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Mrs. Boudreau ~ Room 208. Respectful Responsible Safe At Hilda Walker, We Are…

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1 Mrs. Boudreau ~ Room 208

2 Respectful Responsible Safe At Hilda Walker, We Are…

3 Husband – Tim; Full-time FF/Paramedic and Coach Son – Caleb; Freshman in HS Daughter – Kaylee; 2nd grade Come from a family of teachers Mother (retired) Father (retired) Sister (4 th grade teacher) Goal ~ Help your child have a fun and successful year in 5 th grade! Graduated from Olivet Nazarene University 11th year in the Summit Hill School District Teaching Experience 1 st grade (Indian Trail) 2 nd grade (Indian Trail) 4 th grade (Bourbonnais) 5 th grade (Manteno) Mrs. Boudreau

4  Students need to practice their multiplication/division facts daily!  “Go Math” is a new series this year.  Common Core based  Encourages students to dig deeper/think outside the box  Each chapter has its own book * Your child is expected to review their math lessons daily in order to reduce the stresses of preparing/taking a test. Math

5  Students will study grammar units and incorporate grammar skills into writing.  Students will also be reading, analyzing, and writing poetry.  L. A. will be incorporated across the curriculum throughout the year. Language Arts

6  Silent reading and read aloud daily  Assessment on a story may be a project, quiz, or test.  In Reading, we will also work on writing, listening, poetry, and fluency skills.  The text includes all types of reading genres.  We will also aim to read a variety of novels throughout the year.  Students will learn to use various reading strategies in order to better develop comprehension skills. Reading

7  Students will be required to take notes.  I will show several short films in throughout the year to help build background for the students.  5 th Grade Science Rotation:  Light, Sound  Earth’s Changing Surface  Electricity and Magnetism  Animals  Students will be exposed to labs and learn about lab safety. Science

8  Students will be required to take notes.  We will practice map skills throughout the year.  There is a test or project after each chapter.  Any test of a D or F must be signed and returned the next day.  There will be a review to reinforce skills in class before each test!  There might not be homework each day. We have a lot of discussion and note taking during class. We also watch video segments pertaining to the subject area.  Topics include Colonization and the American Revolution  Class is very vocabulary intensive. Please review terms nightly.  I will show several short films in social studies to help build background for the students. Social Studies

9  Homework usually involves completing class work not finished during the school day.  Students may have an average of 50 – 60 minutes of homework daily.  If homework is NOT completed due to a family emergency, please send me a note/email stating so; otherwise it’s considered late.  Students may be sent to Study Hall during lunch/intramurals to finish late, missing, or absent work. Homework Policy

10  Each student will be assessed by tests, quizzes, homework/classwork, and various projects throughout the year.  Students will bring home work as it’s graded and handed back. Please check with your child daily and review their work. If there are questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Grades will be available online and can be accessed by using your username and password.  Mid-quarter progress reports will be available to students receiving a “D” or “F” only.  It is important that your child understands we are working together to help them be successful! Grading

11 A90-100 B80-89 C70-79 D60-69 F59-below District Grading Scale

12  Students will be expected to follow all procedures as well as other procedures taught throughout the year. Should a student violate any of the expectations, a proper consequence determined by the teacher, may be issued.  Consequences are as follows: visual cues, verbal warning, loss of "Kickback" time on Fridays, loss of intramurals, detention(s), phone call(s) home, conference with teacher, change of seat, referral, and/or visit to the office.  Compliance with procedures/rules will result in following rewards: constructive learning, verbal praise, PBIS tickets, "Kickback" time on Fridays (free time), participation in end of year activities, and/or participation in various activities throughout the year. We spent a good amount of time going over these procedures in the beginning of the year. I will continue to model, review, and address rules as needed throughout the year. Discipline Policy

13 “Kickback” Explanation  At the end of the day on Friday, the students will be given 16 minutes of free time. This time can be used to visit with friends, read, draw, play games, etc.  The students have a green card on their desk that says "Kickback." If I have to correct them for a misbehavior in class, they will need to color in one of the letters.  Every letter colored in will represent a loss of two minutes of the that students free time on Friday.  The loss of time will be communicated to parents through a short form the parents will need to sign and return.

14 Various rewards will be given throughout the year. Some may include, but are not limited to: Positive notes/phone calls home Classroom party Paws tickets (to purchase items at Paw-Mart) Certificates Positive notes/phone calls to Mr. Pierson and/or Mrs. Goebel Positive Rewards

15  Monday – Music  Tuesday – P.E.  Wednesday – P.E.  Thursday – Music & Library  Friday – P.E. Specials Schedule

16  We are a peanut free classroom.  Please help us keep all students safe by washing your hands often and sanitizing when available. NO PEANUTS ALLOWED!

17  Weapons, even look-alikes, are NOT allowed at school or on school property at any time.  Please note that anything that looks like a weapon (toy squirt guns, swords, knives, razor blades, etc.) are considered weapons and the proper disciplinary actions will be taken.  Parents should always know what their children are bringing to school. I ask that you kindly take a few moments to check your child’s bag often to ensure that this policy is followed. Weapons Policy

18  Phone  815-464-2285  E-mail   Website   Notes  Assignment Notebooks  Progress Reports/Report Cards Parent Communication

19 Please sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences before you leave. These are scheduled to take place in November. Reminders will be sent home prior to conferences. Parent/Teacher Conferences

20 Thank you for your time and support! Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you feel it is necessary. I am here to work with both you and your child. I look forward to having a successful year! Sincerely, Mrs. Boudreau Thank You!

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