21 The automatic book in is not placed where it is obvious to everyone, and they still book in a reception thus wasting time and space

13 Question: The last time you saw a Dr at the surgery how good was the Dr ? Depends on the Doctor Not all the doctors seem to take me seriously – some listen and some don’t. They only pick up the problem that moment and treat symptoms – but not me as a whole person Question: The last time you saw a Nurse at the surgery how good was the Nurse? Appointments for BP and taking blood Availability of nurse appointments is sometimes a problem

14 Question: Your views of the surgery A couple of larger armless chairs for the overweight / obese people would be good A designated car park would be ideal but realistically this is probably not possible Just wish they’d all refer – that way I wouldn’t be as selective as I am Could be some form of internet search system Sometimes not enough chairs Seats small for larger / more elderly people. This then means people don’t want to sit next to them as the chairs so close together and no room for elbows The introduction of computer voice and patients name displayed If you are disable and can drive, but no walk well, you always have to have someone with you who can go off and park. This is not always convenient. More toys for toddlers / children and babies. e.g. Toy cars and crayons & paper It is a shame there is no private car park available The reception attitude is the worst part of the practice – but this is NOT all the staff, just some The screen does stop people from talking to each other – except about the screen! The touch screen does not recognise my name The waiting room can feel a bit claustrophobic when busy (upstairs)

15 Question: Anything that you feel can be improved or changed? (page 1 of 2) Computer voice – although helpful for staff is not in-keeping with the general feeling of the practice as friendly. Displayed names could be bordering on lack of patient confidentiality Could be given advance warning (say 3/4 weeks) of future medical checks e.g. 6 monthly blood checks Disabled parking Staff not parking outside Drs Dr needs to discuss options more Extractor fans in waiting rooms I think a couple of opening hours on a Saturday morning would be helpful to those people who work out of Bedford It could help some people if they could be met with a wheelchair or to be returned to the car in one after treatment It would be nice if the display screens in the waiting rooms always worked! Make appointments online (be able to preference doctor) Radio in waiting rooms – very quiet! Notice board in waiting area could be sorted into categories – i.e. section for children, etc. I do not understand why they do not leave an informative message (on an answerphone) as the chance of being able to contact the caller when I ring back are minimal Cups for the water would be nice, and a smile from reception Opening on Saturday mornings for emergencies or collection of prescriptions continued overleaf

16 Question: Anything that you feel can be improved or changed? (page 2 of 2) Parking spaces Perhaps some soft music in the background ‘Red flag’ people with allergies to antibiotics on computer system, so that it shows up on screen permanently and patient isn’t asked if they are allergic to any of them each time they are required Referrals rather than prescribing to solve problems for long term instead of quick fixed Saturday appointments please Someone from the surgery phone me, I was out when I rang back, nobody knew what the call was about, need a system to check on this The number of nurse appointments availability The SMS reminder service is good, but for those of us who have email it might be a good idea to send a calendar invitation The waiting time experienced can be quite lengthy at times Weekend opening would be good Sometimes I have had some delay being seen, 20-30 minutes after appointment

17 Question: Any other comments? A couple of times have received phone calls from the surgery that were rather vague – which could be worrying I would rather be regarded as a whole person with a body and a mind New books and toys for children to look at and a designated play areas. Up to date magazines Our doctor retired last year, however we would have appreciated an opportunity to be introduced to his replacement The open walk way can sometimes be a bit slippery if wet or damp and is sloped Noticeboards – may I suggest too many posters – they should be grouped under topics, space left between then and out of date information removed

18 Actions

19 Any Other Business ?

20 Thank you for coming

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