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Are you marketing yourself effectively?. Are you marketing yourself Effectively?  On paper, online, and in person?  Whether you are actively seeking.

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1 Are you marketing yourself effectively?

2 Are you marketing yourself Effectively?  On paper, online, and in person?  Whether you are actively seeking a job or just representing yourself and your current employer online, you should always have a professional brand and image.

3 The Resume, it’s not Rocket Science  A great resume should market you effectively, and ensure you have the best chance at getting offered new and exciting opportunities. Luckily, creating a resume doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of ways to create a unique and professional resume online without much searching.  To start, look for some professional resume examples. A good sample resume should give you an idea of the information you’ll need to include in your own resume. You can also use these samples to see what kinds of fonts and layouts are appropriate for your career category.  Many websites also have resume templates you can use to create your own personal resume. Templates can often be downloaded and then used in Word. You’ll need to fill in each pre-determined section with your own information. Using a resume template is a great way to get an organized look for your resume.

4 The Online Resume Builder   I found this site without much searching and the formats seem easy to work with. They also offer tips on content for individual job categories.  I prefer the traditional style on this site, but there are a few others that are suitable as well.

5 Perfect, no really!  Make sure your content is concise, but detailed (not too detailed, no recruiter likes to read a four-page resume). Avoid going too far back. Don’t “date” yourself.  Make sure that you enter relevant key words, phrases, titles, and software so that online database searches will pick it up.  Make sure it has NO spelling mistakes or obvious syntax/grammar errors.

6 Is Your Resume HRIS Friendly?  Is your resume compatible with HireDesk, Taleo, Bullhorn, Peoplesoft etc.? If not, you may be passed over.  Do not use excessive underlining, headers, art, images and formatting. You can always take your masterpiece with you to the interview.  Agency recruiters, and how they “brand” you.  HTML is not always a resume’s best friend.

7 Are you Ready to Upload?  Once you feel that your resume is perfect, optimized for online, and has been proofread by at least one pair of objective eyes, its time to upload.  When actively seeking your resume should be on all the major job boards. If you decide to leave it up, try to keep it current and updated.  Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, Eluta, etc. all have resume database access that recruiters pay for in addition to postings. Expect calls even if you haven’t applied specifically. Be polite! If you’ve left it up its to be expected.

8 The Process  Make sure your cell phone and email are checked regularly and has your voice, not a child’s or spouse.  Respond to inquiries quickly.  No distractions, children, or coworkers during phone calls.  Answer to the best of your ability, the phone interview is a common screening practice.  Don’t be afraid of Skype, or other video interviewing methods, and if you are online dress accordingly and use common sense.

9 You should be on LinkedIn!  Once your resume is complete you are ready to complete your LinkedIn Profile.  Make sure you have a Corporate Head Shot.  DO not use pictures from your vacation, wearing cute hats, or making a sexy pose. LinkedIn is not a dating site.  Avoid all typos and grammar errors, and be sure the profile matches your resume!

10 Be ready for the Face-to-Face  Have two conservative suits in the closet of better than average quality.  Make sure they FIT properly.  No Flashy tops with prints, and NO cleavage! No sparkles, or huge earrings. No stilettos. If you can’t walk in them don’t wear them.

11 Be ready for the Face-to-Face  Wear conservative make-up.  Hair should be polished, current, and coloured. Any fashion magazine can give you tips.  If you are not “fashion savvy” try a service to get you started.  Images that Suit here in Toronto have free consultations and you can even shop on site.

12 You’re being watched!  Receptionists can be your friend or your enemy. SMILE!  Be on time, and if you are a few minutes late be sure to apologize, and be sincere.  Be friendly and polite.  Thank them on your way out.  Recruiters tend to use them as their first line of screening. They could be instant messaging comments as you are waiting.

13 Try and be “Normal”  You’ve made it this far now don’t blow it!  Don’t bring job printouts from the internet and insist you are perfect for the job before the interviewer has a chance to get started.  Try not to use rehearsed answers from the internet.  Try not to act like God’s Gift to the profession.  Don’t complain about your old boss or reveal confidential info.

14 Do you feel “Normal” yet?  Be prepared, do your research, but don’t start reciting the website.  Don’t talk over the recruiter.  Be careful about revealing your future aspirations.  Do not arrive too early or too late.  Do not bring food and beverages.  Do not talk about your personal life i.e., divorce, problems at home, illness, dating, or politics.

15 The Follow Up  Send a thank you note or email, but PLEASE proofread it first.  If the individual gives you their business card it is not an invitation to stalk.  Be professional and be sure to check all communications.  Don’t be needy.  Don’t become “Fatal Attraction”, sometimes jobs are put on hold, closed, or lose approval. Don’t get emotional. There may be opportunities in the pipeline.  Wait patiently for a second interview or offer!

16 Questions? Thank you!

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