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Flemisch Libraries E-booklicense Model NAPLE E-book seminar Milan 13 May

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1 Flemisch Libraries E-booklicense Model NAPLE E-book seminar Milan 13 May

2 Flanders 6,5 mil. inhabitants 300 public libraries 2 > 250.000 14 >40.000 <120.000 72 >20.000 <40.000 200 <20.000 40% Flemish publ. 60% Dutch publ. 16 mil. euro annual budget bookcollection

3 1. Getting YES from publishers 1.Public investment in a shared distribution platform. 2.Options for preservation and digitalisation. 3.Promote (e-) reading (borrowers = buyers) 4.Budget (10 %) 5.First offer: “single user copies” and 26 loans

4 Problems with the 26 models 1. No simultaneous access 2. Buying ‘whole book copies’ as a minimum is required 3. Libraries are not local anymore when it is about digital services 4. Web presentation becomes volatile Artificial thresholds will evaporate

5 Second round of negociations 1.Pilot (only 1 year) 2.Start with limited collection (200 + 100 titles) 3.User-oriented presentation (no catalogue) 4.Build experience 5.Build trust 6.Aspects of Dutch model

6 For the end-user 1.Inside the library: unlimited consulting and reading 2.Register for e-reading at the library desk (+ contribution) 3.5 loans subscriptions 4.Online reading or offline in an App on tablets 5.Contribution fee is decision of local library

7 For the publisher 1.1 agency for all libraries – 1 invoice 2.1 base license (handling / intra muros): 1x tot 10x price of a copy 3.Loan fee: 0…0,12…0,37…0,50 euro excl. TVA 4.Minimal package: from 0…26…800 loans 5.Publisher makes first proposal of titles 6.Publisher has emergency exit per title

8 For the library 1.Sufficient libraries need to join 2.Minimum fee implies loan packages for 0,5 % of the serviced population (3,72% of the adult loaners with address inside the community) 3.Minimum fee implies 2 euro/loan (or more if unsufficient librairies join) 4.Above minimum: 0,6 euro/loan. 5.Option to ask end users for a contribution.

9 2. Getting YES from libraries 1.Pilot or Perish : libraries without digital offering? 2.Promote (e-) reading marketing 3.Extra in times of budget cuts: cost innovation 4.Local library infrastructure upgrading

10 The e-book lending process / modules Web Presentation on local website Widget platform SSO OAuth infrastructure Library Admin pages Rules Loan management Logging & reporting Reader Delivery Online reader + App

11 E-books in the library Milano, 13 May 2013

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